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  1. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Im down for any day any time!
  2. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Pewpewpewwwwww see youse theres
  3. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm free that weekend
  4. irabionist

    Share your art

    Not mine, but a friend did some psychoactive plant drawings instagram.com/keneskae/
  5. Okay so there were so many different kinds, but these ones fucked with me the most. 1. Exactly like subs but were more orange and fluro yellow on the top 2. These were growing only on wombat poop, slimey on the top and didnt bruise blue but just darkened 3. I'm pretty sure these are Turkey tail but I've never had someone ID them 4. These were just growing in a pot at home Any and all hlp is much appreciated <3
  6. Always happy for a new fruit tree
  7. Loved it all! Wish I wasn't as cooked to meet people XD
  8. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    i'm down for patty's
  9. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    yeah 9th of march or the weekend after could be good
  10. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Heh, I could do 9th but I feel it's a little too late now?
  11. I've been getting back into the Myc game and I was looking to grow a lot of my own gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. My idea is that I get fancy mushrooms from Woolworths or any kind of store and then cut out a bit of untouched mushroom and chuck it onto an agar plate and grow it out. However, I'm not too sure how to properly identify their specific mycelium's from possible contams. So, I was wondering if there were any good resources for such a thing, otherwise, I'll happily post pictures here (or if others want to post pictures) and we can have a database of different species growing on agar. I'm yet to see a good collection of edible's myc in one spot. Anyway, as of now I haven't started this yet, but very keen.
  12. irabionist

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Oooh la la, I won’t say no!
  13. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    the 9th?
  14. irabionist

    Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii

    If you take pictures from the same angle and same spot everyday I can help put together something like this https://imgur.com/VEw643d
  15. irabionist

    Meet up: Melbourne

    People still on for the weekend?