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  1. This is so sad. We'd been chatting a lot the last few weeks as he had complicated diagnoses which confused and overwhelmed him. I looked stuff up for him so he knew what was going on. But then it all changed so quickly. Last I heard from him he was happy with the way the surgery had gone and was optimistic. So this is quite unexpected. Such a terrible situation for the family
  2. Torsten

    Doubling up

    Is it still doing it or was it a temporary glitch? I can't see any evidence of it.
  3. Torsten

    Site offline?

    What quantum reality said! When there are site problems we usually announce them on the facebook group, so make sure to join us there too.
  4. Apologies but the forum software does not differentiate between moderated posts and posts queued for approval. So every now and then one queued post gets overlooked. I've only just realised that they've accumulated and have just done some housekeeping to approve or delete. So some posts as old as 3 years have just been approved. Apologies for anyone affected. It;s only a few posts but sure to cause some confusion so I thought I'd better mention it. Mods - there are currently no red triangles. so if one appears it needs attention.
  5. This was valid in 2003. Things have changed.
  6. PH - Those pinks are cutting grown from plants sourced directly from you PH. Still the same trees as 15 or so years ago. Colours vary throughout the year. In summer they have hardly any red, but later in the season they are quite red (at least around here). These are propagated by a very different method to what we normally use which could also account for some extra colour. The difference is easy to see in mature plants. Oncewhywechnage, I actually can't remember what happened to PH2 but it appears we don't have this in the collection anymore.
  7. Torsten

    Broken galleries?

    That's probably not the issue I am referring to. This seem to be an upload error by the forum. The issue that concerns me is that many pics that were previously there suddenly weren't.
  8. Torsten

    Broken galleries?

    In an upgrade a few years ago a whole lot of galleries got screwed up and all we would see is grey thumbnails and grey images. As I am doing a bit of work to upgrade the forums at the moment I was looking for these broken galleries but can no longer find them. I am quietly hoping that they fixed themselves as I was advised by tech support that the only remedy is to delete them. There was lots of them, but I can't find ANY now. If you find any can you please link them here so I can investigate.
  9. Torsten

    A plant I got from SAB - any idea?

    Justicia pectoralis v stenophylla
  10. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    Just because you don't know it doesn't mean it wasn't researched. The results have been available since july last year.
  11. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    One thing that changed the game re AZ is that last week researchers found a drug that cures the clotting disorder if treated early enough. So the important thing now is to monitor for symptoms post vax and to seek competent medical attention immediately if clotting seems likely. It's highly preliminary and there is no data on whether it will cure everyone, but point is that it's not the dead end it was last month. I am also on 3 life saving meds that have a higher death rate than AZ and I didn't think twice about using them so it would be silly if i suddenly applied a different standard to the vax.
  12. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    also, the phone operator is not allowed to advise on vaccine differences. Only a doctor can do that. Preferably one that knows about your conditions. I have decided that because Byron is a tourist destination from so many potential outbreak areas and there is no social distancing here that the best thing for my situation is to get whatever i can get as quickly as possible. For over 50s Pfizer is not easy to get. I was kinda keen on AZ for a number of reasons anyway so suits me fine.
  13. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    Topic is fine as long as it doesn't spread misinformation. If anyone's advice diverges from the official line then they must reference this properly (no, youtube videos are not references). Pfizer is running out and unless you're in 1a or 1b you won't be getting it until the new batch arrives late in the year. if you are 1a/b then you would need to go to a vaccination hub to get Pfizer, as they don't do that one in clinics. If you're not high risk and are worried about the AZ then you can just wait. If you're in a location and situation where social distancing is easy then doing that for another 6 months is easy. You need to talk to your GP (or better specialist) about your clots. Most clotting disorders are not caused by the same mechanism as AZ so whether your get them or not is likely irrelevant. Are you on heparin or have you ever had heparin? If so (and you didn't get a clotting event from the heparin) then you also won't get it from AZ. The clotting mechanism is the same. Yes, you'd expect about 50-100 deaths from AZ if every single aussie gets AZ. That's less than even a small localised covid outbreak. But not everyone will get vaccinated, nor will all get AZ, so the number is dramatically smaller. Getting on a plane to europe has a far greater clotting risk than AZ and most people don't give that a second thought.
  14. Torsten

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    I have already given him a full and complete answer with links and resources (via facebook). he's just too lazy to actually look them up. All he has to do i read the legislation that I provided him a link to. if he's too dumb to do so then he should not question other people's legal interpretations. if he's too lazy then no point providing more information. That's why I am not commenting on the question itself.