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  1. would be a pleasure to grow some of your seed!
  2. Occult

    WTB or Trade for a Williamsii Crest (Australia)

    oh yeah i forgot to mention, it needs to be located in Australia! I see your in the Netherlands!
  3. Title says it all, can anyone point me in the right direction or recommend a reputable source?
  4. Occult

    Fields Valida ( shed clone) pollen?

    Same, had 6 fruits that all fell off, and everything I pollinated with the shed clone all failed
  5. *whimper* *drool* Would be honoured to grow some!
  6. Occult

    The lords prayer!

    I havn't recovered since last time.....
  7. Occult

    The lords prayer!

    Our cactus who art in Peru, Pedro be thy name, Thy spring will finally come, Thy will be pupped, On the Corroboree as it is on Ebay Forgive us our spines as they brush up against us, Lead us not into grafting, and deliver us from scale, For mine is the Crested the Variegated and the Glaucous For ever and ever Peyote
  8. glochids... fuck glochids

  9. *raises hand* i'd be honoured to grow your plants sir! your plants are legendary pmd
  10. Occult

    Post a random picture thread

  11. Occult

    Introducing "Zebra"

    that's an absolutely beautiful plant Philo!
  12. Thanks all I really thought she was a gonna for sure!!! she must have been loving all this attention lately...
  13. Occult

    would you call this variegation?

    only time will tell, there are environmental causes of variegation, fingers crossed, could just be sunburn or cold exposure! it's still early days to know for certain