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  1. jhonote

    S. divinorum

    looking as well pls msg
  2. jhonote

    Free Cacti

  3. jhonote

    Looking for acacias

    What if for every acacia you cut, you plant 3 more. If you have an acacia farm that keeps increasing the acacia population is actually doing good for the tree.
  4. jhonote

    Looking for acacias

    Looking for sustainable harvest of acacias, I am located in VIC. Dry bark, root bark, phyllodes, leaves. PM me please.
  5. jhonote

    Will this get through?

    http://ayahuasca.com.pe/index.php/cart It's an ayahuasca drink, they say it's licensed to any country in the world, it must be bullshit right?