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    Legality Of Papaver somniferum in Victoria

    Just don't lance them! Grow them for art and beauty in the back yard. Grow a few only. Spencer's spices from Coles or Woolies are very viable as are the ones from shops such as 'Source Bulk Foods'. For a few bucks you can grow a forest. White ones in Indian shops no good, probably roasted.
  2. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me a few seeds or sell me a small seedling of the touch sensitive plant Mimosa Pudica. I'm in WA but posting a small plant via express mail is no problem. Cheers!
  3. Alchemist

    WTB:Cramp Bark

    Chaps, does anyone have or know where to purchase dry Cramp Bark. Looking for 100g or so of the herb, sent to WA. Cheers
  4. Alchemist

    wtb: Datura inoxa seeds

    Hi Everyone, I'm after some Datura Inoxa seeds which are still viable. Must be the inoxa type only please. Cheers
  5. Although I have been interested in 'mind science' since the late 80's - that is using the power of the mind through visualization to influence the physical world, I have not been able to develop the main skill required to any great depth whatsoever. This mind science is know by many other names, and lately it has been made popular once more by the book/movie ' The Secret'. In reality it is part of the occult. The main problem is that one needs to have very strong visualization skills, being able to see in your minds eye an exact movie of what is 'desired'. So strong that if you so wanted, could include a created image inside your real vision, and remove it at will. Unfortunately when I close my eyes all I see is darkness and although I can think of objects, such as a cube, and even rotate it, I can't at all see it. I see nothing but can 'sense' what I'm thinking of, so long as it is of a basic design. I have tried, but not for long I must admit, techniques such as image streaming, binaural beats, concentrating on after images and others, but after about two to four weeks gave up as I could see no improvements and got psychologically tired of the exercises. I expected some improvement , like when when learning to ride a bike or any other skill but weeks later there no no improvement at all. Tell me, can anyone here, without the use of hallucinogenic substances really imagine something like a flower and see it in full detail whilst awake and not half asleep? Can anyone imagine that flower on a table whilst you are looking at the table and make it look so real that you would swear the flower was actually on the table? I've reached the stage where I'm wondering if these books make good reading but are a lie? Thanks.
  6. Alchemist

    buddhist monk levitation

    I have a very open mind, but in this particular case it was easy for me to come to the conclusion that it was a complete fabrication. The whole show was done by paying the crowd a little money and getting them to go along with the story. I did however enjoy the video to the end and will look for others in the series.
  7. Alchemist

    Location of Catha in Perth

    Friends, the plant I use to very occasionally 'admire' in the nedlands area has been chopped down after probably having been there for 40+ years. It may have happened in the last 3 years for all I know. Hence I've decided to grow my own, before the law changes, and would like to know of any other plant that is still around from which I could take a few cuttings. Apparently there are still a few around but after driving around the nedlands area for two days and not knowing how to identify it quickly from a distance, I've decided to seek help! I'm not going to decimate the tree nor tell anyone else, I just need a few cuttings. If you can help with a location please send me a Personal Message only. Thanks.
  8. Has anyone here got the yellow flowering version of C.Z.?
  9. Yes intitally I tried it as a tea but as the dosae went up I couldn t drink it any longer. So I extracted it with various solvents and ingested the residue left after evaroration. After that failure i resorted to varourising the residue. The plant was from Gomaos which I think originally came from Torsten.
  10. Completely negative C.Z. experience. Worked my way up to 25g extractions, acetone ,ethanol,water in separate experiments. Vapourised theplant and extracts. Probably works well on some, not at all on others.
  11. Yes please do ,very interested. Getting back to the original topic of strong visualization, thank you once again for your posts. It seems that I really have an underdeveloped visual imagination and need to work hard. Its been good to know that some of you are capable of it to a reasonable degree. I shall try the afterimage intensification of a single spot initially and see how go for a few months. If anything it should help me with Astral projection using Ophiel's 'little system'
  12. Alchemist

    Location of Catha in Perth

    Yes, and the other across the road. Giligan what side of river are you ?
  13. Well , I guess I can't see anything spiritual in the scientific research papers that go through my desk , but that's probably just me. Belief in a creator/inteligent force I can easily make myself see, but anything else I can't. I just have to believe in the person who wrote the books and try for myself.
  14. I have seen Randi's videos and very much like the chap. He has a great personality. I am I scientist, and science has improved our physical quality of life dramatically. but having initially liberated us from the chains of religion is now doing its best to destroy all spirituality. Of those who claim to have special abilities, some are schizophrenic, others have great imaginations and some are cheats. I believe that proving something to one's self is all that is required any more is just too difficult.
  15. Whitewind, I cant see a thing with my minds eye. For example this morning I tried to picture a blackboard on which I wrote numbers with chalk , starting with 99. I then wiped the number and wrote the next descending number until I reached 1. I could see nothing but imagined the action, just as you would do in a dark room. Or as you would do writing on the board with the eyes closed. As I wrote, I could see no images. It was all done by imagining the movement involved. If I had to imagine something where no movement is involved then I am stumped. For example to imagine a box I can imagine the straight lines and how I could feel aroud the box. I can't see it. If I had to imagine a rose , I would have in my mind a feeling of a blob because I cant imagine all the angles involved nor how it would feel with my big clumsy hands. IndianDreaming: Yes the 'Secret' was a money making scam, but countless books have been made regarding the fundamental method. She just marketed it well. The books range from Occult books, The masterkey System , The Secret of Success , The power of the subconscious mind. The list is endless. Many intermingle Christianity with the law, (probably to disassociate it with its occult origins), but it all boils down to the law that by imagining what is wanted very strongly, and not aiming too high initially, the astral plane (which is all thought) begins to act on the physical. I don't necessarily believe it, but would love to try it.
  16. Thanks for the posts people, keep them coming as I am digesting it all. To clarify, it is apparently possible to develop the visualization skill to such an extent that one can imagine anything and see it with eyes open. As a side exercise one must also practice removing the image deliberately to avoid going mad. I came across this concept while reading an occult book twenty years ago (not dark force material, but how to influence things of this world). It stated that before any magic work can ever work, the person must develop such a strong skill. Without it none of the spells, wishes and dreams come true. I came across a similar concept again reading Ophiel's excellent books on creative visualization and again in a more random way while reading all sorts of material from obtaining prophecies to astral projection on the etheric plane. I once asked a person who was practicing reki and she claimed she could immediately picture an object and see it on the table. She seemed puzzled that I could not do that and though that I was the one telling fibs. Books say anyone can achieve this, it seems to need a herculean effort on my part. After researching for years I believe that such a skill is not just a novelty but can be used to enhace ones life in a dramatic way. That's why I'd like to know if anyone here has such a skill, even a weaker one.
  17. Alchemist

    Looking for a wheatgrass juicer

    G'day folks, due to some health problems, I've decided to try wheatgrass juice for a year. I already have a centrifugal juicer, but it is next to useless for juicing grass. To my horror, a hand powered wheatgrass juicer sold at a juice shop costs 120 dollars. I cant afford to spend this much so I'm wondering if anyone out there has a second hand one for a reasonable price, or knows where I can get one. Email: [email protected] Cheers :confused:
  18. Alchemist

    Took 25g Calea

    I've taken 3-5g of dry calea (good quality, green with nice smell) for a week now, just before going to bed and nothing at all changed with my dreams.Before this I have tried teas, extracts, vaporisation and god knows what else to no avail. So a few days ago I decided to go for a big dose. I extracted 25g of the stuff with methanol in a soxhlet. After evaporating the methanol overnight and then for a 10 mins at 70C in an oven, I got 8 g of resin. The left over leaves weighed 17g was brown and no longer bitter. The 8g shocked me as it expected some 3g if the same plant was used as in the dream study journal article found on the web (hexane+methanol extracts together) I took the green blob last night and felt no difference in the hour going to bed and bugger all dreams. The only difference was waking up after 3 hours to do a number 2 all thanks to its laxative properties. I am very disappointed indeed. I have Mugwort to try next,I hope it does something....
  19. Alchemist

    Took 25g Calea

    Yeah, perhaps I am. Never know what pandoras box I could open up for myself... Quick update on the Mugwort, its doing sweet FA as well. 3 heaped tablespoons left in a cup of hot water for 30 mins. Tea is brownish in colour, tastes quite nice, and leaves a very mild burning feeling in the mouth and throat. Thats about all it does. I must be immune to these mild herbs??
  20. Alchemist

    Took 25g Calea

    I made a tea from the 17g (6 heaped table spoons) of left over from the extraction. Tasted very nice. No Dreams! Now been trying Mugwort tea for 3 days. 3 tablespoons per hot cup of water. Much nicer than calea tea!!! Quite a few dreams but recall and vividness not great. With calea seemed dreams were repressed.
  21. Alchemist

    Took 25g Calea

    I can usually dream quite well and its always in colour. Recall is not so good .I can't visualise for peanuts while awake and there is no such thing as a hypnogogic state. One minute I'm up, next minute I'm either dead or dreaming. Thinking is verbal although I can get an 'outline' of the objects but never a photographic image. The calea really did nothing at all awake or asleep. ............................ Thanks for the Nicotine tip. I will keep that in mind for sure. A friend is taking St. John's wort and is fed up of the quantity and intensity of her dreams so that is another I will add to the list as I systematically go through them. I know that silene capensis is another one but my internet reading so far hinted that it could be another sus one. Calea wise I will make a tea with the 17g left overs and try that out.
  22. Alchemist

    Took 25g Calea

    I think the US has the problem with fakes. I'm very sure what we have here is Calea Ternifolia Kunth. because it is the only calea species with white flowers. Calea Ternifolia Kunth. should be the same as Calea Zacatechichi Schltdl. However I have never read that zac. has white flowers. In fact two books say it has yellow or orange flowers. This is one with orange flowers http://www.erowid.org/library/books_online/golden_guide/g151-160.shtml Its all very confusing for me.
  23. Alchemist

    Calea Urticifolia

    I need help finding a plant, cutting or even seeds of Calea Urticifolia It is strikingly similar to C. zacatechichi but has yellow flowers. I have googled a fair bit but ran into dead ends. How does someone find a plant/seed supplier in the world of rare plants????
  24. Alchemist

    Calea Urticifolia

    Thanks mate, I'll try them out.
  25. Chaps, I'm after 20-50g of good quality Calea Zacatechichi. Preferably from a batch that has been tried and found to give the heart thumping sensation. Thanks.