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  1. Burleyman

    Oberon sub zero camp

    this is my 5th seaspnal fungal walkah bout... the wind has dried them all but dont be afraid the spores will prevAAAAAIlLLLL new moon policy let us meet new moonn treat us with some earthy delights. messGE ME IF HAND NEEDED.... NEED IN HAND `( HELPA HUNTIN) BIG LOV3
  2. Burleyman

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Haha classic cubey thread!! Love it mob- What is everyone's thoughts on the wicked rain fall we have had in the last few days?!? I feel there is something amazing forming under our feet! It has been quite cold in some of the lower valley parts of the Northern rivers like mullum and surrounding vicinity.. How is all up in the SEQLD lands? Have been keeping a close eye on some particular spots also.. Some of which look like there could in fact be some water damage to the myc- always fascinated me how that happens. Just as we can make the right environment in a jar for mycelium to flourish but it almost seems like there is a missing piece to a puzzle regarding mycelium and TOO much water when in its in its natural environment... Thought by now and over time there would have been some attributing factors to adaption and almost evolutionary proceeding for mycelium not to be damaged by water and harness it and use it to its advantage--- hmmmmmmm Big love
  3. Yep so i have Been out of communication for quite a while now. There arre a few people i have to make it up to regarding trades, sales etc... There are a few reasons this has happened but it has involved the law.. I came out of hospital last night... If i have let any of you down.. Can you please let me know Via PM and i will happily sort you out, plus more for the lack of communication and leaving you all in the dark.. My apologies to you mob.. Big love, Keep safe and HAPPY

  4. Burleyman


    I managed to get a good LC method going which is great I thought perhaps using a little bleach solution with my grains as I have heard minute amounts of bleach does not harm myc and lessens the chances of contams.. What are your thoughts?
  5. Burleyman

    Yopo plants for sale

    Eye eye
  6. Burleyman


    Hey mob, Has anyone got experience with using RTV silicone as an injection port in the jar lids for LC? I have been playing around with different methods and like the idea of the whole 'self healing' part of RTV.. Any information on experience would be greatly appreciated Big love
  7. Burleyman

    pereskiopsis spathulata cuts

    I have quite a few cuttings...
  8. Burleyman

    looking for phalaris seeds

    I have phalaris are you from aus?
  9. Burleyman


    I also have quite a few acacia simplex seeds and many trich peru, trich pach, trich macro, trich bridgesii seeds
  10. Burleyman

    starting over...

    you in USA?...
  11. Burleyman

    Yopo plants for sale

    I have 4 yopo's for sale about 15 cm in height Contact me if interested Big love
  12. Burleyman

    My Garden

    Yeah they have done the same with all my brassicas! Hajj I like diapel but I done like that it kills everything else...
  13. Burleyman


    Thanks folks! The main reason I was asking was basically I did not want to get new ones as I thought people who have no use for them anymore would like to trade/sell them to me and I will put them to good use If no-one has any I may just resort to getting new ones I normally see they Aussie trader- good fella he is Big love