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  1. False Peyote

    Where do people sell second hand vape gear in Australia?

    Hell yeah mighty over volcano, who wants to walk around sucking on a plastic bag
  2. False Peyote

    Cereus Forbesii Spiralis

    Any more on this? How can we make a spiralling trich?!
  3. False Peyote

    Origins of changa/inhaled xhuasca

    Many of you have likely read Graham St John's stuff on this and/or heard JP's humble self spruiking, but there seems to be a lot of people who say they smoked changa before Julian claims to have discovered it. If you've got an alternative account of how changa was discovered or if you tried the stuff before 2003 please let us know in this thread.
  4. False Peyote

    Looking for acacias

    If they're in your garden no one can call you out for killing plants, but you're still killing plants. Not all source material risks plant health like root bark. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but if everyone wild harvested then there would be environmental impacts. Don't be lazy, grow your own - something with strong phyllodes perhaps. www.conseracacian.com
  5. False Peyote

    Peyote Porn in Melbourne (or greater vic)

    Pretty sure it says don't grow for mescaline that would be illegal
  6. False Peyote

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    There is some harsh buzzkill going on in Australia’s fledgling psychedelic therapeutic industry where, despite apparently liberal use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, there has evidently been little associated ego death. Strangely enough, the latest narc to crush the vibes is investment banker Peter Hunt, who founded Caliburn Partnership (later acquired by US firm Greenhill & Co) following stints at Macquarie, Bankers Trust and ABN Amro. Tania de Jong and Peter Hunt, researchers and advocates in the field of psychedelic drugs in the treatment of mental illness. More recently, Hunt has swung his attention to Mind Medicine Australia, which runs a training institute and lobbies for legalised psychedelics for clinical use. No doubt an admirable cause. But late last week, Mind Medicine Australia, along with chairman Hunt and his wife Tania de Jong, an MMA executive director and opera singer, applied to the Federal Court for the noble deed of, er, unmasking anonymous Twitter accounts. We hear it’s all the rage, given the recent outing of Australia’s dumbest Twitter profile, the Daniel Andrews flunky @PRGuy17, who revealed himself to be just a “regular Aussie guy” following a court application by the equally daft far-right polemicist Avi Yemini. Though if there was anything regular about user Jeremy Maluta, it was not to be found on his obsequious Twitter account. MMA’s application to expose Twitter handles with an infinitesimally smaller following, @CaapiTime and @CaapiVerdad, comes after the psychedelic charity’s recent appearance on ABC’s Four Corners, which in July accused the organisation of bullying and intimidating employees and operating a questionable for-profit training institute linked to its charitable functions. MMA’s board includes investment banker Nicholas Smedley, son of Peter “Pacman” Smedley, head of the Ethics Centre Simon Longstaff and former trade minister Andrew Robb. While Hunt fessed up that MMA was “imperfect and have made mistakes”, as any organisation would, he also noted the “factually inaccurate” claims made by the ABC he said were “designed to harm our charitable mission to support the millions who are suffering”. Yet, Hunt’s action in the Federal Court is not concerned with the 90-year-old Aunty, but with a Twitter user with the avatar of a green hummingbird-bearing woman drawn as a tribute to ayahuasca (an Amazonian hallucinate) psychonauts. Everyone’s got their priorities, we guess. The Caapi Twitter accounts (named after one half of the ayahuasca decoction) appear to have given MMA significant grief in recent months, prompting Hunt to call on the services of the defamation boiler room led by Mark O’Brien. Along with mundane tweets criticising Joe Rogan and supporting Mary-Louise McLaws, Caapi has been notably preoccupied with alleging MMA’s “harmful” and “toxic” working environment. But it was a barb thrown at Hunt’s wife that led to the MMA’s own Twitter account accusing Caapi of “harassing and defaming one of our employees”. “We have reported this matter to Federal Police. It is now a criminal matter. The Police have coercive powers to identify you and you risk criminal prosecution,” MMA wrote in January. A few days after this social media missive, Hunt published an open letter to the MMA website: “Social Media Attacks and Ethical Issues in the Psychedelic Sector – Why can’t we all get on together for the greater good?” Here, Hunt decried the “small group of people from the psychedelic community that feel threatened by our drive for change ... making nasty social media attacks on our organisation and highly personal and defamatory attacks on Tania and myself”. “They justify hiding their identity with the assertion that we would legally attack them if they publicly identified themselves, but ignore the fact that we would have no basis for a legal challenge if their public statements weren’t defamatory and they weren’t engaged in harassment, victimisation and bullying.” Sounds like everyone needs to up their dose!
  7. False Peyote

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

  8. False Peyote

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    The warning is about litigation... note the disappearance of everyone's favourite thread. Shouldn't take much asking around to get that context unless you're stuck in the pro-JP echo chamber (WTGH - WTAF?!)
  9. False Peyote

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    JP is loudly and publicly doing something illegal. Despite having many fans, he also has many critics, and there have been numerous concerning community reports about his behaviour. Of course this was going to come out in 4c - what else could have been expected? Bad drug reporting is nothing new and IMO 4c was better than most mainstream drug media. 4c was important because it sent a public warning about MMA. I rekon the warning about JP was valid too.
  10. False Peyote

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    Sure it was a bit dramatised but this seemed more like an attempt to discredit dodgy players rather than psychedelics in general - Steve B, Paul L and the Australian trials got a decent wrap. Shit, even Dave N came out of this looking wholesome. The critiques of MMA, JP and MAPS were there way before the journalists were - 4C just made it shiny and brought it to a broader audience. For me, the main issue with the 4C episode was the lack of prohibition critique and overemphasis of medicalisation - but this is a limitation of most public discourse on psychedelics, cannabis and drugs in general. FYI I know of many people who were interviewed on and off the record - this might have been a hit piece but it did seem to be quite thoroughly researched. MMA's online meeting about the 4C episode last night was hilarious, and EGA is having Steve B and others on their webcast tonight (https://youtu.be/1JL_8Dd9a38) from 8pm to discuss the episode. Pure gold. This is like living an episode of the psychedelic Kardashians and while I admit I may be a trashbag I AM LOVING IT!
  11. False Peyote

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    The thread seems to have been deleted. I heard numerous people including Torsten received related legal threats from Tania/MMA. Wile E. was scared off the forum. RIP.
  12. False Peyote

    Cannabis Propaganda - A Friends Experience

    Try Cannatrek or Cannabis Doctors Australia, my friends and I have had good experiences with both. All over the phone, product delivered too your door. Initial consult is $150ish. Flower roughly $150 for 10g. $1500 consult is outrageous. Subverting stigma is a tough gig - sounds like it would be easier to avoid telling the family. Edible products are probably gonna be less challenging to the family stigma too, I would wager.
  13. False Peyote

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Opuntia stricta, the gimp of Australian cacti. If I let it live it's only so I can use it as graft stock, which I still resent doing. I take perverse pleasure in slicing anchor points for rubber bands in prickly pear pads. Down with glochids. All hail Cactoblastis. Also +1 for Cereus sp., especially Cereus peruvianus. I wonder how many clones are common in Australian gardens, I suspect not many. The classic false San Pedro!
  14. Yes, I have used this same technique for micrografting trichs, lophs, arios, astros and various other seed. Success across the board for me. I find stabbing often doesn't give enough pressure and it creates a risk of infection.
  15. False Peyote

    Kratom Withdrawals

    Thanks for your replies! Its a better pain killer than cannabis but not as effective as morphine IMO. I agree tolerance breaks are always smart with any opioid receptor agonist, but I'm still curious about how withdrawals play out. I heard on one of Hamilton's podcasts that in some research the alkaloid profile of dried and imported kratom was quite different from fresh material. If I recall correctly there was much more 7-hydroxymitragynine in the dried samples. I do wonder how this influences subjective effects and if it plays into withdrawl and/or the stimulation/sedation low/high dose issue.