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  1. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    Just because you don't know it doesn't mean it wasn't researched. The results have been available since july last year.
  2. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    One thing that changed the game re AZ is that last week researchers found a drug that cures the clotting disorder if treated early enough. So the important thing now is to monitor for symptoms post vax and to seek competent medical attention immediately if clotting seems likely. It's highly preliminary and there is no data on whether it will cure everyone, but point is that it's not the dead end it was last month. I am also on 3 life saving meds that have a higher death rate than AZ and I didn't think twice about using them so it would be silly if i suddenly applied a different standard to the vax.
  3. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    also, the phone operator is not allowed to advise on vaccine differences. Only a doctor can do that. Preferably one that knows about your conditions. I have decided that because Byron is a tourist destination from so many potential outbreak areas and there is no social distancing here that the best thing for my situation is to get whatever i can get as quickly as possible. For over 50s Pfizer is not easy to get. I was kinda keen on AZ for a number of reasons anyway so suits me fine.
  4. Torsten

    covid 19 vaccination

    Topic is fine as long as it doesn't spread misinformation. If anyone's advice diverges from the official line then they must reference this properly (no, youtube videos are not references). Pfizer is running out and unless you're in 1a or 1b you won't be getting it until the new batch arrives late in the year. if you are 1a/b then you would need to go to a vaccination hub to get Pfizer, as they don't do that one in clinics. If you're not high risk and are worried about the AZ then you can just wait. If you're in a location and situation where social distancing is easy then doing that for another 6 months is easy. You need to talk to your GP (or better specialist) about your clots. Most clotting disorders are not caused by the same mechanism as AZ so whether your get them or not is likely irrelevant. Are you on heparin or have you ever had heparin? If so (and you didn't get a clotting event from the heparin) then you also won't get it from AZ. The clotting mechanism is the same. Yes, you'd expect about 50-100 deaths from AZ if every single aussie gets AZ. That's less than even a small localised covid outbreak. But not everyone will get vaccinated, nor will all get AZ, so the number is dramatically smaller. Getting on a plane to europe has a far greater clotting risk than AZ and most people don't give that a second thought.
  5. Torsten

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    I have already given him a full and complete answer with links and resources (via facebook). he's just too lazy to actually look them up. All he has to do i read the legislation that I provided him a link to. if he's too dumb to do so then he should not question other people's legal interpretations. if he's too lazy then no point providing more information. That's why I am not commenting on the question itself.
  6. Torsten

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Once again a perfect display of your ignorance. None of the dozen or so ethnobotany forums of the last 20 years have survived - except this one. This has been the oldest ethnobotany forum around ever since edot (which was a few months older than us) folded. The nook, edot, ethnobotany cafe, ethnobotany australia, australian ethnobotany, soc de entheogene, spiritplants, lycaeum, waka pacha, somniforum, ora aevum, earthgarden, DMT world, etc (including some of their reincarnations) all gone. The only one from that era still around is the shroomery, but they only did shrooms in those days and i haven't included any single-topic forums like that in my list. The only other google searchable forum that is still around but is quite narrow and hard to get approval for is dmt nexus but they are pretty young in comparison. The vast majority of the research of the 90s and 00s is now only available here. It's amazing how much you think you know when you're ignorant.
  7. Torsten

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    haha wanna elaborate on that? This is hilarious. And the joke is likely completely over Buttsack's head. I hear you got muted on the auction group today for annoying a moderator too much. Such a winning personality.
  8. Torsten

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Good luck with that. Some people just can't be educated. And I've run out of fucks to give.
  9. Torsten

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    Laws are written by humans with little subject knowledge, so there are many discrepancies. Just because the legislators missed something doesn't mean the magistrate will let you off for another. However as for passiflora, you will find an exemption in the SUSMP that overrides the state drug act so your argument is moot. " if you get done for weed they charge you accordingly, you don't get charged for the amount of THC in the leaves " Weed can be charged in 3 ways. Live plant, dried herb, or cannabinoids. eg if the weed is mulled up and a botanist can't positively identify it then you will get done for cannabinoids/THC rather than weed. The legality of selling caapi is not a grey matter whatsoever. It is only in your mind based on your ignorance of the laws. I am not stopping you from breaking the law. I am merely pointing out that you are and that you can't do so on this forum or in the sab FB group. Feel free to ruin your life.
  10. Torsten

    Where's the legislation on caapi legality?

    I linked him to the NSW drug act. Apparently that wasn't accurate enough. Someone who can't find the word harmaline in a document that was provided to them should probably not question other's interpretation of the law as they are ill equipped to do so. I should also mention that he thought unharvested weed was not a drug and that it is legal to grow poppies. He also claimed that the rules can't be found anywhere, so I pointed out that googling 'poppies legality' will serve him the answer as the first hit. Obviously has no idea how to search, how to read, or how to comprehend, but doesn't believe anything he's told. A quick look at his FB timeline told me all I needed to know about where my time is better spent. Enjay, what you linked is the federal law website and in particular the food standards code. This only deals with what's allowed in food or not.
  11. Torsten

    Alternatives to this place?

    The trichocereus auction group has had about 9000 sales in 17 months. Of those just 12 were rip offs (and the offenders have been removed). But yes, you were definitely going to get ripped for a few bucks for seed just because someone wasn't going to cater to your whims (seems a familiar theme). " I never asked you to cater for me " Out of almost 7000 members you are just the 5th to make a personal request to be approved. And the first to follow this up closely with an impatient whine on the forums. Definitely Karen status
  12. Torsten

    Alternatives to this place?

    I approve SAB FB group about once a week. Delays mean most spammer accounts drop off in the meantime, which is important as I no longer check each profile. Some weeks i get busy and skip it. And guess what, I can be busy on FB or even here and still not be obliged to cater to your whims. Glad you got accepted into all those other groups so it won't matter how long this one takes.
  13. Torsten

    Alternatives to this place?

    Wow, a whole week? That's scandalous!! Let me drop everything just to make sure you are not inconvenienced Karen.
  14. Haha, no. I always knew they would be a money pit. 12 Years ago I decided to collect all miniature animals. Mini pigs, donkeys, sheep, goats, and alpacas (which is technically a mini llama). The failed business was a shopfront in Byron Bay. Killer rent, long lease, etc. And it wasn't even a business I wanted (I was supposed to be a silent partner). I got stuck with it when our business partner bailed a year into it and then my partner also left me hanging with it for another 5 years. Lessons learnt
  15. sorry guys. I kinda lost the plot about a year ago and it took me about 9 months to get my sanity back. The previous couple of years had been tough: my house burnt down, my 23 year relationship ended, one of my businesses failed in a protracted way, andyamine suicided under complicated circumstances, and then just as that wrapped up with the memorial camp my dad died ... I knew I was close to not coping, but I had no inkling of just how badly I was going to crash. It was spectacular, LOL. I've been careful about declaring I am all stable again because I had a few relapses, but it's been 5 months since the last one so i think I'm all good now. Sadly this meant i kept putting this year's camp off by a month here and there which got us to august. Just as I decided october long weekend might be good the sydney crew announced a camp towards the end of the year and infinity announced a camp in Nimbin on the same weekend. I am actually glad, because I really don't want to take on any stress at the moment and this situation kinda made it pointless to organise anything this side of 2020. I do prefer august to november for camps because of our climate. More chance of the paddock being dry ;) So I think I will let it go for this year and point everyone at the camp event in Nimbin in a couple of weeks. Ask infinity for details or find the event post he made. The whole point of the NNSW camps that andyamine organised was for new and old members to meet, regardless of who organises the event. Inifinity was at the last one so knows what it's all about. Please let him know of any interest asap. I will focus on setting a date for the 2020 memorial camp early in the year (for august to november sometime) so everyone has maximum time to plan. It will give me a bit more time to relax. Mind you, I am having a little gathering / camp-out on the 26th of october at my place for a totally different purpose, but lots of plant heads are coming to it anyway. So if this interests you please get in touch (preferably on facebook as that's where I am organising it). Anyone interested in tasting what alpaca meat tastes like please feel free to join us. We'll be cooking it in every way imaginable. There'll be drinks and beats. RSVP absolutely required.