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Found 11 results

  1. Jonathan Baconson

    Acacia suitable for cultivation in Sydney

    Looking for suggestions on active Acacia's to cultivate that would go well in a Sydney climate. Cheers to all and have a lovely day.
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Warning for Sydney/NSW people

    Hia! So in the last few days i've had a run in with two Sydney Funnel Web spiders. I live in rural Sydney near the coast. The first of the two i got on camera (See video) the other ran down my arm while i was outside my house after a short bush-walk this evening. After shitting myself i collected everything i threw to the ground and scooped it up. I'm going to give it to a local zoo for research/ anti venom. THIS IS A WARNING TO BE CAREFUL When on any bush-walk no matter the length or intensity especially in the evenings or early morning. Stay safe people Apologies if this post is all over the place- i'm pretty shaken up. video-1522138585.mp4
  3. Hey Folks, Just a reminder that the Australian Psychedelic Society-Sydney is hosting Julian Palmer's talk 'The Involvements of Psychedelic Tools' followed by a Q&A this Sunday 25th in Redfern./ Tickets selling fast but plenty left at the moment. Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/julian-palmer-on-the-involvements-of-psychedelic-tools-tickets-42862625266 cheers, Flux
  4. Hey Everyone Tickets are selling fast for the 920 International Psilocybin day events celebrating magic mushrooms around the world on Wednesday September 20th. SYDNEY | 7pm Hibernian House, Surry Hills $10 A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin MELBOURNE | 6pm Film and panel discussion on the history and effects of psychedelic prohibition in Victoria and Australia State Library of Victoria $30 full | $25 conc A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin Screening (920) Hope to see you all there for this thoroughly engaging film and equally stimulating discussion.
  5. Hi Folks, We are pleased to announce the inaugural launch of the Australian Psychedelic Society-Sydney As way of introducing ourselves and gathering community, we will be screening the film 'Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary' an intimate portrait celebrating the complex, controversial characters and epic friendship between Harvard psychology professors Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert as they probed the edges of consciousness and shaped a generation through their experiments with psychedelics. This is an exciting opportunity to see a great film about critical figures in psychedelic history, to meet members of the Sydney APS and to engage in discussion about building and supporting community, critical issues and future events. Tickets: $7.00 with booking fee ($1.31) so $8.31 total - purchase from Eventbrite link below Where: 107 Projects, Redfern, Redfern street, Sydney, NSW. When 12:30 Sunday 9th July 2017 https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/dying-to-know-ram-dass-timothy-leary-tickets-35505532002 Australian Psychedelic Society-Sydney Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219138845245639/ Please come and check it out and spread the word.
  6. Just saw this on Indeed job site. It's unpaid and only for 3 months, (potential for paid position in the future) Might suit someone here?! Medical Cannabis Research Intern BuddingTech - Melbourne VIC Internship BuddingTech is a medical cannabis tech and innovation company helping bring to market innovative solutions focused on addressing key challenges across the supply chain. We are quickly growing, and are seeking an enthusiastic individual for an unpaid internship over a 3 month period, based either in Melbourne, Sydney or the Northern Rivers (NSW). Working with a small and experienced team, you'll get exposure to a startup, and to the medical cannabis industry in Australia. Initially, responsibilities will be limited to research and administration, however there is great capacity the position to grow into fields such as operations and logistics, business development, digital marketing, graphic design and more. You will do most of your work from home, and the time requested is flexible. There may also be potential for a paid position in the future. Please send your CV and a brief cover letter through to the email provided. Job Type: Internship 2 days ago (listed prox 14/5/17 https://au.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=1f366ba25e40ad3f&from=serp&prevUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fau.indeed.com%2Fm%2Fjobs%3FsameL%3D1%26q%3DMedical%2Bcannabis%2Bresearch%26l%3D%26from%3Dzrp-SearchOnSerp.
  7. Hi guys! I am very new to Australian plants.. I have come across 2 sp of this plant today. Both Northern beaches Sydney. I have no idea how to identify them if they not blooming. Maybe someone is willing to help me with the instructions and intro to Acacia world? In exchange I can offer some chemicals and lab equipment Picked today in Northern beaches same three: Same three Another sp found Central cost area
  8. He had quite a big collection, that was quite a few years old. Lucky his house survived, but they did lose one shed. I was wondering if anyone would have any spare cuttings or seedlings or seed to send his way? He had a pretty extensive collection of almost everything, but now theyre alll gone. Im sure anything would lift his spirits right now and help him to start again. If anyone would have spare plants seeds etc, i could help with postage or pick up/delivery round the sydney area. Im really petrified that this will happen to me one day. As prepared as you can get, you really cant beat nature. Sorry for such a begging kind of post, i will chuck in what i can for him, but im sure you can all understand how it would feel. If a few of us can chuck in spares im sure it would make a big difference.
  9. I recently was accepted to the university of Sydney to study honours in pharmacology, and as such i have to make the move up north really soon! Less than two months in fact. So i was just wondering if any of y'all kind folks had any advice for me on a range of topics. Having only spent about 100 hours in sydney in my life, you may consider me an almost complete noob. Unless it involves public transport, then i am all over that shit, yo. "Monorail, monorail, monorail...." So like, where should i live? I need Melbourne based reference points. What is the megarich wanker area like Toorak (where i live now )? What is the hipster/bohemian/fitzroy-like area ? What are the lower class scummy suburbs? (Or are those a fiction created by newsreel footage of the cronulla riots?) Also i know King's Cross is the nightlife capital, but how much of a hole/sick joint is it compared to say, St Kilda? What kinds of plants grow better there, and worse, than in Victoria? Are there any important legal differences in this area? Cacti, khat etc. I know in NSW i can finally get a crossbow! yeeehaw I am sure i had more questions back earlier this evening when i was less inebriated... Oh yeah, to that member i was talking about trading a miracle berry plant to, i forgot who you are and accidentally deleted your messages. but i wanted to tell you that i have decided to keep it because i think it will grow better up there, and it is showing signs of recovery. sorry friend. but i will make you a clone when the plant matures a bit over summer. just hit me another message. That's all for now!
  10. Hello and thanks for letting me join the website! I've done a lot of good reading here so far very interesting indeed ( on top of everything else). I live with my girlfriend and best mate (sort of new age young hippies) , but theres one thing we've had trouble with over the years and thats finding other enlightened souls around Sydney that we feel are similar to us! Would anyone be able to suggest some ideas? Maybe some upcoming festivals or conventions where we would meet people such as yourselves? Or perhaps a regularly updated blog that posts events. We're not too familiar with Sydney and we're sick of meeting regular 'drinkers' Someone suggested we move to NIMBIN to mingle with the laid-back scene up there??? We don't want to move just yet! -THANKS! Much appreciated! p.s - I attached one of my latest paintings for unnecessary viewing pleasure