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  1. Anyone have any experience with these bad boys? Tree Hoppers i believe, Acacia tree hoppers to be specific. Fitting seen as that is all they see to occupy in my garden. They have been increasing in numbers year on year and im not sure whether to welcome or deter them. The physical damage they cause is evident, they lay eggs under the bark and the offspring later burst out el alienesque fashion, leaving deep wounds in the branches. Buuutt.... So far the trees really don't seem to mind, they are flourishing despite the, infestation, if you will. Having said that some of these trees have shown remarkable resilience in the face of much adversity, so these trees are no snowflakes. Mother nature didn't put these dudes here because they aren't supposed to be here, but mother nature didn't put these acacias here, i did! Question is, do i embrace them or are my baby's going to need some help defending themselves against the tree hopper attack? Also any info in general about these guys, life cycle, final form etc, would be much appreciated. cheers
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