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  1. Surgeon to offer ideas on a way to do human head transplants new opportunity for sex change LOL body swaps,,,,body lease plans.....body share apps...please feel free to add any more entrepreneurial & community opportunities...
  2. Dreamwalker.

    Youtube vids

    How vaccines change the way we think about disease
  3. Dreamwalker.

    Cactus id

    my guess echinopsis peruviana...with some cool woolly critters in the background......... good point about the head spines ...probably a green pilo a.
  4. Just going with a feeling here...there are diseases or rather symptoms, in this case depression that may be due to various causes, Stress likely promotes neural inflammation, an illness that causes neural inflammation may express symptoms such as depression. Treating the inflammation or cause of (virus etc) might help in the latter but perhaps not for stress induce depression. Actually just thinking about it , inflammation is a symptom. so treating it might relieve depression but not cure it. The cure would require understanding the origin/reason for the inflammation ie stress, virus or whatever. A bit beyond a 3 minute gp visit. Seems to be the theme of our age, not to address the root cause, but circumnavigate for a quick fix, like cutting the top of the weeds & leaving the roots.
  5. Dreamwalker.

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    looks like its joined in the middle, shame about the outer skin shrinking, if its a success will have an interesting scar. The bubble wrap blinds are a good idea.
  6. Dreamwalker.

    SIM cards hacked by NSA, GCHQ

    just no where to be safe any more........really sad
  7. I'm not sure if I can really help, I tend to be a real sceptic where big money is concerned, Big pham is like oil corp & all the others - all about profit, A CEO would soon be ejected or a corp. soon disposed if profit wasn't 1st & foremost. Hence billions spent by these interest lobbying Govt, (mostly usa, as they dictate to the rest of us) = a messed up world. Its kinda sad when peeps buy into status quo, there is always so much manipulation going on to serve some agenda, that's generally not in your interest. Quick fix pills for example. Personally I agree with you re stress. So maybe its the stress that should be addressed, if possible remove stress from the life of the depressed person. Stress can be all kinds of things...self stress from self disappointment, Stress from over commitment, like family & work obligations. Stress from a weaken physical body due to health or natural ageing. The problem is we can have a hard time escaping from stress. Like from work, we are obliged to work 40+ hours per week, but maybe we can only handle 14 hr's, not much opportunity there, who's paying all the debts etc?So the pop is drugged up with anti-depressants...that generally will get you back to work for better or worse. So sometimes perhaps more often than not there is no real cure for depression, because your life's environment entraps you in a stress cycle. Therefore accept your disability & manage the stress, not always easy. I feel there are those who get depressed & then there are those in denial. I think the best treatment may be to stop what ever your doing...take some time out & self indulge. Of course if its because your lover just left you, thats another story.
  8. Dreamwalker.

    Help IDing Columnar

    so whats the 1 next too lophocereus schotti,, monstrose? oh & Dox, last time I ever click on http://imgur.com crashes my old machine every time
  9. Dreamwalker.

    google spying

    Two protesters interrupt Google keynote over killer robots ...www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cj83dL72cvg
  10. Dreamwalker.

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    The san p mother x cereus....are getting really gold...hope they keep this colour, but it may mean I guess that they might not survive on their own roots Getting the hang of grafting these tiny sprouts. albino cereus hex bouncing the flash back
  11. Dreamwalker.

    Wish people would stop spouting pseudo bullshit

    as I say "I don't really hold a view either way, & make no recommendations, as I wrote its a tough call" You are on the other hand apparently well informed ....at the risk of being pulled into a discussion, (chomped up & spat out) of which I know very little..... there does seem to be an association between inflammation & autism, & other perceived neuropsychiatric diseases,,,,seemingly from conception (mothers environment) to death. So do you consider that there has been no historical increase in the rate of perceived neuropsychiatric diseases, such as autism? What I find of concern is an increasing trend towards the idea & implementation of compulsory vaccination. At a glance it seems like a great idea ...remove pathogenic virus's bacterium etc from the population. But that seems to me to be a Pandora's box, due to the sheer complexity of body & cellular function. Many of these factors drive evolution.....It feels like comparing permacultural with monoculture. How vaccines change the way we think about disease Anti-vaccine mothers discuss their thinking amid backlash
  12. Dreamwalker.

    Wish people would stop spouting pseudo bullshit

    totally unrelated...heres something for the conspiratorially inclined to consider... http://www.spacedaily.com/news/nanotech-05zzd.html
  13. Dreamwalker.

    Wish people would stop spouting pseudo bullshit

    LOL vaccinations and autism http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15287394.2011.573736 as per request..10 sec search..I get your a mother, but that doesn't excuse rudeness. I'm constantly reading research news relating to autism, mainly because there is considerable research funds available for its research, Unquestionably it can be linked to all kinds of environmental influences. Which is probably why vaccines can tip the scales. We are not clones & so all bodies have variance/thresholds to environmental influences, & our bodies react accordingly. You could use http://scholar.google.co.nz/scholar you will find research both in support of your view & research proving the opposite..............makes you wonder........... I don't really hold a view either way, & make know recommendations, as I wrote its a tough call....nor am I here to judge your parenting. Though your fascist breeding beliefs are offensive. I was just adding my experiences to the discussion. Your not 1 of those meat clever types are you? http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/searching-for-answers/vaccines-autism discusses it..pros cons...but in lay terms and a tendency towards your beliefs...........
  14. Dreamwalker.

    Show off your freaks

    I guess your frost are mild so this limit is wrong then, 9a: to -6.6 °C (20 °F)...(thats 1 lot for inside).
  15. The science behind many antidepressants appears to be backwards, researchers say