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  1. Young JD

    Free Purple Corn

    I'll take some seeds if you still got some
  2. Young JD

    Free Lobelia cardinalis seed

    I'll take some seeds if you still got some
  3. Young JD

    P. som seed varieties giveaway

    I'll take some if you still got some
  4. Young JD

    Spore prints

    I'm after some spore prints
  5. Just wondering what people are willing to trade for tabacco seeds I've got some tabbaco seeds i wanna swap
  6. ill have some seeds if you still have some thanks
  7. do you still have saffarass seeds and if you do i'll take some tommorow and let me know what other interesting seeds you have

  8. Young JD

    5 months from seed to flower

    looking sweet bro
  9. Young JD

    Looking to buy ephedra

    Hi I'm looking to buy some ephedra If anyone has any for sale
  10. Young JD

    growing oysters

    im thinking about growing some oyster mushrooms
  11. Young JD

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    love my san pedro cactus
  12. Young JD

    tabacco seeds

    hey im after some tabacco seeds if any ones got any
  13. do you still have the lophophora seeds if so i'll take some next thursday
  14. Young JD

    Want to buy ephedra

    I'm interested in buying ephedra or plants if any body has some