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  1. Sorry guys, plants are not available any more.
  2. 8 B. Caapi plants (gold) for sale, $100 including pots. Slightly singed from being in the sun. Some small, some medium, one maniac who is trying to take over the world. Pickup only, Eastern suburbs Sydney.
  3. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    I just had a letter from Anthony Roberts, minister for fair trading, in response to an email I sent when this all kicked off. The text in bold interests me, because it implies that the ownership of the relevant plants is arguably legal, as long as you don't process them. _______ NSW The Hon Anthony Roberts MP Minister for Fair Trading GOVERNMENT Dear [3lliot] Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the Drugs and Poisons Legislation Amendment (New Psychoactive and Other Substances) Act 2013. The new law bans the manufacture, advertising and supply of psychoactive substances in NSW, with appropriate exemptions. The focus of these new laws is on the kinds of unregulated chemical substances that have been of significant concern to the community. This is reflected in the definition of 'psychoactive effect', which requires a significant change to a person's perception, mood, and thoughts or for the substance to be addictive. This means the law only captures products that have a significant effect on your central nervous system but not those products that may only make you feel good when you eat them. The law also clearly exempts certain products to ensure that legitimate products that may contain some mild psychoactive substances are not inadvertently prohibited, including: • food within the meaning of the Food Act 2003; • any plant or fungus, or extract of a plant or fungus, that is not or does not contain a substance already prohibited by schedule 1 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (prohibited drugs), noting that schedule 1 substances are also excluded; and • goods that are registered or exempt from registration under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth). This will exempt the vast majority of herbal products. A market has existed for some years for 100% natural herbal products, which are not prohibited under any existing legislation, and might be marketed as relaxing teas or sleeping aids. Of course, herbal products that contain prohibited drugs to any extent will remain illegal. This has not changed. Similarly, a herbal product to which a psychoactive substance has been added will be illegal, for example a tea laced with synthetic drugs. This is entirely consistent with community concerns, and the NSW Government's intention. In relation to concerns about selling and buying certain plants and cacti, the law only prohibits the manufacture and sale of substances for human consumption. Generally, nurseries do not sell cacti or wattles for human consumption. However if a person was to process the cactus or plant to extract a psychoactive substance, they may be committing an offence of manufacturing a psychoactive or prohibited substance. Thank you for your interest in this important community safety issue. Yours sincerely Anthony Roberts MP Minister for Fair Trading 6 December 2013 GPO Box 5341, SYDNEY NSW 2001 Phone: (02) 9228 5276 Fax: (02) 9228 4236 Email: [email protected] .au
  4. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    At least it's in more people's faces now: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/07/synthetic-drugs-banned-legislation-wattle
  5. 3lliot

    Help With Psychotria Viridis leaf cuttings?

    I used the same method & got little roots within 2 weeks. I left them in the bag for another week, carefully washed the paper off the, potted them in a humidity dome (a seedling propagator), and got new stalks emerging from the soil about 2 weeks after that. however I guess it probably varies with temp / humidity etc. I had the bag in a grow box under CFL lights, about 35' C.
  6. 3lliot

    Growing B. caapi in pots

    would that be evaporation mainly from the soil, or the plant? if it's the mainly soil - which I suspect it might be - I could cover it with those white rocks to keep the sun off it, or just keep the pots in shade somehow. I'm also thinking about an automatic drip-feed watering system, so I don't have to water them all the time. I go away on long weekends quite a lot & there often isn't someone else there to water stuff.
  7. 3lliot

    Growing B. caapi in pots

    I have some B. caapi which I've grown to about 2 feet tall in an indoor growbox. I've decided (what with the new legislation) that I'd like to move them outdoors onto the balcony (Sydney Eastern suburbs), just to attract less curiosity from visitors like estate agents, cleaners etc. What I plan to do is pot them in some decent-sized pots, and give each one some vertical trellis to climb up. I have a big (6 x 6 foot) trellis which I'll chop up vertically into 5 or 6 strips, and fix each strip to a pot, which will make the plants more portable if I decide to move (rather than having them all grow up one big trellis). My question is though, what's the best way to keep them nice & compact? I don't want them growing long & stringy up the trellis, because they'll run out of climbing space pretty quick. Should I just prune the top buds off? or would it be better to train them to grow around the trellis in a spiral? Also, the balcony is right on the ocean & gets very salty at times. will this be an issue? I have some tropical chillis (trindad scorpions) on the balcony already, they're fine. They did go fully dormant & lost all their leaves over winter, but they're growing back nicely now. Also also, I'm thinking about moving my P. viridis out onto the balcony - I assume they'll be ok as long as it doesn't freeze, but should I make sure they don't get full sun? has anyone grown viridis in full sun outdoors? cheers -E
  8. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    I would agree that the government, as an entity, is a soulless, greedy, power-obsessed, materialist abomination. But I don't think that really reflects the majority of the population. Most people I meet are fairly switched on, and whilst there is a huge lumpen mass happily swilling down reality tv & microwave dinners every day, there's also a lot of very clever & astute people around. it's just a shame there isn't critical mass enough to swing legislation. also you have to bear in mind that the tripe that the lumpen masses are swilling down is strategically put in front of them by a lot of clever people who are manipulating them in order to maximise profits, & minimise awareness, thinking, and action. I would wager that the lumpen masses would be a lot less lumpen & massive if it wasn't for the deluge of high fructose media that they are constantly fed. when people are comfortable & sugar-addicted, it's hard to motivate them into thinking or doing about anything even slightly difficult. if the media was more stimulating, I'm sure the populace would be much more perky as well. what's good these days is the decentralisation of media - the internet now provides a lot of independent sources, & I'm sure that trend will continue and eventually lead to the dissolution of things like Murdochesqe monopolies. of course there's always gonna be a percentage that love shit like that - sensationalism, angry mobs, celebs, etc. - but perhaps we're starting to see a more self-determining, autonomous society.
  9. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    'A distorted reflection of the largest vaguely coherent contingent of the populace' might be more accurate.
  10. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    Here's an update from the EGA: UPDATE! Attack on plants by NSW government. We need help today.The Bill is rushing through NSW Parliament as I write. We urgently need to CALL and EMAIL our local members, Ministers, Shadow Ministers and other politicians, asking: - that they send the Bill to Committee for careful review, and - for a process of community consultation. We have attached a PDF document with instructions, links to contact details, and speaking notes. http://www.entheo.net/files/webfiles/raise_your_voice_against_the_drugs_and_poisons_bill.pdf
  11. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    if the person publishes or displays | in any manner, way, medium or form | apparently promotes | the consumption | of a substance for its psychoactive effects So anyone that ever writes anything like 'yay mushrooms are cool' in a forum, on facebook, in an email, anywhere, or even SAYS that verbally, is guilty & can be sent away for 2 years...??
  12. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    That's effectively saying you can't grow it though. Sure you could get away with one or two, and just claim that you like the plants, but any more than that & it'll be obvious to the cops & the court that you were growing it for consumption. Of course they would have to prove that, somehow. but the risk of legal action will be enough to stop people cultivating.
  13. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    Possibly pressure from big pharma, to limit the amount of DIY psychotherapy and/or the amount of natural remedies available... with the added benefit of limiting access to agents that encourage independent thought.
  14. 3lliot

    Law changes in NSW

    I would suggest that (in the event of the bill being passed), this forum removes email validation for subscriptions, so we can all resubscribe using anonymous accounts, & delete anything incriminating from our old accounts.