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  1. self sterile pants.... sounds like a fairly appropriate adaptation in clothing apparel functionality.
  2. _e_

    stone culture

    tuning in . go team cereal stone . roll on.
  3. _e_

    TOOL 2012

    ahh shit. eat foo. it was me who stuffed up. oops. sorry. totally unconscious slip up, i haven't been on this forum in a while and obviously lagged in my cultural etiquette's.
  4. _e_

    TOOL 2012

    i can totally relate to maynards stance on ciggerette smoking and light flashing - he has problems with his eyes that cause severe light sensitivity, he also is allergic to tobacco smoke (both of which i have suffered from so can completely relate to his requests.... and furthermore his dismay at being disresepcted in such a blatent manner by the people for whom he performs for) i can also understand that, being of a certain professional calibre, it may be difficult to work with big show promoters / stage managers @ big day out e.t.c.... as they very rarely maintain the level of quality that bands such as Tool and performers such as Maynard deserve. the guy is a fucking enigma. one of the most talented and prolific creators currently alive and engaged in reality on this earth. and fuck xxx , you just mentioned three of the most talented performers whom i hold in the most upmost esteem for their integrity and dedication to soulful creation.. interesting that you are dissing them in such a way.. how healthy and active is your creative talent/ability ? maybe some healing in that realm will bring greater appreciation for your beautiful brothers.
  5. _e_

    colloidal silver in mycelium

    give me a couple of months and ill be able to bounce some ideas and results off you... still in setup mode.
  6. yeah im in, i will pm you
  7. i know he hates the comparison, but i still can't get over the uncanny likeness in mannerisms between j.safran and Carpedmt. it freaks me out !
  8. _e_

    Useful ethnobotanicals in Indonesia?

    message me if you re-schedule your trip, as i have some very interesting leads and connections to share. hope everything is ok/ no drama plant lov.e
  9. _e_

    RC's held by customs

    i had been hearing rumours regarding the legality of analogues of analogues, sighting significant structural difference. but i had taken them as mis-informed rumours, but was still curious. specifically the bomb range. before indulging curiosity any further, i figured more research was needed, then saw this thread, and this comment : edit- just read mxe thread, which helps affirm my initial instinct
  10. _e_

    RC's held by customs

    bump..... any new relevant information ?
  11. thank-you for this. awesome. just awesome. and i thought led was rad !
  12. _e_


    sup bruddhaman. got mor elov then most for ya , any day of the week (except sunday - shes mine and mine only)
  13. _e_

    Strange Cargo

    looks like an awesome and elaborate prank to me ! either that or somekind of deeply disturbed mind control tactic.
  14. i've had two members of my local community end up in hospital in the last 6 months from falling off ladders. One was in a critical condition for three weeks, the other with a full wrist reconstruction (and she WAS a yoga instructor) . neither of the falls were from any great height. ladders are deceptively deadly !
  15. _e_

    Caapi Meditation Room.

    beautiful ! sincere thanks for sharing