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  1. Jatamansi is one of my favourite oils. Just 2 drops, orally. Just saying...
  2. coin

    Ethnobotanicals for Psoriasis

    Wrightia tinctoria, Azadirachta indica, Psoralea corylifolia & Coleus forskohlii might be of interest An autoimmune dietary protocol is probably essential (eliminating dairy, eggs, grains, nightshades, with the possibility of re-introducing them)
  3. Smolke Lab, Stanford, already finished the job in July (glucose -> thebaine, and glucose -> hydrocodone)...they deliberately did not aim for morphine, I suppose for political reasons. They say the yield now has to be increased by 100,000x to be commercially viable & they think they can do it in 3 years.
  4. coin

    Responsible Chai

    uhhhm, you realise "chai" means tea ?? as in black tea leaves...
  5. coin

    Sex and drugs :O

    it's all about sensation and ego (performance), so far...(no judgement on that). and i get the impression of a fear of psychedelics.... psychedelics might not directly promote sexuality (ridiculous impressive macho banging) - but ... someone wise helped me understand that the ability to trust and love through vulnerability, really means a whole lot more. i.e. being touched on shrooms......what that could mean... this thread is a lot of uncomfortable male blabber so far, so i'm reluctant to say more
  6. Being quite uneducated myself, could someone please clarify for me, the psych student stereotype?? The only couple of people I know who did psychology, went back to it at a mature age... Yes, I'm just ignoring everything else in this thread...I know this is off topic, but it's already way off track
  7. this is meant to provide a path into advaitic awareness and conveniently also points to some deeply hidden assumptions about questions, language, personhood and information transmittance.
  8. btw - just call me "Sailor Aum[ohm] (S,Ω) || Sailor Om (S,ॐ)" just some bullshit for this seriousness
  9. coin


    Okay ! Awesome, right? I love severe play & serious creativity!!! I hate intoxication or abuse! (not really) You've Erected .. something ?? -- Oh, my!!
  10. why the confusion? thelema became a troll (?) sad that his brain decayed in such a way... (not really) Maybe he's just sad. I've said it before - Thel needs some major hugs. Hugs for your mean egotistical sarcastic sentiment - hugs for your awake at weird AM hours - hugs for your feelings of disconnectedness.
  11. oh yeah...and intellectualised forum-nonsense is no crazy-wisdom...u think u can even try??
  12. coin


    Bob - do you need another time-out, maybe? because fun turns into thoughtless egotism & abuse and then forum-lite delirium ? Your posts are just getting wasted-weird again.