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  1. Josiah

    NZ members?

    Hey man I'm from new Zealand I have some seeds to trade and seeds to come off this year's flowers. And a heap of seedlings
  2. Josiah


    Hey I'm in new Zealand and was wondering if anyone had any pollen they wanted to donate or swap for seed as have a few buds on my scop 2 different peru Poco spatch pach just putting it out there Cheers
  3. Josiah

    Nz garden

    Short spine Peru was given it a few years ago for a bottle of bourbon lol
  4. Josiah

    Nz garden

    I'm new here and spring is here thought I'd put a few pictures from my garden
  5. Josiah

    Wanted seed

    Hey after any astrophytum turbinicarpus ariocarpus seed any thing cool really and any montrose or variegated seeds can trade or buy cheers
  6. Good stuff mate and some good crosses awsome! 28