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Found 12 results

  1. Evil Genius

    Cactus Seedling Pics

    Hi guys, just sharing a few pics from my recent germination tests! Trichocereus tulhuayacensis Trichocereus pachanoi / peruvianus
  2. courage

    Acacia obtusifolia seeds

    Looking for acacia obtusifolia seeds. Can only offer cash right now.
  3. Hey All, I've had quite a bit on the go during winter, seedlings and grafts under CFL's inside, they have been alive ~4 months growing well. I want to start getting ready to move them outside for spring time. I am wondering how you guys go about it, I want to get them into my greenhouses, which are covered by greenhouse plastic and 30% shadecloth year round. I also want to try and do it with as little touching to the plants as possible as well, ie id only like to move them around once or twice is that possible? I was thinking once the days warm up a bit mroe here I'll move under 2 x 30% shadecloth and eventually start removing shadecloth one at a time. Anyway what do you guys do? would lvoe to hear. Cheers. bonus here is a pic of one of the grafts i'm talking about a variagated astro, that might be starting to crest out? we will have to wait and see!!!
  4. Hello fellow saber's! I was just thinking it would be a good idea to have a pinned thread about germination and care for cacti seedlings until they are Semi-mature/mature. At the moment i have a question also to start off. I planted heaps of cacti seeds into some takeaway containers and most of them all germinated there was all sorts of cacti. but i think i may have left them to long eaither in to dark conditions beause they were quiet elongated or because they got to dry... as they all died i had them in pure river sand. so how long should i keep them in the containers next time, how often should i water them and what lighting conditions do they need throughout their childhood (if you can call it that)?
  5. Hello, I'm wanting to trade for or buy the following - - Seedlings and tip cuts of trichocereus. got most of the common ones, looking for the more unusual crosses and clones. - Quantities of trich seedlings,1, 2 and 3 year olds........ Any types, common or not. - Astrophytum, Ariocarpus, Aztekium, seedlings, grafts and plants. Wishing I know - Pereskiopsis and hylocereus cuts. I've lotsa things to trade - Trich seedlings, some rare Button cactus grafts Mushroom prints Seeds Bromeliads Other things and also have juicy cash so please send me a pm and we can work it out.
  6. Nemisty

    Trichocereus purge [NZ]

    All done. Nothing to see. Goodbye
  7. EDIT: WILL ALSO TAKE SOME KHAT SEED AS A POSSIBLE TRADE...must be fresh or fridge stored. So, I have 6 seedlings for Trade or Sale...I would prefer trade. But, you're going to have to woo me... I have a pretty expansive collection these days...thx to my wifes patience & some very generous SABers. I'm on the lookout for Amazon species preferably, but may be tempted by the right cactus . Top of the list : Diplopterys cabrerana (goes without saying) Alicia macrodisca Virola sp. Cactus & of course anything that may be on the "Deadly Awesome" list, that I may not know about yet. Now, keep in mind this plant does not like the cold .. The plant in photo #1 is the tallest at 40cm (that's mine)...but the average height is 20-25cm. These are a very delicate looking plant & unless you're North of the border, I would really want to "Express Post" this one...please keep this in mind when offering trades. PS - & to the person who gave me this seed...I still owe you bro, just say when .
  8. slice

    mini greenhouse

    Hi, Just finished building a mini greenhouse for seedlings.After some of my smallest seedlings got badly damaged from uv rays I decided to build a shade for them to gain size before direct sun exposure.Used 3x3cm wood, some mosquito net for one side (ventilation) and some milky plastic sheet, similar to a bathroom curtain.Size is 140cmx90x40. 2 sides are open because they are in a corner.There is a 5cm opening in the bottom for air circulation.It protects against the rain also.I am building an other one for seed germination.Obs: the seedlings visible are not intended to go inside, they are pretty hardened all ready.
  9. Bert&Ernie

    Jwerta's seedling grafts

    I just did my first seedling grafts onto Pereskiopsis the seedlings were Trichocereus spachianus and i thought id share some pictures I shall update later if they take
  10. Hey guys and gals. Back in June I sowed a bunch of L. williamsii seeds with the ol' take away tek. They are now all about 2-5mm and looking ok. Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly getting them used to lower humidity by opening the take away box and leaving a little gap for circulation. I have been watering them a little too to keep them from shock (I gently pour water down along the edges of hte container so that it collects on the bottom and wicks up via the soil). The soil is mostly sharp sand, river sand/crushed gravel, and a very little bit of coir (ie; not very moisture retentive). Where to from here? When do I transplant these guys? What's the best way to do this? Should I try to put holes in the bottom of the container so that I can bottom water them? Cheers!
  11. Hello All, just testing to see how I can post pics on here ! I am new to this forum, and I am enjoying all the pics and the discussions. Bridgesii seedlings growing in a polystyrene coffee cup in proagating sand, approx 3 months old. Are they ready for sowing out yet ? Cheers, Swiper.