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Found 3 results

  1. hi im looking to find an a.muscaria in australia qld, Not to try exactly but just for curiosity of nature. so i know the basics, ive done much research and i know it grows under berch trees an some natives of aus but not exatcts an im a padantic person who likes to be sure what im looking at. No point wanting to find the mushroom an then just ending up beinged amazed with is poisonous counterparts. So please any info.
  2. I am wondering where i can find these (I know this has been asked many times on this forum) mushrooms growing and when? I know they are suppose to grow around pine trees, soo would searching in the thousands of pine trees in glasshouse and on the sunshine coast be a good place to look? Hell maybe someone in the area can show me by letting me tag along on one of their mushrooms hunts if anyone hunts this mushroom. Im very interested in this mushroom.. it seems soo magical.
  3. mindperformer

    Psychoactive plants of the vikings

    A few psychoactive plants of the vikings, of course there are more: The bog bilberry (Rauschbeere, Vaccinium uliginosum), which can sometimes be hallucinogenic because of a symbiotic fungus (Sclerotina megalospora), which is living on it sometimes. In mediaeval times in Scandinavia the berries were pressed with wine. In Siberia the shamans used the berries together with fly agaric mushrooms. In Austria, Tirol they say, kids would loose their mind when they eat from the bog bilberrys (Rauschbeeren). This picture was taken in northern Finland: The crowberry (Empetrum nigrum) is said to act intoxicating in higher doses. It is growing in Greenland too and one of their few wild edible fruits. In Norway (12. century) they made wine from the juice of the fruits.cating and hallucinogenic and Andromedotoxin could be responsible for this. This picture was taken in northern Norway: The Labrador tea (Ledum palustre) is an endangered plant in central-europe. It is also used by the inuit and can be smoked. While teas from it are only barely toxic, an alcoholic tincture can be quite toxic, because it is rich in essential oil. The Tungus people, from whose language the word shaman stems from, and the neighbouring Giljaks use mainly Ledum palustre as ritual and trance-inducing smoke. Also the japanese natives, the Ainu used it. In europe it was mainly used as a beer-additive. The picture was taken in northern Sweden (it is the one with the white flowers and narrow leaves): And the obligate fly agaric (Amanita muscaria)- it can only grow in symbiosis with birch or pine. The dried mushroom is much more comfortable and stronger in its hallucinogenic action, because of conversion of ibotenic acid into muscimol. On Kamtchatka the ritual-use of the fly agaric is still alive. It was also used by natives in the Americas (Algonkin, Ojibway and Dogrib in Northamerica, Maya, Aztecs and Purépecha in Centralamerica and Mochica in western Peru and can be found in Colombia too (on the mountains). The Tzeltales use it still today and smoke the dried skin. I found one in New Zealand near the coast. The picture was taken in Austria, Steiermark, Wechsel: