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  1. shroomer_nick

    Vic sub prints

    I have some victorian sub spore prints
  2. shroomer_nick

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    (I Get It Now) Thanks reshroomED VVVVV Gets 6'' San Pedro Cutting (Top Section) VVVVV (sorry Harry)
  3. shroomer_nick

    Please Help ID

    why thank you my dad knows how to take care of them well.. obviously not too well
  4. shroomer_nick

    Please Help ID

    this is number 1 again, started flowering
  5. shroomer_nick

    San Pedro Damage Query

    haha yes i know about letting it go calloused. and yes i had a feeling that i would be only delaying it by chopping it. that is the top of the same one btw.
  6. shroomer_nick

    San Pedro Damage Query

    I was wondering if anyone knows what might have caused / be causing this damage? And if i can remove it somehow? Maybe start fresh below the wound. It was already like this when I got the cactus and it doesn't seem to be getting worse. It seems to be dried over and has made a home for some little spiders. Also the top where it has been chopped for a trip has gone really dry and waxy. Can I chop it again below the damage to encourage pups or something? If so, how do I go about this? thanks shroomer_nick
  7. shroomer_nick

    Please Help ID

    thanks a bunch guys big help
  8. shroomer_nick

    Please Help ID

    Please help me ID these cacti. I'm new to all of this and I would like to learn more. Thanks.. shroomer_nick --- 1. ___ 2. ___ 3. ___ 4. ___ 5. ___ 6. ___ 7. ___ 8. ___ 9. ___ 10. ___ 11. ___ 12.
  9. shroomer_nick

    sandstone carving

    very nice work dude.. this kinda shit will be around for hundreds of years :)
  10. shroomer_nick

    Face in the sand

    hahah nice one
  11. shroomer_nick

    Sub print art

    nice those colours go well together
  12. shroomer_nick

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    Amanita Muscaria (The Fly Agaric Mushroom)
  13. shroomer_nick

    Preserving Sporeprints

    ok, i kept the print just in case. thanks ok, i didn't know, the print i was sent was folded avoiding folding the print, i have assumed since not to fold it. another shortcut ^_^
  14. shroomer_nick

    Market Cacti

    thanks dude, eastern suburbs melbourne's where i'm at ^_^