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  1. could you hold two until next week please?
  2. yes i still have seed:) and highly doubtful you have my crosses as they come from my seedgrown icaros

  3. MrDuke

    Tricho seed swapsies

    Anyone up for trading some seed pm me lots of icaro crosses:)
  4. Much respect mate thank you
  5. as the title says looking for pere have plenty of fresh tricho seed for trade
  6. One of my most profound but also subtle experiences occurred during a month of experimenting with L.S.A. Of course it wasn't direct visual contact nothing like a million machine elves bouncing orbs to each other this was more subtle. I dosed nearly every day over the month period and around week two instead of my normal day to day internal dialogue I started to notice another voice which was not mine but feminine in nature. It felt like a line of communication had been opened and I was been informed of habits that need to be altered in regards to my health.This nurturing internal dialogue went on for another two weeks until I ceased using it but that month was a catalyst that permanently altered my perception for the better. One day many years later I could have swore I heard that same voice whispering through the trees when I had a day with sally. real or not imagined or otherwise it changed my life for the better it wasn't some grand visual extravaganza but it was the most deepest interaction with an energy that wasn't myself I have ever felt.
  7. MrDuke

    HB02 Cuts for sale.

    Top cut sold number three remaining:)
  8. MrDuke

    HB02 Cuts for sale.

    I have two cuts left from this lot still for sale The top one and the third one down $20 each plus postage.:)
  9. MrDuke

    Eileen cuts for sale Sold:)

    Sold Thnx Resonant
  10. MrDuke

    hello there would def be interested in some caapi.I was wondering if caapi would strike roots after been sent through the post as a cutting? as it would cut down the time and energy on your end?


  11. MrDuke

    Eileen cuts for sale Sold:)

    Thanks Mole and yes the proceeds go towrds my daughters fourth birthday:)
  12. Hey all I have three Eileen cuts for sale $25 each plus postage Aus only:)
  13. hey mate hope ur well just inquiring as to what acacias you have available?

    1. communacacian


      Hey hey Mr Duke,

      I am manily just offering Courtii in lots of 8 or more @12.50 per tree at the moment


      I have some Maidenii, Floribunda, some narrow Acuminata and obutisifolia which I could sell as singles for $7.50



    2. MrDuke


      Thanks man I just need to sell some cacti and I will most certainly be in touch take are dude

  14. Embrace the change brother,look's like you are settling in quite nicely