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  1. ferret

    The best of Chemical shaman...

    Bumpity bump
  2. ferret

    Massive cactus sale, pickup only Melb

    Sorry dudes I just don't have time to photograph everything and package things for post at the moment.. hopefully that will change over the next few weeks , will post pics of what's left when I have more time up my sleeve!
  3. Seedgrown Trichocereus columns $1/cmCrests and monstrose $30-$80 Hundreds of plants for sale, pickup only from Reservoir 3073PM to arrange a visit
  4. ferret

    Trichocereus cuts and crests for sale

    Juul's Giant x pachanoi monstrose small cutting $40 + post (juuls 10, 14, 15 sold) pachanoi monstrose x SS02 small cutting $30 + post
  5. ferret

    HB02 confusion

    got this reply from herbalistics, seems my confusion was warranted and I would consider it a misnomer with regards to both parents naming HB02&05 as "Super Pedro x psycho0" Herbalistics I did check some old labels and the HB02 is a spiny scop X bridgesii, as is HB05. HB03 would be one of PDs crosses and HB07 is too, though I will double check that one later. Have you got any pics of 'spiny scop' at all? I'd assume that got lumped under super Pedro at some stage. Also ferret sent me psycho0 pollen to cross with a scop flower I had hence assumed bridgesii was that
  6. ferret

    HB02 confusion

    Bit confused about the HB02, my 2012 records indicate it is "spiny scop" x bridgesii, which I had always assumed was from seeds from my cross done at end of 2005, since that is the name I distributed seeds as. Swapped a few hundred with darcy. Not "Super Pedro x psycho0", because the spiny scop (ex-GardenWorld) is certainly distinct from my Super Pedro in it's epidermis and spination. bridgesii pollen donor was absolutely NOT psycho0. darcy did a "scopulicola x bridgesii" using the same bridgesii pollen that I sent him. From memory his mum was a "spineless scop", but he has deleted his photo. At the time we made these crosses, we were not aware of anybody intentionally making any scop x bridge crosses. TrichoSeriousEthnobotany also has it as "spiny scop" x bridgesii. This clone is a Herbalistics.com.au selection from a batch of hybrid seed from Trichocereus bridgesii and a spiny T. scopulicola (Super Pedro), very attractive with a glacous/blue skin in most situations. T. bridgesii is the staminate parent. Fast growing and hardy." ~ Taken from Herbalistics.com.au https://theoldtrichoseriousethnobotany.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/trichocereus-hb02.html Now Herbalistics has it described as Super Pedro x psycho0, as well as HB03, HB05, HB07. (It is important to note that in some descriptions it says Super Pedro x psycho0, others it says psycho0 x Super Pedro but then indicates that bridgesii is the staminate parent, i.e. pollen donor.) The clone HB02 is a Herbalistics selection from a batch of Trichocereus ‘Super Pedro’ x ‘Psycho0’ seedlings. http://herbalistics.com.au/product/trichocereus-hb02-cactus/ The HB03 clone is a Herbalistics selection from a batch of hybrid seed from Trichocereus bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ x ‘Super Pedro’; very attractive with a glaucous/blue skin in most situations. T. bridgesii is the staminate parent. http://herbalistics.com.au/product/trichocereus-hb03-plant/ Trichocereus HB05 is a Herbalistics selection from a batch of Trichocereus ‘Super Pedro’ x ‘Psycho0’ seedlings; very attractive with short spines, a rough feel to the skin and good disease resistance in the subtropics. Fast growing and hardy. A sister of HB02. http://herbalistics.com.au/product/trichocereus-hb05-plant/ The HB07 clone is a Herbalistics selection from a batch of Trichocereus ‘Super Pedro’ x Trichocereus bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ seedlings we grew in the mid 2000s. http://herbalistics.com.au/product/trichocereus-hb07-cactus/ this HB07 pic is actually named spinyscopxbridgesii2 http://herbalistics.com.au/spinyscopxbridgesii2/ Due to consumers enthusiasm for named clones, I'd imagine "Super Pedro x psycho0" would sell much better than "spiny scop x bridgesii". BUT if it is grown from seeds from the cross that I did in 2005, neither Super Pedro or psycho0 was used in the breeding. So, did anyone make a Super Pedro x psycho0 cross in the mid 2000's? Anybody else got HB02 down as spiny scop x bridgesii or did I screw up?
  7. ferret

    Trichocereus cuts and crests for sale

    free postage for orders over $100 bridgesii cuts $20ea bridgesii cuts $15ea seedgrown Matucana cut $40 Serra Blue x huanucoensis $15 pachanoi montrose x SS02 crest $40 *SOLD* seedraised TPQC x TPM (*SOLD*) pachanoi monstrose x SS02 $50ea pachanoi monstrose x SS02 $100
  8. ferret

    Trichocereus cuts and crests for sale

    updated first post with new plants for sale PM if interested
  9. going pretty good, very droopy! definately need better staking.. hopefully they will trunk-up a bit this growing season lost one of the first 2 over summer, got pretty rootbound and didn't keep water up.. so no probs in the rooting dept been a while since i've grown em from seed , from memory fairly comparable growth maybe bit of lag while plant figures out whats going on, not exactly insane growth for 1.5- almost 2 years from cutting. I dunno, what's 2 year seedling look like?
  10. ferret

    Trichocereus cuts and crests for sale

    db pretty sure I have seen things listed by different sellers as both peruvianus Huancabamba and pachanoi Huancabamba, haven't delved into it for a while but I'd assumed was probably a longer spined pachanoi which sometimes gets it called a peruvi Haven't got any larger bits of the crest, do have a few other un-crested individuals with not so long spines, maybe just over 1cm. All originated from tripsis
  11. rosei #1 $50 + postage seedgrown hybrids, $30ea + postage #1 SOLD #4 SOLD TPC x (Juuls Giant/SS02/SS02 x pachanoi) 85mm pot $90 + postage
  12. ferret

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    if any SABers want any of these plants shoot me a msg and will do 10% off http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/samsplants_au/m.html?rt=nc&_dmd=2
  13. ferret

    tricho crests for sale

    4 more crests up for grabs , have updated first post!