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    Hi ayaibo, rapè and ambil are difficult to find in Aust but I've never had trouble getting thru customs. I think 5kg is the Max for importing tobacco products (but I may have that wrong). I know folks have imported logs in the past. Entheobotanica (Aust) sometimes have mopacho leaf and rapè but it doesn't seem to have anything atm. I keep an eye out for the 50% off sales at Shamanic snuff (Peru). They have great ambil but you need to be quick. Orisha Ossain (NL) has become a favourite, the quality is very good as the rapè is sieved extra fine, thier Kuripes and Tepis are without equal. Failing that drop me a Pm for some seed and big welcome to Aust btw.
  2. Humboldt

    Cacao & Quetzalcoatl & Jonathan Ott & Actec Flavours

    Nice after using mambe and/or ambil.
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    Safely making chimo/ambil

  4. Humboldt

    Safely making chimo/ambil

    http://herbs.nextohm.com/Sacred Plants/Tobacco/TOBACCO SYRUP - AMBIL/
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    Admixtures in San Pedro Brews

    Edit: Sorry thought i knew something but was wrong.
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    Safely making chimo/ambil

    Good ole thread. Can anyone suggest a tree that ( good for ashes/ alkaline source) I could grow in a cool climate? Thanks
  7. All hail the mighty!..... 5yrs later, All hail the mighty!
  8. Hey Shmee, what's the turgor like? Have the grafts become soft?. I've found with my grafts that although they take, it can be some time before they have the vascular network to deal with stressors like too much sun.
  9. Humboldt

    THC Gel Caps & Saliva Test

    You need to de-carboxylate the oil first to make the THCA into active THC when ingested. Chances of being off ya guts behind the wheel would be pretty high I reckon, best saved for when one is safe and sound at home.
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    New member

    Welcome aboard BB!
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    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    Sorry cant find the Tania unappreciation thread?? Four corners report 8:30 tonight. The hope and hype of psychedelic therapy https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-25/psychadelic-therapy-mind-medicine-australia-four-corners/101210326
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    Advice, comments, please

    Hey Ricey, to save your hands when doing big pieces, try rolling up a opened newspaper longways, then fold in half holding both ends. (Making a loop). Use that to hold your piece steady as you cut.
  13. Humboldt

    Lophophora Williamsii Growing Above Substrate

    Lots of different non-columnar cacti seem to do this habit early on( like Enchinocactus grunsonii. ) It's a pup thing and will fill out in time, nor is it a 'unnatural ' occurrence imo. Sit back an enjoy
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    Sacred snails

    What did the collectors do with the snails? Eat them or venerate them. Both?
  15. Humboldt

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    Well that seemed a reasonable summation of things. Julian and MMA didn't come out unscathed. That facilitator dude from MAPS was a fuckin creep. All this is unwelcome noise for the scientific community and Im left still pondering that the best vehicle for safe access is as Folk medicine.
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    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    Come back Wile E.
  17. Humboldt

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    Wow, i didn't know. Seems they'll have to sue Four Corners now. I kinda hope they play the shroom song but.
  18. Humboldt

    Options For Potent Anti-Anxiety Botanical

    Agreed. Im of the understanding that more Thc is accessed at higher temps (above 180c), more Cbd at temps around 170 and lower. Hence if you decide the go down that road, you need a good quality dry herb vape to get reliable temperature control. Many cheaper ones aren't that accurate. German made Stortz and Bickle brands are the best. The 'Mighty' or 'Crafty' are great portables. Many people opt for cheaper mid range versions around $350 but imo its worth spending the extra $150 odd. Why? .Accurate temps .Even removal of goodies. Some vapes can concentrate heat in one area, burning some matter and leaving inner parts of the bowl with unspent matter. (Ive looked at the outcomes of a few different models through a jewellers loupe). Over time the wastage from cheaper vapes would exceed the extra cost. .Easy going draw. Most portable vapes have too much resistance in the draw. Like sucking on something with the end blocked. The Mighty has such a relaxed draw with less resistance than any other brand I've tried so you dont have to bust a gut getting the party started. Desktop models are generally better than portable. Balloon type models are very pleasant to use, but more cumbersome. The Volcano is the best of these. However the Stortz portable versions rival the performance of desktops and are quick and easy by comparison. Australian vaporizers are a good retailer. Kindness H
  19. Hey mate ive no experience with arios but in my experiments different scions seem to have varying degrees of success on peres. But id definately leave on gladwrap for weeks, or even months long after you see some connection and bulking. Whilst vascular bundles form, they may take longer to become well established and the plant resistant to desiccation once the humidity is reduced.
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    What is your least favourite plant?

    Onion weed Dock Willow
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    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (CLOSED)

    3. thanks QR I'd love some. Cheers for the giveaway
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    Hi, a friend of mine asked me what i knew of Yowies. Not that much beyond wiki, they seem to be mostly a central coast/ hinterland phenomenon. Does anyone have a take on Yowies theyd like to share. Myths, origins, dreamtime stories, opinions or otherwise.
  23. Humboldt

    Post a random picture thread

    Great pics keep them coming
  24. Humboldt

    Melb winter rot for grafted lophophora

    I keep mine indoors and out of the direct light for at least few months. It seems to be a while, well after union is achieved that a robust resistance to sun, ect is achieved. Perhaps the initial union is followed by the creation of more complex, substantial vasculation over a period of time. For me this seems the case on both peres and tricho stock. Not having alot of sun protection, my loph grafts get soft if i leave them in the greenhouse over summer. That arvo sun can spank em. I prefer to graft at the start of the growing season, i think things happen quicker and my offcuts heal and root faster too. Rot can seem to also happen as the peres deprives the loph scion of goodies in favour of its own new growth. It can be annoying trying to terminate growth on peres stock. I muse that this is moreso the case with slow growing grafts like Lw,. Throw in a little too much sun as well and you can reach that tipping point into rot pretty quick.
  25. Humboldt

    Post a random picture thread