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  1. Need of some assistance what could be making the plants go like this. It is like the ends have been burnt with a lighter or somehing then the other one like just the tips are oike dead then the third picture all leaces are dead . Abd if there is anyone in sydney area that would like to meet up for some talk on growing these plants or succulant cacti stuff aswell . would love to gain some more knowledge and actually build a nice garden thanks in advance have a lovely day
  2. ok thanks for the information . the seeds are now gone in the bin and will try again attempt #2 thanks all for the replies greatly appreciated
  3. yeah did that boiling water and some that didn't end up swelling up where put between two bits of sandpaper. hmmmm moisture content sorry don't understand the mix was river sand and pet moss "Seed and cutting mix. Seed mix may be purchased or mixed using 3 parts river sand (not beach) and 1 part well composted pine bark, peat moss or vermiculite" from worldwidewattle and all seeds are from shaman
  4. confusa , maidenii, courtii, acuminata, obtus
  5. ok thanks so much for the quick reply great help and much appreciated soak the seeds for normally 24+ houjrs or until they are swollen sometimes they take a couple of days to get swollen but yeah then put into seed mix . so should just pull the plug on some of these seeds that have been in there for about 3months now and still nothing just throw it all out or should i go through and try find the seeds ? thanks again
  6. hi all so wondering if none of the seeds germinate do you take them out and try and soak then in water or nick them again and try again or is it a case of if they don't germinate they are finished. also how long do you think would leave them for like give them a month if you havne't seen any sign of life it's a no go or 6months what? if one begins to grow but looks like it has died can you still keep on looking after it and it'll come back and keep alive and growing ? thanks just building ones knowledge base kind regards