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  1. OPP

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Damn. Missed another one.
  2. OPP

    Cactus flowering photo heavy 2015

    My Scop has just opened its first ever flower for me. Will try to find my camera to get a pic. Is anyone in Sydney lower north shore area interested in pollen? Is that something people do?
  3. OPP

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Ablekay- That cactus looks like some kind of Mamilaria to me. I have a similar looking one but I'm no expert....... How about a Xmas time meet up? Would be great to get out and about again.
  4. OPP

    Post your track of the day

    Amazing music and fantastic mcing. Goosebumps all over
  5. OPP

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Damn, that wasn't too far from me. I've been away from here for a long time. Better keep an eye on this thread in the future.
  6. Been enjoying reading your posts/blog. Hope you have more luck with your pineapples than I did. They were in the ground for about 3 years, got quite big but never fruited. So I ripped them out to make way for tomatoes. To give pineapples a head start you can put skewers in the side of them and hang over a glass of water and roots will form quicker than in soil.
  7. OPP

    Proof that Bunnings sells San Pedro

    I have bought a couple from Bunnings over the years. Interestingly on he back of the label it says "Not to be eaten" or something similar. Strange.
  8. OPP

    garden landscaping on the DIY

    You would be pretty lucky to find hardwood pallets. Pallets are usually pine and will rot pretty quickly in contact with the ground/dirt/water. If you have a ute or a mate with a ute, good soil is around $80 a tonne from any nursery instead of $10 for 20kg at Bunnings. Have you had a look on Gumtree for hardwood sleepers? I have never done a drywall out of rock before but don't think it is too hard. Just make sure everything fits snugly and it is angled backwards.
  9. Pretty sure I read in Trouts notes that etiolation occurs from lack of sunlight/not enough sunlight. Another source says "The CactiGuide.com glossary of terms defines etiolation as "Pale, sickly, excessive growth caused by insufficient light, incorrect feeding, or overcrowding.""
  10. Just missed the first six but if you have any more seeds i would be grateful.
  11. Don't have room for eight but happily would take take one or two......
  12. OPP

    Animals taking psychoactive plants

    Dolphins using pufferfish to get high.
  13. OPP

    Roadside Drug Swabs

    Not a drug swag story but I have heard of a friend of a friend trying to beat the RBT by chewing whole cigarettes. The policeman was puzzled to say the least ,when he couldn't talk, because his mouth was full of tobacco!
  14. OPP

    900th post birthday giveaway

    Happy birthday and almost 900th post!!