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  1. crikey

    Wanted: cube prints 4 microscopy

    Cubensis, the larger variety with the faint white 'fairy dots'. Prints are on acid free parchment.
  2. OP; Absolute fucking bollocks, grow your own weed, and grow up while your at it……your problems are you are selfish and childish and this is exacerbated by your alcohol abuse. Go join a church, or a football club, or any other place thats not here….. oh yeah, and go tell all that to ya "friend'.
  3. Please someone….end this horrible thread……..what a bunch of fucking rubbish. "Friend" wtf, this is totally schizoid ! Fucking get off the piss, its the cause of every fuckwits problem, your no different. Crikey _out!
  4. crikey

    Plants in Queensland?

    Yes, its been years since I revised my personal plant logs, and in those years, botanists have reclassified and even renamed many of my plants......Im just not sure that anyone who isnt a botanist, could possibly be at fault if in the last 20 years, some of the plants in their gardens have been renamed and legally re-classified. That is to say, "When I planted it, it was called by another name, and it was never legally restricted".