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  1. Zedo

    Predict the future

    One day you’ll be wrong lol
  2. Zedo

    Mandatory Vacinations, no jab no play

    Oh I agree, it wouldn’t be like any/every country that has one. I was told being commonwealth we do fall under the UK bill of rights indirectly (whatever that means) but yeah. Like you say - easy to pass something people agree on (indoctrinated lol ). Either way - I’d love to see society realise they have an immune system and start learning how to be healthier... but that’s probably not easy for many who love to destroy themselves lol.
  3. Zedo

    Medicinal plants - wormwood

    I seen bunnies selling wormwood in the garden section. They seem to have a lot more plants since people bought everything start of the year.
  4. Zedo

    Mandatory Vacinations, no jab no play

    Dunno if anyone saw, but apparently the only polio left is from vaccinations.... problem in Aussie land is we don’t actually have a bill of rights, so th way could alter law easily to make it mandatory. Problem is - you need a control group to actually know if it works... or placebo effect control. Either way - I’m seeing people divided again over the wrong issue.
  5. Zedo

    Happy COVID Party 2020

    I must say this is a great divide and conquer tactic lol
  6. Zedo

    Caapi cutback?

    I chopped mine back to a trunk (branch (twig lol - it’s about a thumb round)) in October... had zero leaves... it’s now massive again. I think the biggest thing is making sure it doesn’t dry out around the base if you cut it back while it re grows.
  7. Zedo

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Anyone know any spots around spring mountain seq?
  8. I obsorbed the light refracted off my cacti with my retinas. Cool flower.
  9. Zedo

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Kilcoy is a great spot apparently. I’ve never been picking in seq. But NQ I had a lot of spots. Worst part is finding the time these days.
  10. Zedo

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Solid rain indeed. My yards a lake. Fungi poping up everywhere. Too bad their the random non desirable kind. If anyone can assist in dispatching the fruits of the earth please PM me.
  11. Zedo

    Is this legal?

    My guess would be unless you have any ‘proof’ and would be going through the legal system, there’s little to nothing that could be or would be done. And in that case depending on the true nature of the call out, could prompt further unnessary harassment.
  12. A few years ago we bought a water urn with filters. I grew up in NQ and the tap water was pretty good and never really gave it a second thought. Once I moved to SEQ I immediently noticed the water was horrid to drink. Probably not as bad as other places in Aus but still it wasn’t nice. I’m pretty sure my cordial intake tripled to help mask the taste as a counter measure lol. The water urn and filters were the best thing I’ve ever done to water. The taste is so much more pure and enjoyable. We also noticed it felt better when you drank it. Just thought I’d share a pic of a years worth of water sludged onto the first filter before and after it’s cleaned. The second filter is encased in plastic so I could really get a before an after shot of that one. Filter your water - it’s worth it.
  13. Zedo


    Look into sugarbag bees. Or any Australian native stingless bees. That way you don’t need bee keeping suits and smokers and your helping out native little buggers out. Hives usually go anywhere from $250-$600 depending on who you get it from. http://www.sugarbag.net/ While our native bees arnt really the best for honey production (if that’s your purpose) they can give small amounts once a hive is established. Personally have no experience with bees (yet) other than watching the hoards around my yard go for any flowers that pop up. good luck and hope you get your bees.
  14. Zedo

    Pics from Japanese Plants. Enjoy it!

    Where does one acquire such epicness?
  15. Zedo

    Making sense of HBWR

    I found the days diet played a huge role in outcome of effects. Empty stomach with small feasting of fruit was the best. But as Bardo says, scrape and burn is the way to go unless you want to spend more time prepping. Never had much visual effect for me - even at 18 seeds. But the body load was intense. Trying to move was not an easy experience either. I tend to agree with DualWieldRake in that you teach yourself. Plant teachers just help you listen to what’s already there. Although I can relate to the absence of lessons being presented - other than stomach aches hurt lol.