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  1. I was bumbling around Sigma Aldrich's website this morning after reading a thread on here about p-coumaric acid. While I was having a look around I came across this: http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/technical-documents/articles/biology/interactive-metabolic-pathways-map.html?cm_sp=Insite-_-Academic-_-MetabolomicPathways It maps the entire human metabolic process. Thought a lot of you would dig it. Peace
  2. Acacia King

    Anyone Keen to Make Some Aussie Hip Hop Beats??

    HeY mate. Had a good listen to your tracks and they all sound sick! I really like the idea of putting together some electro sorta hip hop. I was thinking when I had heard a cover like that that I loved. It was a like a version with spit syndicate covering disclosures latch. Have a listen. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sxR1sH6Nhjk Yeah the Oz hip hop thats coming out right now is awesome. Its really come ahead in the last few years. Particularly production wise. Just to givw you an idea of what ive been getting my inspiration from. I loose it for Bliss n Eso. Any of there stuff is mad but I also really like seth sentry. Here are a couple of stand outs in my mind. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eOH15_pqWZ4 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=45u1g_tn0Qk But in terms of the flow I am going for These 2 spit syndicate tracks are it. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vJy5kASh0KY http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QzZTURViXRY Im pretty strapped for cash atm cause im getting married next month but ill try and get a mic this week so I can record some accapellas to send down to you. Any advice on programs for recording vocals? Thanks again bro. I am really excited about all of this!
  3. Acacia King

    Anyone Keen to Make Some Aussie Hip Hop Beats??

    Dude!!! That sounds epic!!!!! I can' t listen to your tracks right now as I am at work but am itching to finish so I can. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are keen. Glitchy Grimmy Tech influence is something I have never thought of before but nearly jumped out of my chair when I read it. As I think you are describing my other favorite musical niche. It's always a bit hard interpreting exactly what sound someone means when they describe dance but I am guessing you mean something similar to say Porter Robinson or Knife Party... maybe not now that I read the D&B part. Whatever you mean it sounds awesome dude. I have warn at this stage I am pretty fresh at all of this and have had a bit of trouble getting the whole writing process to flow with out a beats to work around, so don't expect to recieve a grammy award winning track back from me. I would be really keen to record and send vocals down to you down the track for you to play around with but at this stage if I could get some tracks off you when you are ready so I can try and workl around them. Seriously dude. You get my 'Champ of the month award'. Certainly made my day. Look forward to talking to you more about all of it. Peace
  4. I have been writing some Aussie Hip Hop lyrics recently. I have tried my hand at sampling and production with a few different programs. Clearly I lack the patients and talent for this. To put it bluntly, after a week or 2 it was obvious I just plain suck at this part. It's crazy frustrating that the only lyric free hip hop tracks I can find are incredibly american and wreak of gangsta rap. I'm wondering if there are any other Aussie Hip Hop fans who have produced any tracks in the past or would like to try their hand at it. I now realise that my linguistic flare is in no way match by musical talent and am now on the hunt for a collaborator. Peace
  5. Acacia King

    Harvesting/Caring for Iboga Fruit

    If it is a pollinator issue. Could this be overcome by hand pollinating? Unless it is an issue relating to something like polination it seems so strange to me. I am in Cairns and some of you that don't get fruit seem to be in tropical climates (dry and monsoonal) as well. From what I know, Gabon has a climate more similar to Far North QLD than to say SE QLD where they grow in the ground and often fruit. I mean Gabon is about as equatorial as it gets... Why would the Sub Tropics in Oz have better luck with fruiting than the tropics?
  6. Acacia King

    Harvesting/Caring for Iboga Fruit

    Yeah Im pretty sure I fully jumped the gun. Now that I look I am pretty sure they are inflorescences. I haven't been at home for a month and I thought I'd come back to gold!
  7. Acacia King

    my viridis and cartha

    Nice work! The both look very happy. Really nice foliage on the Viridis. They are such a good looking plant!
  8. Acacia King

    Harvesting/Caring for Iboga Fruit

    Hi Fellas, Wow, it's been a while since I have been here. Been so busy and content with my garden I haven't even thought to jump on the forum to see what has been happening. So.... This morning I woke up to an awesome surprise. My Iboga has around 6 - 8 tiny little fruit on her. She is only around 18 months to 2 years old so this is the first time I have been blessed with seed pods from her. From what I remember, when it comes to Iboga pods, like with most things, fresh is best. Can anyone give me any other instructions on how best to care for them while they are still on the plant, how to know when to harvest them and how best to harvest them. Also any specifics if necessary, on how best to pack them for postage and how long they remain viable for. There are one or 2 people on here with whom I have scores to settle but after that there should be at least 6 pods (probably more to follow shortly after). It goes without saying that once harvested, all pods will be going straight back to you guys. It feels awesome that finally, after a couple of years I will be able to give something decent back to the community that has been so supportive of myself and my garden over the past few years. Thanks All!
  9. Cheers fellas, Shamanistic - Thanks for the link to the book. I'll have a look now. A harmonic whole, I like that.
  10. I have been reading up on sacred geometry and the golden ratio. One of the images I came across was this one showing the Phi ratios found in a dragonfly's body, a butterfly and also in three different fish. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the diagram second from the right is (in the dragonfly picture... looks like overlapping sin waves) . I have worked it out to some extent. It looks like each curved line represents a 1 and in relation to the line next to it represents a 1.618 value..... not sure if that makes sense out side my own head or not. I would be really grateful if anyone could tell me a bit more about this diagram. How is it constructed i.e. how is each curved line's distance from the centre calculated...ect. If this type of diagram has a name that you know of that would be awesome. I wanna see if I can draw one representing a human body or possibly other animals so any advice as to how it is constructed would be great. Cheers
  11. Was only reading about non-locality and holographic explanations of the universe the other day. Very interesting read dude!
  12. Acacia King

    Medical Records In Australia

    My new Doctor has asked for permission to access my medical records. Has anyone here seen a medical record before? I'm just wondering how detailed thy are and what info they contain. Do thy just contain a list of conditions and treatments or are they detailed enough to contain the clinical notes your doctor writes? Any info would be great!
  13. Acacia King

    NASA spacecraft records 'Earthsong'

    Awesome Qualia! Thanks for that on dude.
  14. Acacia King

    Growing cold climate plants in warm weather

    Thanks for all of the advice Fellas. I will just try her in the shade before I resort to Drilling a hole in my beer fridge. Appreciate the help guys.