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  1. Hey Zed, Glad you got the list out! I sent a pm last night to you with this list that I want to get it also included the Hahn pachanoi x Fields pachanoi but it looks like it went to AZS. Oh well, early bird gets the worm! I have sent payment, let me know when you get it. Thanks again, Chilito Z022 Pac Roy x Pac Fields $3.00 Z028 Peru Gawler x Peru Hahn $3.00 Z030 Peru Hahn x Peru Roseii1 $3.00 Z031 Peru Hahn x Peru Roseii2 $3.00 Z050 Scop Heynes x Pac Roy $3.00 Z053 Scop Hillside x Pac Fields $3.00 Z054Scop x (Juul'sGiant x Scop) $3.00 Z056 Scop Worm x Scop Heynes $5.00 Z057 Scop Zed x Pac Roy $3.00 Z058 Scop Zed x Pac fields $3.00 Z059 Scop Zed x Scop Hulk $5.00 Z061 Scop x Peru Gawler $3.00 Z068 Macro Tipz x Peru Hahn $3.00 Shipping International $3.00 Total $46.00
  2. Thanks for the like on my first post ever! Will add some pics and hopefully somemore good posts as time allows. :lol:

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    Corner of DELETED DUE TO FACEBOOK POSTING OF THIS INFO streets in ******** Ecuador will show a great example of the type of pachanoi that the original poster is mentioning. There are even some branches that have gone fully crested. Google maps search ************* Riobamba Ecuador, then go to street view. Make sure to travel around the entire block as several of the larger groupings of this marvelous pachanoi are over 7 meters tall and surround the entire property. Many other specimens throughout the town but these are some of the largest and densely grouped I could find. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, would really love to travel there someday and see them in person!