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  1. Rabelais

    Very quiet here

    Over the last 5 years I haven't posted much here...uni and travel consumed me. I was building up my knowledge and garden again and I noticed the amount of posts across the forums is much lower that what I remembered....or am I imagining things?
  2. I got some of these off a member here a few years back but I've lost their contact. Anyone else have some? PM if interested in a trade/sell etc?
  3. I was wondering if anyone can point me to a quote from Terence regarding the use of DMT as training, preparation for death. I've heard him talking about this in video but something in print would be great. Or someone else of note who has explored this topic. Thanks
  4. Rabelais

    meme loves

  5. Rabelais

    meme loves

  6. Rabelais

    End of the world

    There is an amazing movie called The Man from Earth that deals with some of these questions. The whole film takes place in a house where one man tries to convince his scientist friends (archaeologist, anthropologist, biologist, etc) that he is immortal. Fully sick off the chain shit.
  7. Rabelais

    Lophs in Tassie

    A serious hail storm back in December did some serious damage, they only just seem to have started off again. The biggest one here is trying to flower but it always seem to abort just as it is beginning to reveal...
  8. Rabelais

    Comedy / comedians

    Moshe Kasher
  9. Rabelais

    Avatar raffle

    37, 87
  10. What annoys me is Australian krill oil producers advertising astaxanthin as a part of their supplements. However, they neglect to inform peole that it is only present in pointless trace amounts. Wilfuly operating under the assumption that their consumers are poorly informed.
  11. Rabelais

    Should I have seen more growth?

    I have a couple of grafts with similar slow growth rates. I just assumed that sometimes my graft connections just aren't that great. It may be fully attached and strong, but it just doesn't grow that fast compared to some others grafted at the same time.
  12. Rabelais

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    Sunset Boulevard - A Holywood Story My favorite noir of all time.
  13. Gorgeous specimen rahli ...no entry...just say'n
  14. Rabelais

    Technological singularity

    ^^^ I think it has been suggested that to run a simulation of the human mind, a computer capable of processing ~35 petaflops and a memory capacity of 3.2 petabytes is required. Last I checked, IBM were creating a 20 petaflop machine(?) That was a few years ago and I'm sure it has increased even further by now. ...I guess what I am saying is that we are not that far away in terms of computational speed required. What is going to take longer is the continuing research into reverse engineering the human brain...maybe 15 years away. I don't think that purely research based pursuit will tax our resources in any significant manner
  15. Rabelais

    Technological singularity

    I'm not sure Hawking or any of us are really in a position to say what may or may not happen...but it is fun to imagine. I just don't think we can comprehend what AI may or may not do. I think it is a mystery on par with a true understanding of the infininite of the universe. I'm imagining AI as already here, like a parasite with humanity as its host...eventually it will consume its host...we will become AI...AI will become us. Something more nuanced, rather than a sperate human/AI existence.