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  1. enohpi-zeekim

    Tricho unwell with yellow, mottled skin

    Sometimes this can be skin damage. Sun burn after keeping in a dark place too long or being damaged by something brushing against it hard. Something else to keep in mind.
  2. enohpi-zeekim

    Tricho unwell with yellow, mottled skin

    It's a common issue with the variety but you can help lmit this by keeping them in a well drained healthy soil. They need soil with nutrients but it is best to be easy draining. it can be due to the temperature and humidity as well but they generally like a sunny position obviously don't over water, let the soil dry at least on the top part before watering. The soil should not become hydrophobic but they should be able to resist drought for short times. I am not sure I can tell you much more being that it is such a hands on thing for me so without seeing the conditions and soil etc thats about the best I can tell you. I am not on here often, I last visited 3 or four years ago so all the best.
  3. enohpi-zeekim

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hi, it's been a while since I have been actively posting but hi everyone. Had a few medicinals but haven't been looking for anything else to get or trade at present.
  4. enohpi-zeekim

    Syrian Rue dried

    Hi yes I do, please let me know price per oz, I'll get back to you tomorrow. Cheers.
  5. enohpi-zeekim

    Syrian Rue dried

    Wanting some Syrian Rue. Dried plant matter fresh please, PM me ;)
  6. Not as far as I know. I'm certain it's not legal in Queensland, nsw I'm not as sure about gerianda and minima but not sinica. So it's probably a no. Not legally. It's even pretty tough getting venders to post to Australia now days but of coarse there are those places online that'll sell you anything.
  7. Growing ephedra is a mission, seed germination can be tricky. When I germinate ephedra sinica I guess theyd be the same, is I get a rough piece of clean sandpaper and scuff them up well. I have also used a scarification process where I take a knife and nik each seed with the knife. putting them in a solution of, I forget the name of the acid. its specially for germinating and making plants flower early. anyway you can just soak them over night and thn plant them in some seed raising mix. can take about two to three weeks to come up and vry slow growers. jhope this helps a bit. I will find out the name of that acid its like gerbrallic acid or something. yes thats it.
  8. Gold Coast region pick up only. agar 100g. 2×petri dishes thick glass. 23ball brand cooking jars250 ml. malt extract500g aprox .100g agar aprox . dextrose 500g aprox. 2x thick glass petri dishes. 10l pressure cooker. 10+PCubensis prints for microscopy. Glove box. 25ml syringes . Scissors, tweezers,scalpels, glass seprator (-small crack in top still ok) ,alcohol prep pads. 20 L brewing barrel Vermiculite. Straw. $250.or near offer Everything. PM me.
  9. enohpi-zeekim

    Outdoor Garden Psilicybe Mushrooms

    Yes it's a tiny little ephedra.
  10. enohpi-zeekim

    Outdoor Garden Psilicybe Mushrooms

    Mycelium planted in planter box, 1 month later.. Up pop mushrooms! P. Cubensis .
  11. enohpi-zeekim

    Indoor-outdoor Psilicybe Mushrooms

    Young Psillicybe shrooms popping through a casing of rye grass seed. I used the fine seed as a casing layer to give a nice background on the shrooms when I took a photo. In hindsight it wasn't such a good idea as the grass quickly depleted the nitrogen and food which mushrooms needed to continue to grow.
  12. enohpi-zeekim

    Psylicyben blue sponge mushroom

    Boletus badiusi believe they are called thanks to tangich for that info. Awesome fast response but I already threw it on a culture to breed it. I'll enjoy watching it grow in comparison to other shrooms on agar.
  13. enohpi-zeekim

    Psylicyben blue sponge mushroom

    Yeah I like that last description! But what do stars taste like? Everything, and everything is in everything! Lol. Water maybe the thing that all shrooms have in common. Well thanks for the prompt answers, excellent!
  14. enohpi-zeekim

    Psylicyben blue sponge mushroom

    It's hard to describe but it has a watery taste but there's something that's hard to describe about the taste of fresh magic shrooms. It's not a distinct flavour which makes the taste alone impossible to make a conclusion which is why I ask because it could be a flavour that is present in many types!
  15. enohpi-zeekim

    Psylicyben blue sponge mushroom

    Found a species of sponge mushroom that oxidises blue from bruising. Any info please tell, I have never seen a species of mushroom that has the distinct blue bruising of a psylicybe shroom on a sponge type. Is this a psychoactive type? It is extremely interesting compared to any other look alike I have ever seen. Could it be a active hallucinogen? It smells like mushroom and tastes like psylicyben from the bit I nibblled on and spat out!