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Found 5 results

  1. I have three mature carob trees- last year I was told those trees are female and was seeking pollen This year I do some checking. All my trees are male. All of them. And I've waited heaps of years to find this out Geez I have the shits about this, what a waste of time Bisexual trees are available grafted at Daley's, at $100 for a mature tree and $40 for a seedling, should be available soon But I figure I won't bother with bisexual trees, I have a pollen donor, I'll just kill two of the male trees and whack some female ones in Does anyone know of a source for grafted female carobs? Or definitely identified female carob trees for planting ( I'm unsure if cuttings strike ) Interested to purchase at a reasonable price. Spending $100 needs some serious justification right now, even for an advanced female carob tree
  2. Today I found the hugest and most gorgeous bracket of Laetiporus portentosus ( White punk ) on a dead log that a recent flood had tossed halfway up a tree before the waters receded The bracket weighs about 5kg and seems completely untouched by bugs. It also smells divine Not a lot in the way of records re edibility, except mentioning Tasmanian Aborigines maybe used to eat it as an emergency food. A few sites say Laetiporus genus is edible... that seems to be a broad brush Close relative of Chicken of the Woods. Anyone know if there are any toxic lookalikes I need to be wary of?
  3. rottenjonny

    Auricularia ?

    Hello everyone, These have sprung up along the branches of a mulberry tree in my backyard. I think they might be Auricularia this photo shows powdery white spores that have come off when touched, the whole thing is like a velvety texture.
  4. over the last 18mths I've been collecting any info relating to cacti fruits that are traditionally eaten (native peoples)...............this is just a portion of the ever growing list....still copying it over from my files.........i will add the rest in time.... if theres any interest............feel free to add......As you know, all cacti fruits are edible...........not all are worth the effort (like eating a crab apple or hybrid apple)............It would take too much space to include background info...(duckduckgo.com for spy free searching) so just the names are here....some of the synonym's may double up .....I have brought lots of the seeds from an almost as long list of international seed houses (another list I can post if any interest)........often spending hours finding the synonyms that MAF accepts...........(so they don't steel them)............quality of seeds vary alot...........can't beat fresh seeds from well mature fruit!.................so if anyone has seeds they wish to echange....I'm keen.....(but I have to wait many years before my wee seedlings produce fruits......so can only offer seeds of general garden stuff...boring) what I most desire are stenocereus (particularly those whose name follow with their fruit month...like de mayo..............any and all Hylocereus (already have undatus)...,,,,cereus.,,,,,,,,..Hylocereus megalanthus Selenicereus megalanthus.....and X's are good....................but open to anything..........anyways I hope the list is not a space waste and may assist fruit lovers guide.................. A Acanthocereus tetragonusSyn Acanthocereus floridanus A. pentagonus C. dussii C pentagonusArmatocereus matucanensis, Acanthocereus pentagonus, B Browningia candelaris C Carnegia gigantea Cylindropuntia arbuscula Cereus backebergii synonym of Pilosocereus lanuginosus Cereus comarapanus Cereus fernambucensis: Edible fruit, flower, stem Cereus hildmannianus subsp. hildmannianus"Cereus xanthocarpus Cereus horrispinus Synonym:Subpilocereus horrispinus:Pilocereus wagenaarii:Subpilocereus ottonis Cereus repandus „cadushi“ Cleistocactus acanthurus subsp. faustianus, Cleistocactus baumannii (Lemaire) Lem Synonym: Cleistocactus aureispinus, Cleistocactus jugatiflorus, Cleistocactus flavispinus, Cereus baumannii, Cereus baumanii var. flavispinus Cleistocactus acanthurus subsp. Faustianus Corryocactus pulquiensis Cylindropuntia arbuscula D E Echinocereus enneacanthus - (Strawberry Hedgehog) Echinocereus stramineus - (Straw-colored Hedgehog) Echinopsis chiloense Echinocereus dasyacanthus Echinocereus engelmannii Echinocereus enneacanthus Echinocereus fendleri Echinocereus knippelianus, Echinocereus. laui Echinocereus ledingii Echinocereus pulchellus Echinocereus stramineus Echinocereus. viridiflorus Echinocactus enneacanthus Echinopsis atacamensis Echinopsis chamaecereus (synonymum Chamaecereus silvestrii), Echinopsis coquimbana Echinopsis (Seti-Echinopsis) mirabilis Echinopsis peruvianus, Echinopsis schickendantzii Epiphyllum anguliger Epithelantha bokei - (Button Cactus) Epithelantha micromeris - (Button Cactus) Escontria chiotilla – (Jiotilla) Espostoa lanata Eulychnia acida Cereus acida F Ferocactus hamatacanthus - (Texas Barrel Cactus) Juicy, brown fruit is used as lemons and limes. Ferocactus pottsii G H Haageocereus acranthus, Harrisia eriophora Hylocereus costaricensis Hylocereus guatemalensis Hylocereus megalanthus Selenicereus megalanthus Hylocereus ocamponis Hylocereus polyrhizus Hylocereus triangularis Hylocereus undatus I J K L Lemaireocereus chichipe Lophocereus schottii – (Senita) M Melocactus peruvianus Myrtillocactus cochal Myrtillocactus eichlamii Myrtillocactus geometrizans -garambulla, garambulla cactus N Neoraimondia herzogiana O Opuntias amyclaea, Opuntias azurea Opuntias bensonii Opuntia cochenillifera Opuntias dillenii Opuntias engelmannii Opuntias ficus-indica have? Opuntias hyptiacantha, Opuntias joconostle Opuntias lasiacantha Opuntia monocantha: Opuntias pilifera Opuntias streptacantha Opuntia stricta Opuntia subarmata P Pachycereus pringlei Pachycereus schottii Pachycereus weberi Cereus weberi Peniocereus greggii - (Queen of the Night) Peniocereus marianus Synonym:Wilcoxia mariana Peniocereus serpentinus Pilosocereus alensis Pilosocereus lanuginosus Cereus backebergii synonym of Pilosocereus lanuginosus Pygmaeocereus Q R Ritterocereus griseus S Selenicereus megalanthus Hylocereus megalanthus Selenicereus setaceus Stenocereus alamosensis Rathbunia alamosensis Stenocereus chrysocarpus Stenocereus fricii Pitayo de Aguas Stenocereus griseus Pitayo de Mayo Stenocereus gummosus Stenocereus queretaroensis Lemaireocereus queretaroensis ,*** (Pitahaya de Queretaro) from Galician Cactus Santiago de Querétaro, QRO, Mexico Stenocereus pruinosus Pitayo de Octubre Stenocereus stellas*** Stenocereus thurberi Subpilocereus horrispinus Syn:Pilocereus wagenaarii:Subpilocereus ottonis Cereus horrispinus T Tephrocactus floccosus Trichocereus peruvianus edible fruit U V W X Y Z
  5. Hey all, found a good patch of what i think are Gym A's. Anyone confirm? Also a cool looking fungi nearby. ALSO ALSO two big field mushrooms. Can i eat these?