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  1. In Melbourne, keen to swap my many Tricho cultivars and hybrids for Lophs of any age or seed
  2. PositiveHAL


  3. PositiveHAL

    Wanted Pereskiopsis

  4. PositiveHAL

    Loph seeds wanted

    loph seeds wanted any variety, can pay dollars or trade trich cuttings,etc cheers
  5. PositiveHAL

    Post your track of the day

    lockdown anthem................................................
  6. haha not quite, but if you were to spend $1000 i'd make damn sure you were satisfied. bring a ute or small truck if that's the case
  7. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    i'll be there for sure, the gardens will be in tip top shape will bring some cacti cuts for sharesies, would love some loph seed in return is possible? or whatevs
  8. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    im keen for a garden stroll, post rain leafy inspiration
  9. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Satdee works for me
  10. PICK UP ONLY- MELBOURNE (Northern Suburbs) many potted mature cacti & more for sale, bridgesii, peruvianus, macrogonus, TBM's, etc, many clones (no lophs), 2x seed raised Acacia phlebophylla in 8 inch pots that are hard grown and very happy couldnt be arsed with photos or postage, but happy for people to inspect and make an offer, i guess general going rate for cacti is: 50c per cm, spend $100- 10% off, $200 - 20% off and so on Big TBMS make an offer, happy to let a few go im looking to downsize the collection as i'm moving to a small house very soon to start my permaculture paradise can do part payment or trade with other things, open to any offers but i am on the hunt for: Chili plants and seeds particularly 'lemon drop/lemon aji',super hots, etc, vege & herb seeds and plants, mexican coriander, saffron plants/bulbs/seeds, comfrey plants, blueberry plants, fragrant plants, cinnamon myrtle, kaffir lime tree and other citrus, finger limes, compost worms to help my future bath tub worm farm, bonsais, fruit trees, feijoa clones, fig clones, tamarillo plants especially yellow or orange variety (if not seed), also keen on getting some lophs large or seedling, etc,etc,etc,etc let me know what youve got Cheers
  11. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    hi all ive made my way back after nearly 4 years of logging in, keen to join the next meet Dave
  12. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    See ewes then. Baa
  13. PositiveHAL

    Charismatic/ Ritual Breathwork

    Realise this is an old thread but does anyone have feedback on this? Or any feedback on holotropic Breathwork? Cheers
  14. PositiveHAL

    Anyone else vaping or using ecigs/ejuice? Lets talk :)

    I believe the ulcers are from the carrier juice itself and not the nicotine
  15. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm up for that this arvo ^ if a couple others are?...