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  1. Jack

    Books for sale

    No it’s not a hard copy
  2. Jack

    Books for sale

    Hi guys I have the following books available for sale: Eating the flowers of Paradise by Kevin Rushby (Hard cover) SOLD The narcotic officers notebook second edition By Malachi Harney & John Cross $10 Diary of a drug fiend by Alister Crowley $10 The coke book $10 Pharmako/Poeia by Dale Pendell $20 Marijuana Medical Papers Edited by Tod H Mukuriya MD (Signed) $30 The Psychedelic Explorer guide James Fadiman $20 Tripping edited by Charles Hayes $20 Pharmacotheon by Johnatha Ott $150 Ecstasy Dance Trance & Transformation by Nicholas Saunders $10 Marihuana Reconsidered by Lester Grinspoon $10 The Entheogen Review Volume IX 2,3 Volume X 1,2,3,4 Volume XI 1 (7 Issues) $25 Life Magazine March 25, 1966 LSD $20.00 Life Magazine September 9, 1966 LSD Art $20.00 Look Magazine August 8, 1967 Americas bad trip: the pot-and-pill kick that is getting out of hand $10 Thanks J
  3. Updated list, adding old plants
  4. The following plants are available for sale, PLants are seed grown and on own roots unless otherwise specified. All prices are plus postage. PM if interested.
  5. Jack

    Show off your freaks

    Here it is Tipz, the original plant and the pup that I grafted I am hoping that it is going to crest as the areoles that are pupping look really strange..
  6. Jack

    Show off your freaks

    Hey tipz I recieved a small pup from that crest which I won in your competition which I grafted, definately monstrose I'll post a photo soon.
  7. Jack


  8. Jack


    Where is the best place to buy bit coins from? THanks J
  9. Hi looking for some Lophophora alberto-vojtechii plants PM me if you can help. Thanks J
  10. Jack

    Legal prescription drugs bali

    In bali cant get anything exciting OTC, some pharmacy will sell you tramadol some times not, benzos definately not available OTC but sometimes you find pharmacys that wil sell you some valium (for me once in about 8 trips) but mostly not. Mushrooms are very strong over there, be careful. I couldnt find any stimulants..
  11. Jack

    ID please

    Very good btw
  12. Jack

    ID please

    White spore print.. Tried some this morning with my eggs. Fried in oil with garlic and Tyme.. These have a really nutty flavour.. 3 hours on no reactions so far..
  13. Jack

    ID please

    No spore print, will go back tomorrow.. are Chlorophyllum edible?