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Found 48 results

  1. Hey everyone, I have some seeds to trade that I will list under here. Numbers of seeds i have left vary wildly so inquire (generally not bulk) Cacti: T. bridgesii 'Wowie' x T. bridgesii 'SS02' T. bridgesii SS02 x T. bridgesii 'Wowie' T. bridgesii 'Bertha' x T. bridgesii 'Helen' T. bridgesii (SS02xSS01) x T. peruvianus 'Clyde' T. bridgesii (SS02xSS01) x T. pachanoi 'Yowie' T. bridgesii 'X' x T. macrogonus 'hyperspacepixie' T. peruvianus 'Clyde' x Juuls Giant T. bridgesii x T. bridgesii "Psycho0" T. peruvianus 'Clyde' x Super Pedro T. cordobensis x Super Pedro T. pachanoi 'Dan' x T. pachanoi T. scopulicola 'Hulk' x T. scopulicola T. scopulicola x VRG (Echinopsis 'variegated red grandiflorus') T. peruvianus monstrose x huarazensis (misplaced the seeds right now... T. peruvianus monstrose x T. bridgesii cv. not sure need to check VRG x T. scopulicola PHX-PC x T. huarazensis E. eyriesii x pachanoi 'papizinha' T. pachanoi 'papizinha' x E. eyriesii T. spachianus T. lampochlorus MN79 Mixed Hybrid Trich seeds Mixed Loph seeds (haha i did not mix these myself but they seemed to contain a whole bunch of Trich seeds too...) LW LW f. caespitosa LW var. texensis LW var. Hipolito LW var. Big Bend Lophophora alberto-vojtechii Turbinicarpus swobodae Turbinicarpus lophophoroides Epithelantha micromeris Delosperma bosseranum Astrophytum asterias Astrophytum myriostigma f. Quadro cv. Onzuka Hylocereus sp. (costaricensis, undulata, megalanthus, dragon fruit) Other Seeds: Kratom seeds (probably mine lost viability at this point but I can hook u up) Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue) Euphorbia leuconora (Madagascar Jewel) Ipomoea purpurea (Morning glory cv. Star of yelta / Milky Way; and a wild Spanish Ipomoea sp) Papaver somniferum (var. Tasmanian or lilacs) (Ultra) Hot peppers (madame jeanette, also a few other varieties in even smaller amounts: Scorpion, Golden Habanero) Silene capensis (African Dream Root) Acacia acuminata Anadenanthera peregrin (Yopo) Datura inoxia Datura stramonium (sic ; ID?) Datura wrightii Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru / Four o'clock flower) Tamarindus indica (Tamarind) Also FT: Plant growth regulators in pure form. My specialty is actually mushrooms. In another thread I will show what I have as a catalog, possibly put cultures and spores also for sale if that is allowed. What I am looking for: Well first of all, pollen of Trichocereus and Lophophora of all kinds! I am interested in seeds of cacti that I don't have yet, and various other seeds of succulents like caudiciform ones. Big fan of mutants and variegates. Also interested in things that can be used for brewing / fermenting. Or things that can be used for plant tissue culture (micropropagation). Including guidance for micropropagation by someone experienced! And in spores of local fungi like alien looking stinkhorns actually (sorry about that lol). Powder insecticide like Spinosad if it exists.. anything against gnats. Maybe also just items for friends in e.g. Tasmania if not for me. Note that I live in the Netherlands. I will not sit here and say 'Europe or non-Australia only' but considering the potential customs problems I'm sorry but I can't take responsibility if that occurs. Of course you can request how it is to be sent and/or request images of the pack to help avoid it, but generally I make quite good packs.
  2. irabionist

    Lophophora Cultivars

    Okay so I'm suddenly ridiculously interested in Lophophora cultivators... How are they grown?! In what conditions?! Where can I get seeds?! HOW DO I DO THIS?! A lot of these sexy cultivators seem to be from Japan but there are a few Thai ones as well. Anybody have information on these? I've tried contacting some nurseries but with no luck. LET ME KNOW YOUR SECRETS!!!! A lot of these sexy cultivators seem to be Diffusa with some being Fricii, seems rare to be able to mess around with williamsii genetics? Also some Loph CV porn ;) - these are from different sources, so I can't guarantee that they're correct in names. L. fricii cv. Ooibo ginkan L. diffusa cv. ? L.diffusa cv. Ooibo L. diffusa cv. Ootake L. diffusa (This is the controversial astro x loph, it's not, a Japanese friend said that the description for it was in bad Japanese but pretty much said "Its name is dumbo, its a seedling. Very strange and lovable. And wonder how many in the world exist?" It also said something about the distance between the ears.) L. diffusa Ooibo Siwa Ginkan L. cv. Kikko L. diffusa cv. Dekapai Suikan This is a great site, some person in Japan (I'm pretty sure) that visits nurseries or owns a nursery.... not too sure. But there are quite a few unique cv's in there. http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~hama-jj/index.html
  3. MeanGreen

    5 months from seed to flower

    From the album: MeanGreen's Ethnobotanical Garden

    Grafted this baby as a 2 weeks old seedling on the 27th of April. Seeds were from one of my own williamsii, full circle :)
  4. Hey, can anyone tell me what this one is doing? Seems like a cresting loph with another cresting pup?
  5. Hey folks, Just looking for the right someone that has too many loph seeds and not enough time to sew them! Pass them my way if you want them to go to a good home. Im looking at buying any loph seeds you have.
  6. Hello everyone, A friend of mine overseas sent me these pictures of degrafted and rooted lophophoras which he bought for an amazing price (around 25 bucks each?). I was rather suspicious since it sounds too good to be true so decided to ask if these are just some of the more common lookalikes out there. The three heads in the photo are approximately 6 cm each and the one with the roots is around 5 cm. The ribs are clearly defined but these do not look like any of the classic williamsii's I have seen on the web so far. Unfortunately I don't own any so I can't compare. Any of you guys know if this is a particular variation of williamsii or another species altogether? Thanks in advance!
  7. 2Deep2Handle

    5 year old pereskopsis Grafts

    Who says Pere is a temporary stock? These were grafted Oct 2012 as 8 day old seedlings. They look shiny, as i'd just washed off some tomato dust before photographing. The spinosad doesn't seem to have knocked the mealy around at all, and neither has the sulphur, but both chemicals seem to smash the spider mite. I think the pot size is 83mm but dont quote me. This Willamsii var Mazapil was purchased off Watertrade in late 2012 and is still on its original stock, however was cut down, rerooted on a rockwool cube, and then planted back out once roots emerged from the bottom of the rockwool, the stock is about 3 cm long these days. Anyone else out there got ancient pere grafts still cranking?
  8. ElectricDawn

    Wanted LW Lophophora seeds

    Hey all, I'm looking to get some LW seeds up and going. Please PM if you have any available. Happy to pay postage costs etc, I'm based within Australia.
  9. kgrens

    Hi everyone

    HI all, new member here just thought I would post some of my loph collection to start off ..
  10. Tayoooooo

    Ant damage

    Hey all, I've very recently moved one of my fresh loph seedlings outside to catch the last of the warmer weather. They have been sitting on a window sill for the past few months. The other day I checked on them and noticed a bunch of ants have been chewing holes in one of them. Has anyone had this problem? And how do you stop the little psychonauts from having a feast? I've moved them back to the window sill but am wondering if the damage done will prove fatal, should I try and salvage the plant by grafting?
  11. MrDuke

    wanted loph seeds

    hey fellow sabers looking for some loph seeds around 20 would suffice
  12. Hello fellow saber's! I was just thinking it would be a good idea to have a pinned thread about germination and care for cacti seedlings until they are Semi-mature/mature. At the moment i have a question also to start off. I planted heaps of cacti seeds into some takeaway containers and most of them all germinated there was all sorts of cacti. but i think i may have left them to long eaither in to dark conditions beause they were quiet elongated or because they got to dry... as they all died i had them in pure river sand. so how long should i keep them in the containers next time, how often should i water them and what lighting conditions do they need throughout their childhood (if you can call it that)?
  13. Stop your watering, protect your plants, have patience, They will grow again!
  14. link in my sig! welcome one and all share your tips, banter, pics, collections buy swop sell! we are a friendly bunch
  15. grafter

    Loph graft for sale

    Grafted Lophophora Button Cactus For Sale. Graft is approximately 65mm in diameter as you can see in the attached photos. There are 7 pups growing from the Button, some with their own small pups on them. There are also several others starting to emerge. There is a small blemish because a bird decided to try a little bit, it has completely healed and the Cactus is in excellent health. Plant Rootstock is a Trichocereus pachanoi. Graft is a Lophophora williamsi.var.caespitosa. The Catus has been organically grown outdoors so it is already hardened to outside conditions. Cactus will be sent bear rooted, using Registered Post, to the lucky recipient in a well padded tube to ensure it isn't damaged in transit. Price - $130 ono Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  16. Did this graft about 8 months ago during the winter .. what can I say I was new to grafting and was super keen! things went south fast.... but someone told me to cut the rot out like cutting the bad bit out of a potato? here is my story in pictures and the subsequent recovery! enjoy! learn from my mistakes! my first ever graft and my first post to this forum! I hear your a good bunch of lads. the rootstock was unrooted and the peyote/trich were in dormancy... I have since learned my lesson!
  17. Burleyman


    WANTED: Lophs- grafted/non grafted I am in NSW and i am real keen to expand my loph garden, i would prefer big mother clusters also!!! But i appreciate anything, really Let me know! Big love!
  18. WANTED: Lophs- grafted/non grafted I am in NSW and i am real keen to expand my loph garden, i would prefer big mother clusters also!!! But i appreciate anything, really Let me know! Big love!
  19. Haha yep, starting one of these here! My friend just sent me some ridiculous porn of some lophs that were over 50+ years of age from some very old collector here in Vic and I needed to share them here so why not start an appreciation thread and share the porn! Here is how big they are next to a basketball... And here is some photos of a nude models I took... I tried to "cop a feel" but that sadly resulted in a restraining order...
  20. looking for a small - medium loph cactus for a pretty reasonable price or we can discus a trade, anyways comment or pm if you have any of these you can spare
  21. Show off go on. Heres one i no longer have. He lives with a freind and is grafted on t. Scop. Im sure he is much bigger now How the fuck do i get my photo on here!!! Arr Kept trying. Gave up.
  22. The little cactus has flowered twice in the past 3.5 months. Any ideas people?
  23. I found these lophophora forgotten in a cardboard box for over a year. Most of them look really bad, and I am not certain the best way to save them. I hope the more experienced hands are willing to lend an opinion on the best way to save these. This was jourdania graft whose stock rotted out from under it. No rot on the scion, but it doesn't look good due to the medusa like etiolation: This is a willamsii: This is a L. willamsii too: This koehresii while ugly doesn't look too bad. Plant, let it plump up, and cut? How deep would you plant this? This fricii looks like it is in the best shape out of all of them. I think it's simply a matter of getting it back in soil Not sure what this is exactly. Either a koehresii or willamsii:
  24. hi everyone... just a curious question about my little cactus here... i bought it around 6 yrs ago off the old swapnsell forum the corroboree had along with another one which died on me [rot] last year. when i first bought them they did not appear columnar and resemembled small buttons like i expected. then after a couple years they started to grow up and i thought ah maybe they arent peyote afterall.. until this year when a good friend suggested to me that it could be a mutation? i didn't think much of it until this little button formed a few months ago and it has grown at a rapid rate... thoughts?