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  1. aero_glass

    TBM Clone B Australia?

    Thank you nitrogen. I've based the naming conventions on the Cactus-Art website as reference. I hope someone comes forward one day, this is a clone I would very much like to add the my collection. Freaky Bridgesii's interest me greatly
  2. aero_glass

    TBM Clone B Australia?

    Does anyone know the origins of the TMB clone we have here? Was it imported or naturally forming? It would be great if one of us could organize to import the Clone A and cultivate it here. I'm looking for a clone that I can graft without areoles which will continue growing for over a foot without terminating. I'm yet to try with the typical Clone B because they appear to terminate so suddenly after their last sets of areoles. I've seen one Clone B sport grow to quite a length and then terminate but it seems to have been a rare exception as non of the other offsets exhibited this trait.
  3. aero_glass

    TBM Clone B Australia?

    Big shout out to everyone here! Long time lurker, first time poster. This forum rocks big time! Quick question. I've been wondering for a long time if the TBM Clone B (Long phallic form) exists in Australia? I don't mean Clone A (Short clumping form) which has become elongated due to etiolation, but rather the form that will continue growing in inermis state without terminating. Thanks, big love and gratitude to you all!