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  1. Hey folks! Its been a hectic few months getting this years list sorted, I'm very proud to announce It's finally done! I haven't been active here lately so I wanted to release it here first before I post it on my site and on social media. Some types are very limited ;) All packs contain 30 seed, some are available in bigger quantities. There are three Master Grower Packs (one pack of each cross) unspoken for. Valued at $2055, price is $1600 (22% off). PM me if you would like to put a deposit on one. Photos can be seen on my site at www.trichocereus.com.au & on my Facebook (Rodni Chisar & Trichocereus Australia) & instagram (trichocereus_australia) pages. To place an order email me at [email protected] Please bare with me for a response. 1. Lobivia sp. ‘American Beauty’x Soehrensia sp. ‘Hot Red’$4 2. Lobivia sp. ‘American Beauty’x Soehrensia sp. ‘Pink/ Red’$4 3. Lobivia sp. ‘American Beauty’x T. chilensis v. Longispinos$6 SOLD OUT 4. Melocactus horstii $6 5. Oreocereus celcianus$4 6. Soehrensia‘Flame’x T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’$6 7. Soehrensia‘Hot Red’x T. lamprochlorus $4 8. Soehrensia sp.‘Yellow’x Soehrensia sp. 'Hot Red’$4 9. Soehrensia sp. 'Hot Red' x Soehrensia sp ‘Yellow’$4 10. Soehrensia sp. ‘Yellow’x T. chilensis ‘Dawsons’$6 11. T. bridgesii 'SAB SS' x (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $4 12. T. bridgesii ‘Ben’x T. bridgesii ‘Loraine’$6 13. T. bridgesii ‘Ben’x T. peruvianus ‘Norma $6 (100-$15) 14. T. bridgesii ‘J18’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #2’$4 15. T. bridgesii ‘J18’x T. riomizquensis$6 16. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. bridgesii 'SAB SS’$6 (100-$15) 17. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. pachanoi) X (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $6 18. (T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. pachanoi) X T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’$6 19. (T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. pachanoi) x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’(Master pack only) 20. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. peruvianus ‘Norma’$6 21. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$8 22. T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. sp. ‘J1’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 23. T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’x T peruvianus ‘Norma’$6 (100-$15) 24. T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 25. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’ x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #2’$8 (100-$20) 26. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 27. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) $8 (100-$20) 28. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$8 (100-$20) 29. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X T. peruvianus ‘Los Gentiles’$8 (100-$20) 30. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’$8 (100-$20) 31. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 32. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X T. peruvianus ‘Trent’$8 (100-$20) 33. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) X T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 (100-$25) 34. (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) XT. macrogonus ‘KK 2176’$8 (100-$20) $202 35. T. bridgesii ’33’X (T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. pachanoi) $4 (100-$10) (1000-$40) 36. T. bridgesii ’33’X (T. bridgesii x T. peruvianus ‘Jordan’) $8 (100-$20) 37. T. bridgesii ’33’X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) $8 38. T. bridgesii ’33’x T. macrogonus ‘KK 2176’$8 (100-$20) 39. (T. bridgesii x T. peruvianus ‘Jordan’) X (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $8 (100-$20) 40. (T. bridgesii x T. peruvianus ‘Jordan’) X T. peruvianus‘TA 07’$8 (100-$20) 41. T. chilensis ‘Dawsons’X (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis)$8 (100-$20) 42. T. chilensis‘Dawsons’x T peruvianus ‘Norma’$8 (100-$20) 43. T. chilensis ‘Dawsons’x T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’$10 (100-$25) 44. T. chilensis ‘Wavy Ribs’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’$10 SOLD OUT 45. T. chilensis v. Longispinos x Soehrensia sp. 'Hot Red’$10 (100-$25) 46. T. chilensis v. Longispinos x T. sp. ‘Binnie'$10 (100-$25) 47. T. cuzcoensis 'CC' X (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis)$4 (100-$10) 48. T. cuzcoensis 'CC' x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’$6 49. T. cuzcoensis 'CC' x T. pachanoi ‘Justin’$4 (100-$10) 50. T. cuzcoensis 'CC' x T. pasacana ‘Dawsons’$8 51. T. cuzcoensis 'CC' x T. sp. ‘J3’$4 (100-$10) 52. T. gladiatus x T. sp. ‘Big Boy’(Red Flower) $6 53. T. huanacoensis x T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’) X T. peruvianus ‘Ivan’$8 (100-$20) 54. (T. huanacoensis x T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’) X T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$10 55. (T. huanacoensis x T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’) X T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’$10 (100-$25) 56. (T. huanacoensis x T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’) X T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 (100-$25) 57. T. huascha (Red Flower) x T. shichendanzii ‘Pink’$6 58. T. huascha (Yellow Flower) x Soehrensia sp. ‘Yellow Flower’$6 (100-$15) 59. T. huascha (Yellow Flower) x T. sp. ‘Big Boy’(Red Flower) $6 60. T. knuthianus 'Dawsons' x T. pachanoi ‘Justin’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 61. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 62. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Norma’$6 (100-$15) 63. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis)$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 64. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’$6 (100-$15) 65. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’x T. sp ‘J1’$6 (100-$15) 66. T. macrogonus ‘Fields’x T. sp. ‘J3’$4 (100-$10) (1000-$40) 67. T. macrogonus ‘KK 2176’x T. bridgesii ’33’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 68. T. macrogonus ‘KK 2176’x T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #2’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 69. T. macrogonus ‘KK 2176’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’$10 70. T. macrogonus ‘Tripsis’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’$10 (100-$25) 71. T. pachanoi 'Fields' Hybrid x T. pachanoi ‘RP 01’$4 (100-$10) 72. T. pachanoi 'Fields' x Open$3 (100-$7.50) 73. T. pachanoi 'Fields' x T peruvianus ‘Norma’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 74. T. pachanoi 'Fields' x T. cuzcoensis ‘CC' $4 75. T. pachanoi 'Fields' x T. pachanoi ‘2’$6 (100-$15) 76. T. pachanoi 'Fields' x T. pachanoi ‘Justin’$6 77. T. pachanoi 'Fields' x T. pachanoi ‘Rod’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 78. T. pachanoi 'Fields' x T. sp. ‘J1’$6 (100-$15) 79. T. pachanoi 'PC' x T. cuzcoensis ‘CC' $4 (100-$10) (1000-$40) 80. T. pachanoi 'Yowie' x T. pachanoi ‘Rod’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 81. T. pachanoi ‘2’x T. pachanoi ‘Fields' $6 82. T. pachanoi ‘2’x T. pachanoi ‘Hanh’(Master pack only) 83. T. pachanoi ‘BK 08611.5 x T. macrogonus ‘KK 2176’$10 SOLD OUT 84. (T. pachanoi ‘Fields x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1) X T. bridgesii ’33’$4 (100-$10) (1000-$40) 85. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’X (T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) $6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 86. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X (T. huanacoensis x T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’) $8 (100-$20) 87. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) x T. pachanoi ‘Goliath’$6 88. (T. pachanoi 'Fields' x T. peruvianus ‘Rosie #1’) X T. pachanoi ‘BK 08611.5’$10 89. (T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’) X (T. pachanoi f. monstrose x T. pacahanoi ‘Huanacabamba’) $10 90. (T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’) X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) $6 (100-$15) 91. (T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’) X T. pachanoi ‘Fields’$6 92. T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’) X T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$8 93. (T. pachanoi ‘Fields’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1) X (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $8 94. T. pachanoi ‘Goliath’x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 95. T. pachanoi ‘J8’X (T. pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant x T. pachanoi) (Master pack only) 96. T. pachanoi ‘Jims Fat’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$8 97. T. pachanoi ‘Justin' x Open $4 98. T. pachanoi ‘Juules Giant’x Open) X T peruvianus ‘Norma’$4 99. (T. pachanoi ‘Juules Giant’x T. pachanoi) X T. sp ‘Tripsis #2’$6 100. (T. pachanoi ‘Juules Giant’x T. scopulicloa) X T. pachanoi ‘2’(Master pack only) 101. (T. pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant’x Open) x T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’$4 102. T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 103. T. pachanoi ‘Nothinks’x T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’$10 (100-$25) 104. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’x T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’$4 105. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’X (T. pachanoi x T. pachanoi ‘Juules Giant’) $6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 106. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’x Open$3 107. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’x T. pachanoi ‘Justin’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 108. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’x T. peruvianus ‘John’$6 (100-$15) 109. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’x T peruvianus ‘Norma’$6 110. T. pachanoi ‘Rod’x T. sp. ‘J1’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 111. T. pachanoi ‘RP 01’x T.macrogonus‘Fields’$6 112. T. pachanoi ‘RP 02’x T. pachanoi ‘Fields’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 113. (T. pachanoi x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X (T pachanoi ‘Juuls Giant’x T. scopulicloa) (Master pack only) 114. (T. pachanoi x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X T. bridgesii ’33’$4 (100-$10) 115. T. peruvianus ‘BK 08612.4’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 01’$10 116. T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’X (T. huanacoensis x T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’) $10 117. T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’x T. peruvianus ‘Ferret #2’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 118. T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’$8 (100-$20) 119. T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 06’$8 120. T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$10 (100-$20) 121. T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 SOLD OUT 122. T. peruvianus 'Dawsons #1' x Open$4 (100-$10) (1000-$40) 123. T. peruvianus 'Dawsons #1' x T. sp. ‘J1’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 124. T. peruvianus 'Dawsons #1' x T. sp. ‘J3’$8 (100-$20) 125. T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #2’x T. macrogonus KK 2176$8 (100-$20) 126. T. peruvianus ‘Ferret #2’x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus $8 (100-$20) 127. T. peruvianus ‘Ferret’X (T. terscheckii/validus x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#3) $8 128. T. peruvianus ‘Ferret’x T. terscheckii ‘Werribee’$10 (100-$25) 129. T. peruvianus ‘Fitzroy’x T. pachanoi ‘Fields’$4 (100-$10) 130. T. peruvianus ‘Fitzroy’x T. sp. ‘TA 06’$6 (100-$15) 131. T. peruvianus ‘G11’x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' $10 (100-$25) (1000-$100) 132. T. peruvianus ‘Icaro’x T. peruvianus ‘G11’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 133. T. peruvianus ‘Ivan’x T. peruvianus ‘Los Gentiles’$8 (100-$20) 134. T. peruvianus ‘Ivan’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$8 (100-$20) 135. T. peruvianus 'John' x Open $4 136. T. peruvianus 'John' x T peruvianus ‘Norma’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 137. T. peruvianus ‘KK 242’X (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#4) $6 (100-$15) 138. T. peruvianus ‘KK 242’x T. bridgesii ‘J18’$6 (100-$15) 139. T. peruvianus ‘KK 242’x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$8 (100-$20) 140. T. peruvianus ‘KK 242’x T. riomizquensis$6 141. T. peruvianus ‘KK 242’x T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’$6 (100-$15) 142. (T. peruvianus ‘Len’x Open) X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. huanacoensis) $6 143. (T. peruvianus ‘Len’x Open) x T. peruvianus ‘Los Gentiles’$6 144. (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis) x T. peruvianus ‘John’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 145. (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis) x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 146. (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis) X T. peruvianus ‘Sausage Plant’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 147. T. peruvianus ‘Los Gentiles’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 06’$8 (100-$20) 148. T. peruvianus ‘Los Gentiles’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$8 (100-$20) 149. T. peruvianus ‘M2’X (T. bridgesii x T. peruvianus ‘Jordan’) $10 150. T. peruvianus ‘M2’X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) $8 (100-$20) 151. T. peruvianus ‘M2’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 01’$10 152. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x Open $4 (100-$10) 153. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’$6 154. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x T. macrogonus ‘Fields’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 155. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x T. peruvianus ‘G11’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 156. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x T. peruvianus ‘SAB Red Spine' $6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 157. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x T. sp. ‘J3’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 158. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 159. T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine' x T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’$10 (100-$25) (1000-$100) 160. T. peruvianus ‘Nimbin' x T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 161. T. peruvianus ‘Norma’x T .macrogonus‘Fields’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 162. T. peruvianus ‘Norma’x T. pasacana ‘Dawsons’$10 163. T. peruvianus ‘Norma’x T. sp. ‘J1’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 164. T. peruvianus ‘Rosie #1’x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$8 (100-$20) 165. (T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1 x T. pachanoi ‘Fields’) X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’$6 (100-$15) 166. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. huanacoensis) $10 167. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 (100-$25) 168. T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #2’$6 (100-$15) 169. T. peruvianus ‘Rosie #2’x T. sp. ‘Jodan’$6 (100-$15) 170. T. peruvianus 'Sausage Plant’x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’$8 (100-$20) 171. T. peruvianus 'Sausage Plant’x T. peruvianus ‘John’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 172. T. peruvianus 'Sausage Plant’x (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $8 173. (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) X (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $8 (100-$20) 174. (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) X T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’$10 (100-$25) 175. (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) X T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 176. (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) X T. peruvianus Tripsis #1 $10 (100-$25) 177. (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) X T. peruvianus ‘Ivan’$8 (100-$20) 178. (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) X T. peruvianus ‘Los Gentiles’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 179. (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. huanacoensis) X T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$10 180. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’x T. pachanoi BK 08611.5 $10 (100-$25) 181. T. peruvianus ‘Short Spine’x T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’$10 (100-$25) 182. T. peruvianus ‘Trent’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’$10 (100-$25) 183. T. peruvianus ‘TA 01’x T. peruvianus ‘BK 08612.4’$10 (100-$25) 184. T. peruvianus ‘TA 01’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$10 185. T. sp. ‘TA 02’x T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 186. T. sp.‘TA 06’x T. peruvianus ‘Ivan’$6 187. T. sp‘TA 06’x T. peruvianus ‘M2’$8 (100-$20) 188. T. sp‘TA 06’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 189. T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’X (T. bridgesii x T. peruvianus ‘Jordan’) $10 190. T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’X (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $10 (100-$25) 191. T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’x T. macrogonus ‘Tripsis’$10 (100-$25) 192. T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$10 (100-$25) 193. T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$10 194. T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’x T. peruvianus ‘M2’$10 (100-$25) 195. T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 01’$10 (100-$25) 196. T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’x T. peruvianus ‘TA 07’$10 (100-$25) 197. T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’X (T. huanacoensis x T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’) $10 (100-$25) 198. T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. huanacoensis) $10 (100-$25) 199. T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’X (T. terscheckii-validus x T. bridgesii Psycho #1)$10 (100-$25) 200. T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$10 (100-$25) 201. T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’x T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 202. T. poco (White Flower) x T. sp ‘J5’$8 (100-$20) 203. T. riomizquensis x ((T. pachanoi ‘Juules Giant’x T. pachanoi) $6 (100-$15) 204. T. riomizquensis x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$8 (100-$20) (1000-$80) 205. T. santanensis X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS02’) $10 206. (T. scopulicola x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’) X (T. scopulicola x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1) (Master pack only) 207. (T. scopulicola x T. bridgesii ‘Tig’) X T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’$6 208. T. scopulicola x T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’$8 (100-$20) 209. T. scopulicola x T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$10 (100-$25) 210. T. scopulicola x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 (100-$25) (1000-$100) 211. T. shichendanzii ‘Pink’X (T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’x T. pachanoi) $6 212. T. sp. 'Big Boy' x (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $6 213. T. sp. 'Big Boy' x Soehrensia sp. ‘Yellow' $4 214. T. sp. 'Big Boy' x T. shichendanzii ‘Pink’$4 215. T. sp. ‘Dodie’x T. peruvianus ‘John’$6 (100-$15) 216. T. sp.‘J1’X (T. pachanoi x T. pachanoi ‘Juules Giant’) $4 217. T. sp.‘J1’X (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis) $6 $326 218. T. sp‘J1’x T. sp. ‘J3’$6 (100-$15) 219. T. sp.‘J1’x Open $3 (100-$7.50) (1000-$30) 220. T. sp.‘J1’x T. cuzcoensis ‘CC' $4 (100-$10) 221. T. sp.‘J1’x T. knuthianus ‘Dawsons' $4 (100-$10) (1000-$40) 222. T. sp.‘J1’x T. pachanoi ‘Rod’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 223. T. sp.'J3' x T. macrogonus‘Fields’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 224. T. sp.‘J3’X (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis) $6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 225. T. sp.'J3' x T. peruvianus ‘John' $6 (100-$15) 226. T. sp.'J3' x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’$6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 227. T. sp. ‘Jodan’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosie # 2’$6 (100-$15) 228. T. sp. ‘Jodan’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$8 (100-$20) 229. T. sp. 'Kimuras Spiny Giant’x T. bridgesii) X (T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis) $6 (100-$15) 230. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. pachanoi ‘Justin’$6 231. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’X (T. pachanoi x T. pachanoi ‘Juules Giant’) $4 (100-$10) 232. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’$6 (100-$15) 233. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. sp. ‘Hebrew' $6 (100-$15) (1000-$60) 234. T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. sp. ‘J1’$6 (100-$15) 235. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#2) X T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$6 (100-$15) 236. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’S) X T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’$6 (100-$15) 237. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#4) X (T. terscheckii/validus x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#1) $6 (100-$15) 238. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#4) X T. bridgesii ‘J18’$6 239. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#5) X T. peruvianus ‘TA 08’$6 240. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#8) X T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’$4 (100-$10) (1000-$40) 241. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#9) X T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$6 242. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#9) X T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$6 243. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) X (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’)$6 (100-$15) 244. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) X (T. pachanoi f. monstrose x T. pacahanoi ‘Huanacabamba’) $8 245. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) X (T. scopulicola x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1) $6 246. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) X (T. terscheckii-validus x T. bridgesii Psycho #1) $8 247. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) X T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’$6 (100-$15) 248. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) X T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$6 (100-$15) 249. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) X T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$6 250. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. sp. ‘J3’. f. cristata. Revert) X T. peruvianus ‘Capital Cactus’$10 (100-$25) 251. (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. sp. ‘J3’) X (T. sp. ‘Super Pedro’x T. scopulicola) $4 (100-$10) 252. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’x T. bridgesii ‘Short Spine’$6 (100-$15) 253. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’x T. huascha (Red Flower) $10 SOLD OUT 254. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’x T. peruvianus ‘G11’$8 255. T. terscheckii 'Dawsons’x T. terscheckii 'Dawsons Short Spine’(Master pack only) 256. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’x Open $8 257. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’$10 (100-$25) 258. T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons Short Spine’x T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’$10 (100-$25) 259. T. terscheckii ‘RG-1’x T. peruvianus ‘Dawsons #2’(Master pack only. 15 Seed) 260. T. terscheckii ‘SA SS’x T. bridgesii ‘J18’$8 SOLD OUT 261. T. terscheckii ‘SA SS’x T. pachanoi ‘Goliath’$8 262. T. terscheckii ‘SA SS’x T. pachanoi ‘KK 339’$8 263. T. terscheckii ‘SA SS’X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) $8 264. T. terscheckii ‘SA SS’x T. sp. ‘Tripsis #2’$8 265. T. terscheckii ‘Snake’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 SOLD OUT 266. T. terscheckii ‘Snake’X (T. terscheckii/validus x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#1) (Master pack only) 267. T. terscheckii/validus x Open $6 268. T. terscheckii/validus x T. bridgesii ’33’$8 269. T. terscheckii-validus x T. peruvianus ‘TA 01’$10 270. T. terscheckii-validus x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 (100-$25) 271. T. terscheckii/validus X (T. peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’x T. bridgesii ‘SS 02’) $8 272. T. terscheckii/validus X (T. terscheckii/validus x T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’#1) $10 273. (T. terscheckii-validus x T. bridgesii Psycho #1) X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’$10 274. T. validus ‘Anak’x Open $6 SOLD OUT 275. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. macrogonus ‘Fields’$8 SOLD OUT 276. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. peruvianus ‘John' (Master pack only. 20 seeds) 277. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. peruvianus ‘Los Banos’x T. pallarensis) $8 SOLD OUT 278. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. peruvianus 'MG Red Spine’(Master pack only. 20 seeds) 279. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. peruvianus ‘Norma’$8 SOLD OUT 280. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. peruvianus ‘Rosie #2’(Master pack only. 15 seeds) 281. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. peruvianus ‘Tripsis #1’$10 SOLD OUT 282. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. sp ‘J3’$8 SOLD OUT 283. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. terscheckii 'Dawsons Short Spine’$12 SOLD OUT 284. T. validus ‘Anak’x T. terscheckii ‘Dawsons’(Master pack only) 285. (T. validus (Misplant) x T. pachanoi ‘PC’) X T. sp. ‘Jodan’$6 286. T. volianus x (T. bridgesii ‘Tig’x T. peruvianus ‘Len’) $8 287. Trichonopsis sp.‘Whiora’x T. peruvianus ‘John’$10 288. (Trichonopsis sp. ‘Whiora’x T. pachanoi) x T. shichendanzii ‘Pink’$8
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Flora of Australia

    Hey all! Just started an ambitious quest in hunting down all volumes of Flora of Australia, (5 so far...) If anyone has any volumes lying around, collecting dust or looking for a better home please let me know - they are about as in-depth as i can find when it comes to identification! Thanks so much everyone!
  3. Well it's here - the book I've been working on for the past 12 months: Psilocybin Mushrooms of South East Queensland, Australia: Eliminating the Harms https://www.responsiblechoice.com.au/product/psilocybin-mushrooms-of-south-east-queensland-the-book/ 8 x 10″, with a combination of coated 300 gsm covers and Satin-Coated 128gsm internal pages. 168 pages, with 40 full-colour pages, including detailed photos to aid identification. Enjoy, and happy hunting! RC
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Stubborn\ Acacias

    Hey, this is my first post so please excuse me if its a mess I planted acacia seeds about a month ago, 8 obtusifolia and 4 floribunda, 2 of each of these popped up in days, not problem. Since then in the last 3 weeks i have planted an additional 15 or so floribunda. So far I've only had 2 obtusifolia germinate and are doing great. And 2 floribunda which also popped up fast after planting. The remainder seem to be laying dormant. Is it common to have this much gap between germinating acacias? Could it be the difference between planting at the beginning of summer and towards the end?
  5. Gambeard

    Trichocereus Chalaensis

    A bit of a long shot but wondering if anyone in Aus has any Trichocereus Chalaensis? Or if anyone is willing to try sending some to Aus?
  6. Budding ethnobotonist here. Besides a few Cacti and some Acacia Accuminatas, I don't have much. Will obviously include Caapi eventually. Assuming one lives in a non-tropical part of Australia, What should the ideal ethno -botanic garden include? With or without a greenhouse? Keen to hear the collective wisdom!
  7. ElectricDawn

    Wanted: Mandragora officinarum Seeds

    Hey, I would love to cultivate some Mandrake! please PM if someone has any seeds, preferably within Australia!
  8. musha-boom

    Sourcing Sustainable Euc Logs

    Hello I am very new to the forum but was hoping to get some advice from the experts. I am also new to mycology and mushroom cultivation but have been very interested in learning for the past year on how to grow my own mushies at home and going on forest forays trying to learn to id fungi. So... I participated in a workshop where we were given shiitake dowel to take home to inoculate our own logs. I have just started looking for some logs to inoculate for Spring and my shiitake dowel look like they are so ready for a new home. I was given these two logs yesterday (see pics also some oyster growing in the buckets we took home too!) but not sure if they are healthy enough or the right type of Eucalyptus for the shiitake to grow on. I've been reading Mycelium running by Paul Stamets and there is a good list of suitable tree types for woodloving mushrooms, for shiitake it states Blue Gum Euc, Grand/ Globulus Euc and some other species. I understand that they can't already be hosting other mycelium or have any rot/ mottling on the stump either... I was curious if anyone would know somewhere I could get/purchase some fresh logs in Melbourne, Australia. I was thinking saw mills or local farmers that have cut down some trees and don't need the logs? Also Not sure of the correct size drill bit I would need to use for drilling holes for dowels? Any help or advice would be much appreciated Cheers
  9. Hope everyone on the east coast of Australia is doing alright this morning. Lot of destruction. Had to empty water out a few pots. Lost a few peresk leaves that were outdoors. Come on sun!!! Dekeius
  10. Farmyceuticals

    ID Request; First Time Hunt for Subs

    Today I went hunting for the first time. I've done my research but better to be safe than sorry Ultimately, the goal was to find PS Subs. I also encountered other mushrooms on the way. Conditions: 5-10mm rain day before 90% Humidity Minimum Temp: 11 Degrees Celcius I suspected these to be Saffron Milk Caps. When cut, they secreted a bright orange. Found among pine needles. However, from being slightly crushed in my bag they attained some dark greenish blue bruising mostly on the gills. Is this normal? They also have the telltale irregularly spotted stem. Just wanna be safe Slippery Jack? I was going to take these home but I followed a different track back and missed 'em. Really nice spongy gills with slippery brown cap. Psilocybe Subaeruginosa!!!! (Hopefully my reading payed off! To the best of my knowledge they fit the profile. I got too excited and didn't take many pics at the site. Nearby was a suspected Galerina (orange cap and stem), Gymnopus, and another specimen with a brown cap and coke bottle coloured stem. ) Other finds like the deathly beautiful Amanita Muscaria
  11. link in my sig! welcome one and all share your tips, banter, pics, collections buy swop sell! we are a friendly bunch
  12. aero_glass

    TBM Clone B Australia?

    Big shout out to everyone here! Long time lurker, first time poster. This forum rocks big time! Quick question. I've been wondering for a long time if the TBM Clone B (Long phallic form) exists in Australia? I don't mean Clone A (Short clumping form) which has become elongated due to etiolation, but rather the form that will continue growing in inermis state without terminating. Thanks, big love and gratitude to you all!
  13. Im after some plastic plant labels maybe 100 or so, I have some spare seeds that are just laying around I can offer; Phalaris aquatica x50 Mixed papaver somniferum x500+ Turkish purple papaver x25+ Datura stramonium x 15 Jap maple x5 Sida cordifolia x15 Henbane x15 Wormwood x50 Nicotina tobaccum x100+ Californian poppy x100+ cordyline x26 Black and pink hibiscus *alyogyne hakeifolia* x25 all this for 100 plant labels sounds like a fair trade to me? I understand I don't have the best rep so I'm more then happy to send first.
  14. looking for a small - medium loph cactus for a pretty reasonable price or we can discus a trade, anyways comment or pm if you have any of these you can spare
  15. goodude

    Aboriginals and Kava

    Gday all. I watched a documentary on sbs recently that talked about aboriginals traditionally using kava root for spiritual/medicinal uses. I dont really know much about this stuff but i always thought it was a mauri thing. apparently it exists or has existed in aus for a long time. i kinda presumed it was native to nz. does anyone know what tribes (or at least what regions) this practice was taking place? i believe the aboriginal culture is threatened and knowledge about it should be shared. aboriginals use all sorts of bush medicine. i am friends with an elder and we went camping/gold prospecting a while back. one thing i remember is he talked about a plant that the huntsmen would chew the leaves from to give them energy. my thoughts is that this plant is a part of the sida family. sorry if my post is all over the place. talk soon
  16. 3rdI


    I am going on a plant hunt for a school assignment which requires me to pick 5 plants from the same Family and identify these plant to the species level using keys. I live in SE Melb and was wondering if anyone knows of Solanaceae members I could go out and collect, within driving distance dont think im willing to go further than south gippsland/gippsland. Apparently D. Stramonium or inoxia are out there. I already have a Brugmansia sanguinea which I collected from a neighbour's garden and another brug yet to be identified on the way. Can anyone help me find a few more samples?
  17. spooge

    Pap som giveaway

    Howdy This is a wonderful forum made up of some great people. Such generosity encourages one to give back. x10 papaver somniferum seed packs containing the following strains- -Tasmanian -Mauve mix -Turkish purple -Afghan white -Grape, single -Gigantium Fresh viable seed Packed n ready to send to the first 10 who post here. Please list your number when posting so its easy to keep track..... ie.......post number one would post number 1 and so on till it hits 10. Once you have posted your number please pm me with postal details.
  18. Scarecrow


    http://www.adambandt.com/budgetrallies The budget is blatant attack on the environment, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the sick, and the young from the priveliged, rich bastards in parliament. If you haven't been keeping up on this stuff, here's a quick summary: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-05-13/budget-winners-and-losers/5433178 Greens senator Di Natale has voiced the major concerns very well. See here: Please attend a rally near you this weekend! Thousands of people have already said they will attend. This is a chance for our voices to be heard.
  19. hi im looking to find an a.muscaria in australia qld, Not to try exactly but just for curiosity of nature. so i know the basics, ive done much research and i know it grows under berch trees an some natives of aus but not exatcts an im a padantic person who likes to be sure what im looking at. No point wanting to find the mushroom an then just ending up beinged amazed with is poisonous counterparts. So please any info.
  20. hello all I was wondering if anyone can ID this magnolia for me? I don't have a photo of the flowers but the are big white and have a strong perfume smell to them, all photos are here- http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&album=738
  21. Jonstn

    Pineberry in Australia?

    Just read about pineberries, never heard of them before until now they sound delicious, but I can't find any suppliers of seeds/plants in Australia Has anyone on here grown them? I'm curious as to what they would be like to grow in aus, a white strawberry that tastes like pineapple sounds the bomb!! http://strawberrypla...ry-pineberries/
  22. http://www.topix.net/forum/world/australia/TV79NSEGGMH0E7GOF this story has been floating around for a while, if there's another thread i couldn't find it sorry the quantity of oil is still up in the air but even the most conservative estimate of 3 billion barrels is big news. 233 billion could make us the second largest oil producing nation after saudi arabia. what has been everyone's experience of this story? mainstream media?
  23. watch this, here are notes to go along with it: no wet blue signature = no credibility bankers do acceptance's. blacks law dictionary defines HUMANS as bankers.? you can do anything a banker can do. banker, one who is engaged in the business of banking, banking, issuing notes for circulation, so if you put faith in a note then you are a banker?... Accept means you will pay the document. If you pay the document/ negotiable estimate, then obviously it belongs to you. anyone who sends you a bill and does not send you the check to pay it with, has created a liability witch they did not provide the remedy. "everything in commerce is in the mirror" - winston shrout uniform commercial code doctrine: in order to create liability you have have to make presentment (give it to them. hand them paper). That's why in court if you don't have your "ticket" they hand you a copy, if you take it you "consent", so best thing you can do is say "no i dont have it" and keep saying that???..... If they made presentment then they have to provide a remedy for it cause they just created liability in the public..... "we use to get presentments from the irs and they wouldn't send the check, so we use to write back and say thanks for what you sent but where's the check, and then after a period of time they then started to send the check" winston shrout. Acceptance: "Write all below on a bill its considered a MONEY ORDER it must be Diagonally (historical significance / how bankers use to do it)" _____________________________________________________ Accepted for value ( you give it faith as a banker, you are a banker) Exempt from levy (because you are a banker/stock trader) [SIGNATURE] [date] Exemption id # (for account identification): Deposit to The Department of the Treasury Charge the same to FIRST LAST (the account ID not the strawman?) ____________________________________________________ FIRST MIDDLE LAST (the strawman/private entity/company ?) FIRST LAST (the account ID at treasury, or do they use cooperate strawman entity?) When you accept this as a banker (and that you are) you turn this document into currency. every piece of paper that is backed by the faith and consciousness is something you can then use to exchange for energy with. Faith in credit, if there was no faith in Australian currency then it would be no good. all currency in the world is debit, there is no gold? http://www.treasury.gov.au http://en.wikipedia....%28Australia%29 The Commonwealth Treasury was established in Melbourne in January 1901 http://www.butt-onz.com.au/ Definition of BANKER A private person who keeps a bank; one who is engaged in the business of banking. People v. Doty, 80 N. Y. 228; Auten v. Bank, 174 U. S. 125, 19 Sup. Ct. 628, 43 L. Ed. 920; Richmond v. Blake, 132 U. S. 592, 10 Sup. Ct. 204, 33 L. Ed. 481; Meadowcroft v. People, 163 111. 56, 45 N. E 303, 35 L R. A. 176, 54 Am. St Rep. 447. Definition of BUSSINESS This word embraces everything about which a person can be employed. People v. Com’rs of Taxes, 23 N. Y. 242, 244. That which occupies the time, attention, and labor of men for the purpose of a livelihood or profit. The doing of a single act pertaining to a particular business will not be considered engaging in or carrying on the business; yet a series of such acts would be so considered. Goddard v. Chaffee, 2 Allen (Mass.) 305, 79 Am. Dec. 796; Sterne v. State, 20 Ala. 46. Labor, business, and work are not synonyms. Labor may be business, but it is not necessarily so; and business is not always labor. Making an agreement for the sale of a chattel is not within a prohibition of labor upon Sunday, though it is (if by a merchant in his calling) within a prohibition upon business. Bloom v. Richards, 2 Ohio St. 387. Definition of BANKING The business of receiving money on deposit, loaning money, discounting notes, issuing notes for circulation, collecting money on notes deposited, negotiating bills, etc. Bank v. Turner, 154 Ind. 456, 57 N. E. 110. See BANK; BANKER.
  24. Recreational use of naturally occurring dimethyltryptamine – contributing to psychosis? "The effect of substance abuse on mental health is a pressing issue in modern psychiatric practice, prompting legislation to limit the accessibility of naturally occurring psychoactive substances. In 2011 the Australian Attorney-General’s Department submitted the discussion paper ‘Implementation of model schedules for Commonwealth serious drug offences’ (Australian Government, 2011). The document proposed that all plant species containing the substance N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) be listed as controlled plants, provoking outcry from nurseries and gardening societies (Nankervis, 2011; Thompson, 2011). DMT is an endogenous hallucinogen present in many native Australian plant species. Interest in recreational DMT use is rising in the United States and Australia, particularly among users of other hallucinogens and cannabis (Cakic et al., 2010). Easily accessible Internet forums provide detailed information on the acquisition, extraction and use of DMT. This is a concerning trend considering the limited awareness of DMT use among psychiatrists" Anyone have access to the full text?
  25. Found "Wild Medicine in Australia" by A.B & J.W Cribb in a local second hand bookstore recently. First published '81, I have the '88 reprint. My apologies for any spelling errors or 'politically incorrect' names, this is hand typed from the book. Let me know if you would like me to expand on any of the text. Chapter list: 1. Plants in Medicine 2. The Aboriginal Pharmacopoeia 3. Bush Remedies of the Pioneers 4. The European Tradition - Herbal Cures & Nostrums 5. Contributions from Other Cultures 6. Purely for Pleasure - Narcotics and Aphrodisiacs 7. Australian Plants in Modern Medicine 8. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral - Medicines and Treatments from Natural Sources Here is a condensed list of native plants and usage/notes in the chapter titled "Purely for Pleasure - Narcotics and Aphrodisiacs" Adriana glabrata BITTER BUSH Leaves dried as tobacco by aboriginals. Stock poison? Regarded as useful forage plant by some? Qld, NSW, Vic, WA, NT Amorphophallus STINKING ARUM 19th century Daly River missionary recorded dried leaves were smoked giving an anaesthetic effect, similiar to ether or chloroform in effect. 'A short smoke makes one sleepy; if he smoke too long he will not awaken. While so sleeping he is, they say, unconscious of pain.' Unknown which species, A. galbra and A. variabilis occur in the NT. Qld, NT. Callicarpa longifolia CHUKIN Japanese along the Johnstone River in North Qld used the bark as a substitute for Piper betle leaf for chewing with areca. Plant contains toxic principle, reputed fish poison. Medicinal use in Malaysia, poultice for fevers, treating mouth and throat infections, gargle/mouthwash from leaves or bark. Qld Dodonaea WILD HOPS, HOP-BUSH Resembles true hops, not related. Used by early pioneer brewers to use as substitute, actually turned out pretty good... nice and bitter. D. angustissima, the slender hop-bush, gets a special mention. D. viscosa leaves chewed in Peru like coca leaves... hop bush leaves have been used to adulterate/cut coca. Leaves and bark contain an alkaloid. D. angustissima: All mainland states D. viscosa: Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas., SA, NT Duboisia hopwoodii PITURI The usual information. Of interest was possibly this paragraph: "Preparation of the material for use was by roasting, moistening perhaps by chewing, and rolling with ashes into a quid about 5 cm long, a little more than 1 cm thich. Sometimes fibrous material was mixed in, either kangaroo hairs or threads from Psoralea, a pea flowered shrub. The ash used for preference was that of Acacia salicina, a wattle with a high content of calcium sulphate; it is thought this allowed the slow release of the alkaloid. When not being chewed or sucked, the roll was carried behind the ear, in much the way children of Western civilizations 'park' their chewing gum.' and 'D. hopwoodii is a poisonous plant, and has a reputation of causing fatalities to stock. One of its common names in the inland is camel poison. It was widely used by the aborigines as an aid in catching emus. Twigs or leaves of the plant were put in small waterholes where the emus were known to drink. The birds became stupified and walked in circles, 'Him drunk, all same white fellow', and were easily caught. This practice was widespread where the plant grew, even in araes where it was not used as a narcotic; it was so common that a writer in 1874 advised that 'people travelling would be wise to avoid using water from these drinking places, or any small hole of surface water, as the blacks often put in some preparation to stupify the emu.' Qld, NSW, SA, WA, NT Eucalyptus GUM TREE A 'blend of dried leaves' were used to make 'a quite smokable cigarette tobacco with a soft, bush fragrance flavour'. The cigarettes were marketed with the advertising slogan 'Take a whiff of the gum forests into your home' and thought by some to give relief from bronchitis and asthma. No specific species. Eucalyptus gunnii CIDER GUM, RIBBONY GUM Tasmanian gum with high sugar content, can be tapped like a sugar maple. Holes were bored in the trunk and the treacle-tasting sweet liquor was collected in a hole at the base. The hole was kept covered with flat stones for protection from animals. Natural fermentation from wild yeasts occurred after a time and intoxicating liquor resulted. Popular among everyone. Evolvulus alsinoides var. sericeus SKY CONVOLVULUS Pituri substitute. Unknown alkaloid content. Early reputation as cure for dysentery, used as a tonic, febrifuge and vermifuge in India. Qld, NSW, SA, WA, NT Galbulimima belgraveana ARGARA New Guinea the bark as waken as a hallucinogen; warriors chewed it before tribal fights, and also rubbed it on their legs. It produces violent intoxication and hallucinations followed by extreme drowsiness. 28 different alkaloids isolated from the bark, including himandrine and himbacine. Qld Heteropogon contortus BUNCH SPEAR GRASS Masticatory narcotic 'chewed like tobacco' in Broome area. Dedoction as cough medicine. Indian medicine uses root as stimulant and diuretic, also for rheumatism. Qld, NSW, WA, NT Isotoma petraea ROCK BLUEBELL, EURO FINGERS Used as pituri chewed with ash or drunk for narcotic effect. Alkaloids similar to nicotine, and was regarded as 'strong chew', reportedly described by one group of aborigines as 'cheeky bugger'. Used as painkilled amongst tribes of the Kalgoorlie area; plant was dried over a fire, powdered and mixed with ash of mulga bark; a little of the mixture, when swallowed, was said to produce a 'burning and deadening sensation in the stomach'. In some other areas dry sticks of the plant were chewed. Intensely bitter milky sap, suspected stock poison. Lysiphyllum carronii BAUHINIA Tribes in an area to the NW of Birdsville in far WQld. '...flowers of bauhinia were pounded in a wooden dish, the liquid was drained into a another vessel and mixed with sugary contents of the honey ant, Melophorus. (Honey ants have the abdomen swollen to a centimetre or more and filled with stored sugary solution.) The mixture was allowed to ferment for eight to ten days, giving a liquor described as semi-fermented. Probably it would be no worse than many other home brews.' Nicotiana INGULBA, NATIVE TOBACCO 'Although the pituri, Duboisia hopwoodii, is certainly the best known chewing narcotic used by the Aborigines, it seems from studies by anthropologists and comments from explorers, missionaries and settlers, that is was not the plant used over in the greater part of central Australia. In some cases it was reported that the chewing wad of dried leaves was wrapped, somewhat in the fashion of a cigar, in the leaf of the same species; this would not be possible with D. hopwoodii which as very narrow, stiff leaves. It has been shown that the commonly used narcotic plants of Central Australia were two or more species of Nicotiana. This is the genus to which tobacco belongs, and it is interesting that the aborigines should have founf such closely related plants to use for a similar purpose to chewing tobacco. The method of use is similar to that described above for pituri: leaves could be chewed fresh but were often dried by heat, kneaded into small balls with the teeth, then dried in a thumb-sized lump to keep for later use. As with pituri ash was generally added before mastication; the ash was usually of an Acacia or Cassia or Ventilago; the wad was used by sucking or rolling in the mouth. In a friendly custom, the plug might be passed from one to another for a chew, and the owner would then replace it behind his ear, or perhaps in his armband, to save for later. Men only used the chewing plug, but women were permitted to chew fresh leaves. A report by J. M. Black, the eminent South Australian botanist, states: 'Natives value the plant much, and when the camels approached it they became very excited and pulled up the plants and placed them up on the rocks out of reach of the dreaded animals.' The principal species seemed to have been: N. excelsior SA, NT N. gossei Qld, SA, NT N. rosulata subsp. ingulba NSW, SA, WA, NT Papaver somniferum OPIUM POPPY The usual information; 'occurring as a weed of cultivation in scattered areas' Qld, NSW, Vic., Tas., SA Amanita muscaria FLY AGARIC Vic. Copelandia cyanescens BLUE MEANIES 'This fungus has been reported to contain psilocybin, and is one of the species producing hallucinations. Before such an effect became desirable in some circles, there were cases of inexperienced mushroom gatherers being accidentally poisoned by eating it.' Qld Psilocybe cubensis GOLD TOP, HYSTERIA TOADSTOOL The following would be talking about '61 or earlier. 'Twenty years or so ago we heard fairly regularly on the radio about cases or toadstool poisoning, where the victimes either suffered frightening visions or felt extraordinary hilarity; warnings were broadcast about this 'hysterical mushroom', describing its yellow peaked cap, long stalk, dark gills, and habit of growing on dung. When the source of the poisoning was identified as Psilocybe cubensis, it was realized that the active principal was similar to that used to produce hallucinations and religious experiences in Central and South America and Mexico. The cult which built up at about that time in the United States spread to this country, and deliberate use of the drug has spread, despite its illegality. There are in Australia two other species of Psilocybe, P. semilanceata and P. subaeruginosa, which have been found to contain the same sort of active principle. The drug is one of the psychomimetic, or mind-bending, toxins, and may have varying effects on different individuals, or even on the same individual at different times. Qld, NSW Native Aphrodisiacs Archidendron grandiflorum (Pithecellobium grandiflorum) FAIRY PAINTBRUSH, GIN'S LIPS Abarema grandiflora Denhamia obscura Psychotria fitzalani Balanophora fungosa DRUMSTICKS Lycopodium phlegmaria COMMON TASSEL FERN Phallus rubicundus A STINKHORN Pittosporum venulosum Viscum articulatum LEAFLESS MISTLETOE Contraceptive Plants (inc. emmenagogues) Calamus australis LAWYER CANE leaves, stem Capsella bursapastoris SHEPHERD'S PURSE leaves Cassytha filiformis BUSH DODDER stems Casuarina equisetifolia COASTAL SHEOAK leaves, bark, stem Chenopodium album FAT-HEN leaves Commersonia fraseri BLACKFELLOWS' HEMP leaves Cymbidium madidum ARROWROOT ORCHID fruit Dicranopteris linearis CORAL FERN leaves Dioscorea bulbifera AERIAL YAM roots Entada phaseoliodes MATCHBOX BEAN fruits Euodia alata leaves Flagellaria indica SUPPLEJACK leaves Heritiera littoralis LOOKING-GLASS TREE leaves Hibiscus tiliaceus COTTON TREE leaves Hernandia peltata LANTERN TREE leaves, bark, stem Ipomoea pes-caprae subsp. brasiliensis GOAT'S-FOOT CONVOLVULUS leaves, stem Lygodium microphyllum CLIMBING MAIDENHAIR FERN leaves Macaranga tanarius TUMKULLUM leaves Morinda citrifolia MORINDA fruits M. reticulara (Morinda?) leaves Murdannia graminea SLUG HERB leaves Polygonum hydropiper WATER PEPPER leaves Pongamia pinnata INDIAN BEECH roots Rubus moluccanus NATIVE RASPBERRY stems Terminalia catappa INDIAN ALMOND leaves Urena lobata PINK BURR leaves, bark