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  1. SaBReT00tH

    Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) hunt

    Hi all, just wondering if the 'Sweet wormwood' which contains Artemisinin is different to the common one? Also, does the common one contain Artemisinin? Does anyone know if a daily tea of wormwood would contain similar Artemisinin and how many grams of dried material would be safe to drink to gain medicinal benefits?
  2. SaBReT00tH

    Pine needle tea

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any pine needle tea for swap or sale? I was also wondering if anyone knows the right identification techniques for finding the right and safe one (rather than the toxic ones) in the wild?
  3. SaBReT00tH

    Cacao dosage

    Hi guys. I have some cacao nibs and heard even though they're a stimulant they help improve your deep sleep patterns due to the theobromine later on. Just wondering if anyone know what a good dosage is per day of this to help?
  4. SaBReT00tH

    Cactus for trade for brug cuttings

    I'd also love some of these brug cuttings ans could trade some cactus also
  5. Hi all, Looking for a cutting/plant of the Brugmansia double flower species if anyone has any? I saw a page on the 'Signal' and 'Lipstick' varieties which looked very beautiful also, don't know if anyone has any of those either?
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has any chilli plants/seeds for trade/sale? I'm particularly looking for some around the Habanero level, and/or Thai chillis to go nicely in some cooking Thanks!
  7. SaBReT00tH

    Next Melbourne meet??

    hey guys whens the next meet? i find it hard to keep track with all the threads.
  8. SaBReT00tH

    Next Melbourne meet??

    anyone know when the next meet is now?
  9. Hi guys, I understand since approx 2007 Piracetam (Nootropil) is schedule IV meaning if importing (as it is not produced in Australia) one requires a doctors prescription. I've been to the doctor to try and get one before and she saw it was not available in Australia and did not know enough about it to prescribe it, and wanted to refer me to a Neurologist, so I would then have to pay a specialist fee and try and get them to prescribe it which is ridiculous!! I've even contacted one of the senior pharmacologists from the TGA experimental drugs section to ask how one can get prescription if they don't even understand the substance properly enough let alone endorse/prescribe it and they really had no answer and were unhelpful. Has anyone had any experiences in trying to get a piracetam prescription with any practitioner and/or know of any contacts or even ways/methods of obtaining one? I also recently read that a person on a forum in 2011 was informed Aniracetam was also Schedule IV in Australia and requires a prescription also but I have not seen any information on the internet about this, and information I've read on an Australian nootropics selling site says Aniracetam IS legal in Australia. Any thoughts on this one, in addition to the other questions above? Thanks.
  10. SaBReT00tH

    Shrivelled Lophs

    hey man is that fine sand you have for the mix? You should be using coarse sand for drainage? If seedlings were 1cm I'm not sure how they would go with the weather and temps during transit. Or possibilities of how they died could have been too much direct sunlight and/or heat inside the covered plastic container as a result?
  11. SaBReT00tH

    cacti for sale

    I have a Gnosis. I have no idea about which strains some of these Trichs really are as they all seem to crossover names but when I got it the seller said it was a T Peruvianus strain from the 'Gnosis' Gardens in Germany.
  12. SaBReT00tH

    Calea Zacatechichi

    I'd love a cutting too if anyone has any? I'd be happy for a trade/buy.
  13. SaBReT00tH

    N. tabacum giveaway

  14. SaBReT00tH

    Loph grafts for sale!

    Grafts #1 and #4 SOLD pending payment
  15. SaBReT00tH

    Loph grafts for sale!

    price added on no 1, sorry about that not showing!