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    Townsville tricos

    Hello all, it's been awhile. Hope everyone's well. I'm currently residing in Townsville and have some beautiful tricos I need to sell, most are to big to post so pick up would be preferred. PM me for details. Regards Jox.. .
  2. I don't see a lot of talk on here about orchids & I was wondering if there are any hardcore orchid grows. I keep a few different kinds that I have picked up at shows (impulse buys ) & have a few native spps as well. You could call me a orchid collector not grower, haha. The reason for asking is, I am looking for someone who knows how to grow/germinate orchid seeds, I have access to some Dendrobium speciosum v tarberi (King orchid) seedpods. They are still attached to the orchid & will open in the few weeks. If anyone knows how to grow them & are keen let me know & I will get you some . Cheers jox
  3. I would like to start a thread were we can put up photos of our grafts, I will be putting photos here of my grafts & trying to update when necessary. I will be trying to give the most accurate details of each graft. I encourage others to put there photos here. I will start with my Lophophora grafts. These seeds came as mixed L. williamsii & were sown on the 18/4/12, I grafted two of them onto Peres at about four months old 13/8/12. 1st L.williamsii photo taken 13/8/12 Photo taken 23/2/13 scion is 2.4cm wide 2nd L.williamsii Photo taken 13/8/12 Photo taken 23/2/13 scion is 1.5cm wide This next lot of Lophophora seeds were sown on the 3/11/12, I grafted them onto Peres on the 29/1/13 so they are only new & I will have to update in a month or so. Two L.fricci Photo taken 23/2/13 Two L.jourdaniana Photo taken 23/2/13 Two L.koehresii Photo taken 23/2/13 1st looks normal 2nd looks like it may be variegated One L.ziegleri Photo taken 23/2/13 One L.decipiens Photo taken 23/2/13 Thanks for looking & please add your photos & experiences . Cheers jox
  4. Came across this beautiful epiphytic cactus today & had a couple of questions, I'm pretty sure it a Selenicereus of some kind, can anyone tell me what kind, or how to key out this species? It is getting flower buds so this may help with a positive ID when they open, this raises my next question, do all Selenicereus spp flower at night like grandiflorus or some flower during the day? Last question, is Selenicereus a good stock for grafting? Its growing in the branches of a big jacaranda. You can see the flower buds in these photos. Closer photos of the stem. Any feedback would be appreciated Cherrs jox.
  5. Hey all, it's been awhile since I've posted here but am planing on getting back to my friends here. Anyway I am planning on selling some of my special plants. I have pretty much anything & everything , the only catch is plants will have to be picked up from the goldy. If you are interested in expanding your collection & can get to the gold coast send me a message with your wish list & we can work something out. Cheers Jox
  6. I would like to start a tread were people can give examples of there success & failures with cactus hybridization. I know there are quite a few enthusiastic pollinators amongst us & this is a subject hard to find good information on. The idea would be to give examples of two different genus of cactus you try to hybridize not two species or sub-species that you crossbreed. I am very keen to hear from other people on this topic & if anyone has questions or ideas on this subject or would like to ask about a hybrid they want to attempt please do so. I will start with a question about making a hybrid Turbinicarpus / Copiapoa, has anyone heard of this been done with any success? Today I had a T.lophophoroides & a C.hypogaea flowering so I have pollinated both with the others pollen, I have tried to self pollinate both these plants before with no success so I am thinking if ether one produces a fruit there could be a high chance of hybridization. I have a feeling if this had been done with any success before I would probably be able to find something about it, so I doubt it will work . I look forward to reading other peoples hybridization attempts, successes & failures. Cheers Jox
  7. Jox

    Stapelia Thread

    Not sure if many members here collect Stapelia species? I thought I would put up some pics of my S. leendertziae flowering for all to see. If anyone collects these stinky succulents please fell free to add your species & pics. S.leendertziae growing in the garden. S. leendertziae bud starting to open this morning Four hours later I have this plant for trade or sale if anyone is interested. Cheers jox
  8. Jox

    Copiapoa hypogea.

    Hi all, Just a quick question about my C. hypogea, can someone tell me if this species is self-fertile? I have been reading up about it but can't find a answer & I'm keen to know as my has flower buds developing & I would love to get some seed from it. Cheers jox
  9. Hey guys, I took my kids for a walk thought some local markets today & found a little stall selling & huge range of heirloom & organic seeds. I see there are a lot of members here looking for these kind of seeds so I stopped to have a talk to them, I found out they are from to local company's. I grabbed a 2013/14 catalog ( 100+ pages) & am surprised by there range, anyway I thought I would put there info here in case others were interested . Eden seeds (Australia's finest range of heirloom seeds since 1986) www.EdenSeeds.com.au Select Organic (Certified Organic Seeds) www.SelectOrganic.com.au Cheers Jox
  10. Jox

    My first apple!

    Well one of my cross pollination attempts has worked & it's looking like I will end up with an apple . I took pollen from a cactus I have labeled as Cereus peruvianus (please tell me if you think it's C. peru or another type of Cereus) & put it over a flower on my Cereus hindmannianus monstrose. After two days the flower head fell of, leaving the base, now the base is getting bigger by the day. DAD MUM With a bit of luck I will end up with an apple, & some fresh seed . If anyone is interested in growing this X let me know as there should be some monstrose babies amongst the seed. Cheers jox
  11. Jox

    Lophophora Hybrids

    Hi all, I know this is an old post but I would like to see how things are going. I have read Kadakuda's papers and this year got the chance to try crossing my fricii and Koehresii both ways. I did this about 3 months ago (will add dates and photos in next few days) and it's seems I have had the opposite result, the fricii excepted to pollen from the koehresii and set a fruit with seeds , the koehresii has not produced any fruits. Have others had any luck with fricii excepting koehresii pollen? Cheers Jox
  12. That is a good wright up rc, it pretty much sums up the run around the goldy to mate . I have not been for a walk yet as I know it is still to dry to find any decent finds, we have had a few showers but it has not even been enough to green up the grass. Does anyone know how to do a rain dance? We really need the summer rains to kick in .
  13. I have had hard grown L.fricci's split a few weeks after feeding ferts ( 2 so far), L. williamsii seem to handle the ferts ok. My tricho's love being feed !!
  14. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    I had a great arvo catching up with mates & meeting/making new mates , also scored some very nice plants which is always a bonus. I must say I have wondered about inviting strangers around to my house & to be honest people have tried to advise me against it but every time I do one of these meets I am amazed at how good natured, courteous & respectful everyone is. I new most of the people coming & now I have meet doublebenno & The Ban Man I can say they are people I truly look forward catching up with more often. Thanks to everyone for turning up & making it a very nice arvo, if any of you are ever passing by fill free to drop in. Regards Jox
  15. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Not to late mate, hope to see you here. Should be a good turn out if the heat doesn't scare people away. Cheers Jox
  16. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    I hope this means your keen mate ! Send me a PM for more details. Cheers Jox
  17. Jox

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Hey all, I have a couple of members heading over Sunday arvo (16/11/14) to swap some plants,have a feed & a few drinks. If you are keen to come along fill free to send me a pm & I will give you my addy, I am down sizing my collection so there will be cacti looking for a new home. Don't be shy, should be a good arvo. Regards Jox
  18. Hey Gollum, like 2Deep said it's good to see you around again . I could help you with a jourd's, I have a grafted one here that pups all the time. If your interested let me know, I have just been taking the pups off & letting them root in sand but I can graft if you would prefer. Take care, talk soon. Cheers Jox
  19. Another suggestion would be to use a reflector behind your lights and get some panda film for the walls. This will give you much better lighting in your grow box.
  20. Soft, hard, how would you like me to pose?
  21. Jox

    What's eating you pup?

    Could it be possibly it could of split from all the rain? I have had this happen to smaller cacti that are growing well & get a lot of water.
  22. Hey mate, it sounds like a frustrating situation . From the information you have given it seems the seeds are germinating & using all there energy & then failing to get more, this would mean the roots aren't taking up food or are rotting. The other source of energy is light, it sounds like the soil should not be the problem, you have also said that you are careful with your watering so this makes me wonder about the light yours seedlings are getting. Min & max temps are also something that can cause dramas for seedlings. Good luck working this out. Cheers Jox
  23. The king, Hostilis Alberto . Hey mate, I am not sure how old my plant is as I got it last year as a mature plant. I have done a fair bit of reading about these since there discovery, I think your three locations look the way they should including the flowers. As far as I know Alberto has been placed in the Diffusae section of Lophophora along with koehresii, fricii & diffusa so if you are thinking they or there flowers look a bit fricii it is because there are suppose to. This would also mean it should not cross with williamsii. A basic description of alberto, Flower: color range is from almost white to pale pink with a darker mid stripe, it is very similar to L. koehresii the only differences being alberto can have rounded tepals & the bud forms differently. Growth: Alberto grows similarly to koehresii, the areoles radiate from the apical meristem, it differs from koehresii in that it never gets as many ribs, alberto has an average of 5 ribs rarely up to 8. Color: This is were alberto is different from koehresii & a lot more like fricii, alberto has a grey/mauve, greenish/violet epidermis & never get a dark bold green color like koehresii. The thing that sets alberto apart from its other Diffusae cousins is obviously its size at maturity, the seeds have very distinct differences as well. Hey planthelper, I have read your comments & am now wondering how you have come to this conclusion. I highly doubt your seeds would be alberto crosses & if they were how would only one not be? I would say they are albertos or they are not, how big is the biggest one & when were they sown? I grow a lot of cacti from seed & it is very common for the same batch of seeds to grow at very different rates, I have L.williamsii here that were sown three years ago some of these plants are pushing 4cm others are still smaller than my alberto, all the seeds are from one seed pod & have all been grow in exactly the same conditions. Cheers Jox
  24. Great looking grafts hostilis. I have a hard grown alberto that is about to flower, here a some photos of the little bud developing. Its a tiny little loph, here is a photo of it next to a 5 cent coin I will update with photos as the flower develops. Cheers Jox
  25. Jox

    Anonymous Friend No More.

    LOL, sorry for my shitty spelling. I understand why you & Anodyne replied to my comment as I do sound very one sided. I am fully aware that some most of the biggest crooks are the wealthy. My comment was based on a conversation I have with one off my relatives who is a single mother & thinks she is very smart living in a government house paying cheap rent collecting money for her two children which she proudly tells us she had for the money, she is happy to steal at any opportunity & now gets her kids to help . Anyway enough of that, I am sorry for the way I came across. Cheers Jox