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  1. funghi-man

    Where To Find Free Spores?

    This thread was a great idea, i hope it picks up. @Quantum_Reality
  2. Eazyplugs might be a good solution if you know you want to send them in the post.
  3. funghi-man

    P. Som seeds requested ! :)

    You can find them on ebay 1g of seeds for $10 incl postage
  4. funghi-man

    CO2 mycelium bags

    Ive had the same thought when I saw them first appearing in the grow shops. They're not cheap either. Didier you ever find out?
  5. funghi-man

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Is there really such a thing as couchgrass? I laughed out loud when I read it
  6. funghi-man

    Where To Find Free Spores?

    Hi guys, I've posted it somewhere else before. But I just want to mention it here again. I got two old prints which i can give away. Pc brasil and Ecuador (2013&2018)
  7. funghi-man

    how to cure herbs for smoking

    Also now there are grovebags. They might come in handy too. They do what a boveda pack does..
  8. funghi-man

    Some Lophs, trade curiosity :)

    I've crossed sowahsherb with c99...and got regulars seeds if you're interested
  9. Yeah,me too.. Why is it so hard to get one? Did anyone try ordering cuts from overseas?
  10. funghi-man

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    I've got two old prints sitting here: Pc brasil (2018) Pc Ecuador (2013) (For microscopy only) If anyone has seen sally,please pm me too Cheers, fm
  11. funghi-man

    id please🍄🍄🍄

    I hope this time it attached the picture...😳
  12. funghi-man

    id please🍄🍄🍄

    Hi all together, I'm new here and wish you all a good day. Is anyone able to tell me what kind of a mushroom this is? They grow in my backyard in the lawn after a couple of days with rainy weather. I think I've seen them in Europe a long time ago and I would like to know what they are called. They are between 20-40mm tall and have about 2mm thick stems. Best regards, funghi-man