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  1. inwould

    Grow diary: Incarvillea sinensis

    I have a suspicion that seed freshness is very important.
  2. Does the kappa opioid receptor activity suggest possible salvinorin-esque effects at certain doses?
  3. Not to rub salt in the wound, but in NZ we can buy it by the kilo from spice shops!
  4. I've found that kava can be surprisingly strong if taken on an empty stomach, and in large enough quantities. Doesn't hurt to chase it with something greasy to help with absorption either.
  5. inwould

    NZ members?

    I've got heaps of Heimia Salicifolia seed this year. If anyone wants some let me know.
  6. inwould

    Salvia and ants..

    Are they potted or in the ground? I would be thinking about a border to keep them out. Maybe diatomaceous earth or citrus essential oil?
  7. inwould

    Salvia and ants..

    I've never seen this! How do they get into the stalk?
  8. Here's a photo of the trunk bark from an older looking tree, if anyone's interested.
  9. I think melanoxyn looks right, I'm not in the area anymore but if I head back that way I'll get a photo
  10. Hi all, On a holiday in Nelson I spotted lots of these trees. Unfortunately none were in flower. Older trees seemed to have only the broad phyllodes where as the younger trees seemed to have a mix of pinnate and broad phyllodes. Does anyone have any idea what they might be?
  11. inwould

    Amanita muscaria ULTIMATE super-duper thread

    Supposedly it's the airflow that is really important with drying things. A fan box followed by a dessicant chamber can get things good and dry without any heat.
  12. inwould

    NZ members?

    Hi all, I've just harvested some Incarvillea Sinensis seeds if anyone would like some.
  13. inwould

    NZ members?

    Hey, great to see more kiwis around! What sort of things have you got growing? Pm me if you'd prefer
  14. inwould

    New Zealand seed trade

    I haven't heard any reports of it having similar effects. I think it's the saponins that are supposed to cause the dream changing effects anyway. If the new seed is the real deal I'll definitely be sending it to anyone who wants it!
  15. inwould

    New Zealand seed trade

    That's great to hear that your P. Alba fruited, how old is it? What is it recovering from? Your plant looks a fair bit like Silene Coronaria var. Alba to me also. Mine always had much bluer furrier leaves than S. Capensis. The leaves also didn't seem to have any saponins in them, where S. Capensis does. It should be much easier to tell when it flowers.