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  1. goodude

    Mulberry Cuttings

    where are u at? come hack at my tree if u want
  2. goodude

    Advice needed for family member QLD

    pretty certain legal aid wont help with criminal charges only civil matters. definately get a private lawyer. tell him to check into atods volintarily. maybe even a psychologist. by doing this the judge will see he wants to help himself. good on you for sticking by him. i hope he wasnt selling meth. im not sure what u mean by u cant contact him but surely if hes in custody by contacting the police maybe u could arrange a meeting with him. i hope its his first offence. once again, good on u for supporting him. he'll need it.
  3. goodude

    E.sinica and related legal species?

    def dont order any ephedra if ur in qld. surely (not certainly) any plant or plant matter than contains a controlled substance, will also be controlled in qld.
  4. goodude

    Aboriginals and Kava

    word on the street is that kava originating from tonga is superior
  5. goodude

    T. Peruvianus

    pach longispinus perhaps?
  6. goodude

    T. Peruvianus

    yep bridge x peru imo
  7. goodude

    Money saving idea's

    ive decided having a gf is expensive. thinking i might just survive on porn n masturabtion.
  8. goodude

    Aboriginals and Kava

    dont order it man its importing an illegal substance. at least i think its illegal. probly a federal offence too. my advice, just get the seeds (they may not be illegal) and figure it out from there.
  9. goodude

    Roadside Drug Swabs

    not sure on the citric acid. i can just imagine the suspicion aroused when the cop come to ur window n ur downing a baggie of white powder as quick as u can!
  10. goodude

    Aboriginals and Kava

    not sure mate. its probly still illegal and so becareful or smart.
  11. hey mate sounds cool :D im sending u a pm second thoughts ill wait for the list. night
  12. im curious, do any of this family occur naturally in oz?
  13. goodude

    Help with coffee needed.

    yea katuhi is arabican. to make ur tree fruit try stressing it by not watering for a month or so just before the wet season. it should push it into flower when stressed like this. your welcome
  14. goodude

    Aboriginals and Kava

    im starting to think this is not the plant the elder was referring too. his english was good and im pretty sure he poined out pituli on a differant occasion. and the word around here is that pituli is poisonous. i found this kinda interesting http://prehistoricdrugs.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/the-aboriginal-drug-pituri-2/
  15. goodude

    Bush survival skills 101 - sab style

    when a lead acid battery charges it releases hydrogen. KEEP IT AWAY FROM FIRE!!!