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  1. aguacolla

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Sure, thanks! I'll send you a PM
  2. aguacolla

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Thanks for organising, I'll be there! I've got around 500 trich seedlings (8-12 months old) in trays that I'm looking to rehome. Anybody interested? Free, or optional donation. Also, is anybody driving up from Sydney thay could give me a lift? I live in Hornsby.
  3. aguacolla

    Sydney garden

  4. aguacolla

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    Yep, just not going to have space for them all here at my place But having too many cacti is never a problem . I'll probably end up giving containers of year-old seedlings to friends so that they can repot them themselves or put them right in their gardens. If I had access to a large amount of land, i'd plant thousands of them in the ground. But all I have is a suburban sydney backyard..... for now!
  5. aguacolla

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    These are my babies... I've taken the lids off the containers on the left just temporarily to let out some moisture, so that I can add some weak fertiliser to them without getting them too soggy.
  6. aguacolla

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    This is my first winter with my seedlings. Most of them still have their takeaway lid on, and they're getting about an hour of sun 9am-10am that warms them up and hopefully lets them grow a bit. They're sitting just outside along a brick wall, under an awning. I've also got a few containers of 6 month olds that I've got in full sun with no lids, I guess my main concern with them will be to not let them get too much rain in the colder weather. Also thinking about taking some containers inside near a window... Hoping most of them survive @TheMooseZeus I just sowed a few containers of trich seeds a few days ago. I've been putting them on a seedling heating pad at night and then outside with a bit of morning sun each day. I'll let you know how they go
  7. Hey guys, I won't be able to make it since another weekend of ceremony has come up that I don't want to miss. Hoping that it goes well and that you get good weather for it!
  8. @Anodyne I was having the same problem around a week ago. I messed around a bit with incognito mode, checking out as guest, re-adding the item from the link, etc. and it finally worked somehow.
  9. @Anodyne I'd be interested on the way back for sure.
  10. Having a kambo practitioner there would be fantastic. Just kicked off the donations with $50
  11. aguacolla

    Donating for SAB costs

    I'd be happy to donate via bitcoin if possible. Probably too much of a hassle for torsten to set it up if he hasn't already though
  12. aguacolla

    is there gona be an ega this year?

    Would also like to know this! I really hope there is
  13. aguacolla

    Rooted tiny pup!

    Interesting. Do you graft first and then root them, or the other way around? I just read your other thread on slab grafting and it's reinvigorated my interest to start grafting. I've got a bunch of dragon fruit cuttings than I might try to use as stock.
  14. If it helps anybody, I'll be driving up to Mullumbimby from Sydney on April 4 and driving back down to Syd on Monday 23th. Unlikely the way up will be of any help since it's weeks before the weekend, but maybe the way back will. I'll be hanging around Byron area in the week before the weekend (16th-19th) with no plans other than doing some online uni work on my laptop. If anyone wants to meet up, or has a place to stay for day or two, please let me know. Cheers