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    Sydney folk

    Hello there! Me and my wife set up a nice little greenhouse to house some mushroom trays. Was wondering what it would take for someone knowledgeable in Sydney (Ryde area) to check out the setup to see if everything looks good! And its more just an excuse to finally meet a fello or two that know what theyre doing. We are very very new to this!! Dinner paid for -Benny and Eve
  2. unpossible


    OO will do. And thanks a bunch for the nice comments. Spine collector! haha thankyou ive been practicing a few years now and I'm really just trying to figure out how to be loose as possible with my artworks, while never being restricted by others ;)
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    Oh why thanks for replies! I will regularly check those notices. And Mullumbimby looks great in some photos. i might go for a trip ;)! An upcoming meet hey? Sounds initial. Cheers folks! Meanwhile ill keep painting new stuff check out my new little portfolio if you give a hoot http://www.theloop.com.au/SuperPsyke/portfolio/Visual-Artist/Sydney
  4. Hello and thanks for letting me join the website! I've done a lot of good reading here so far very interesting indeed ( on top of everything else). I live with my girlfriend and best mate (sort of new age young hippies) , but theres one thing we've had trouble with over the years and thats finding other enlightened souls around Sydney that we feel are similar to us! Would anyone be able to suggest some ideas? Maybe some upcoming festivals or conventions where we would meet people such as yourselves? Or perhaps a regularly updated blog that posts events. We're not too familiar with Sydney and we're sick of meeting regular 'drinkers' Someone suggested we move to NIMBIN to mingle with the laid-back scene up there??? We don't want to move just yet! -THANKS! Much appreciated! p.s - I attached one of my latest paintings for unnecessary viewing pleasure