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  1. Hope you’re travelling well TI :) 

  2. Amazonian

    I'm back - again...

    It’s like a vortex, we all end up back here at some point. Lol. Good to see your name appear WoodDragon
  3. Amazonian

    covid 19 vaccination

    1. definition of a vaccine ? 2. NSW health were transparent with covid-19 hospitalisations and vaccination status unlike other states. I’m not great at reading graphs n shit, but looking at this particular basic information ( see pic and link) leads me to believe your point 2 not to be accurate?! Am I misreading the info from the nsw website? 3. It is known that side effects are hugely underreported and we may never know the true numbers of reactions to the ‘vaccine’. Admittedly some reactions are minor ( sore arm, headache etc) but many are major. Over time, I am sure we will see some new side effects rearing their head : ( I, like fyzygy , have suffered greatly for choosing not to take part in the vaccination roll out. Among other things, I was fired from my job and as a result, I’m broke/broken, and …. um … , it’s too personal to go into, and no one can fathom another persons misery anyway. At the end of the day, we all do what we believe is right for us , and no one should ever expect others to conform against their will and be coerced/ bullied to take part in anything, especially “the worlds largest clinical trial” as Greg Hunt put it. That’s all I have to say. page 4 https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/covid-19/Documents/weekly-covid-overview-20221231.pdf (more of the same can be found here… ) https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/covid-19/Pages/weekly-reports-archive.aspx
  4. Amazonian

    covid 19 vaccination

    Unfortunately there are many stories like yours. I hope you get some relief from the tinnitus with nice music, sounds of nature, or some form of distractions. All the best PH.
  5. Amazonian


    Second time lucky ( orientation) lol. As I was saying ….the flower spike is taller than my house.
  6. Just testing to see if the header gallery is working…
  7. Amazonian

    Looking for a variagated monstera cutting

    You have the indoor plant bug?! Lol. How’s how much the borgs go for hey. I got a Thai constellation and it’s proving to be finicky. I’d be too scared to invest a lot of money on a borg as they are even more finicky apparently?! There are some nice variegation in some of the marble queen devils ivy (poor mans borg, lol) . All the best with your hunt.
  8. Amazonian

    FREE gourd and bombilla for maté

    You don’t like Yerba matè ? I like it as an iced tea on a hot day, so untraditional. lol.
  9. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yeti and i are here , there’s a wedding at the rotunda , so we’re off to the left
  10. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I’m going to be aiming for noon @RonnySimulacrum damn work getting in the way of catching up with plant heads, lol. Are Sunday’s better for you? Perhaps the next one can be a Sunday ?!
  11. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    19th it is
  12. Amazonian

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Well that’s four of us^ , lol. I might catch the train in and make a day of it. Roll call ?! @Yeti101 @DiscoStu @RonnySimulacrum @PositiveHAL @IndianDreaming @ubza_1234 @le krakken @karode13 @simhanada @Raver Buddy @mu! @PositiveHAL @Francois le Danque @carlturney @HolographicYou @communacacian @George Simian in no particular order, no favourites. Lol.