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  1. I was advised you may be the one to contact for A.courtii seeds. I did a plant swap with Xperiment and he has no seeds yet. Can you supply or suggest please. I am also after A.confusa/

  2. communacacian

    Courtii Seed

    Gimli, if I’ve misinterpreted things then I do apologise. While wild seeds are far from perfect, I believe they have played an important role in conservation. However, I do share your sentiment that there are enough seeds out there now and hopefully cultivated seed is all we see from here on in.
  3. communacacian

    Courtii Seed

    Gimli, 'Cultivated seed' is only just becoming a reality now and has been the result and goal of those who have put enormous effort into distributing a small amount of seed so that people like yourself who otherwise have absolutely no exposure to this plant have the opportunity to grow them and play a role in their conservation. Meanwhile, people are cutting down the trees where they stand and all you do is criticize the very source that has given you and many others the opportunity to grow them while knowingly buying as much of said "wild harvested seed" as you can and passing it off as your own. Hypocrisy at its worst
  4. Happy Wattle Day Everyone! Today is September 1st which is Australia's National Wattle Day, coincidentally with the beginning of spring it is also the best time to germinate seeds for most Acacia (wattle) species! To celebrate I have updated the Acacia propagation guide by expanding it, adding more of a visual element and made it easier to access by locating it here in PDF form to be downloaded and shared. I am very happy to see people relishing the opportunity to grow these plants! Happy Gardening! http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=81648136375704633728
  5. communacacian

    2018-2019 Acacia Sales

    Click on the images to see them properly, not sure why they are coming out blurry. Any ideas?
  6. communacacian

    2018-2019 Acacia Sales

    Hi all, A few Acacia trees available as we round off the end of the year! Acacia phlebophylla $45 Acacia courtii $20 Acacia acuminata (Narrow) $10 Acacia obtusifolia $10 (5 plants left) Express postage is $15 for 1-4 plants Sorry no post to Overseas, WA, TAS or NT PM for enquiry All the best! Acacia phlebophylla Acacia courtii Acacia obtusifolia Acacia Acuminata (narrow)
  7. communacacian

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Hey everyone seeds will be in the post tomorrow! apologies for the delay
  8. communacacian

    Happy Wattle Day!

    what an excellent idea!! you legend. Its very obvious that parks NSW has been recently monitoring the area and I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't already done this, but I think additional cameras is a brilliant idea! Im very keen to make that happen
  9. communacacian

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Earlier this year when I visited I was devastated to see this destruction and documented it thoroughly, trying to work out what the next step is!
  10. communacacian

    Happy Wattle Day!

    3-4 months
  11. communacacian

    Happy Wattle Day!

  12. communacacian

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Happy Wattle Day everyone, Today is September 1st which is Australia's National Wattle Day, coincidentally with the beginning of spring it is also the best time to germinate seeds for most Acacia (wattle) species! To celebrate I would like to give away 50 Acacia courtii seeds. The first 10 members to reply to this post will receive 5 seeds of this very special species. Simply reply below and I will send you a message asking for your postal details. (sorry to the international folks here, this is within Australia only) *Condition Due to the threatened status, rarity of this plant and the scarcity of the seeds, I ask that those who do receive these seeds and successfully raise multiple plants gift one to another member here on SAB. Here are some propagation short notes which can be applied to most species. Acacia courtii Germination tek (short notes) By communacacian Germination medium Simple/Beginners medium: store bought seed raising mix Advanced Medium: coco coir peat 50%, perlite 30%, granatic sand 10%, 3mm river stone 10% Potting mix Beginners: Store bought native potting mix Advanced: Native potting mix 70%, Granatic Sand 10%, 3mm River stone 10%, Perlite 10% and additional native slow release fertiliser. You can mix in a small amount of inoculant soil too. 1. Put seeds in mug and put a kettle on 2. Once water is boiling pour over seeds in mug (fill up a few centimetres above seeds) 3. Once water has cooled add a teaspoon of rhizobial inoculant soil to the water and gently mix. (Most Acacia species do not require inoculation to aid germination but it helps with overall health and vigor once germinated. Inoculant soil can be collected from your local Acacia tree, just take a small handful of soil from the base of the tree, very little is required so no need to disturb the roots of the tree.) 4. Allow to sit for a further 24-48 hours then strain the seeds. 5. Fill up seedling tray with germination medium leaving a 1cm gap from the top. A small tray can do 10 – 20 seeds, a larger one can do up to 100. 6. Place seeds on top of your mix leaving 1cm gap between seeds. 7. Cover with another layer of germination medium filling up to the top of the tray and top with a thin layer of 3mm river stone. 8. Sprinkle inoculation soil over the tray and water in. 9. Set on heat mat with a thermostat or propagation table with temperature set to 23c. Alternatively set in warm place with good light. Water daily. 10. After two to four weeks seeds will begin to germinate. Once they are about 1-2cm tall. Gently pluck them out by using a dip stick (a thin pencil like object) and your hand to gently jiggle them out of the mix without breaking any roots. 11. Transfer into pots or tubes with your chosen potting mix. Best way to do this is put some soil in the bottom of the tube, hold the seedling with roots straight down with one hand and fill in soil around it with the other. You aim to get the soil to come to just where the roots meet the trunk and that level should be half a centimetre from the top of the tube 12. Water in with Seasol and keep in a place protected from harsh sun (such as a greenhouse with good airflow or a light shade cloth). Water daily and top dress with native slow release fertiliser every three months or as required. Happy Gardening
  13. hey mate hope ur well just inquiring as to what acacias you have available?

    1. communacacian


      Hey hey Mr Duke,

      I am manily just offering Courtii in lots of 8 or more @12.50 per tree at the moment


      I have some Maidenii, Floribunda, some narrow Acuminata and obutisifolia which I could sell as singles for $7.50



    2. MrDuke


      Thanks man I just need to sell some cacti and I will most certainly be in touch take are dude

  14. communacacian

    2018 - The Year of Acacia courtii (Finito)

    @Dicko Tubes my friend, PM for inquiry