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  1. xoma

    Show off your freaks

    What a buthead....
  2. xoma


    Lill update on the new revert.... :-) Neat ay!? Have a nice weekend folks and best regards... Xoma
  3. xoma

    Show off your freaks

  4. xoma


    Well almost cant believe it but another pup is showing more then 3 aerols in a rib which is a sign for a revert in my book. Neat ay!?
  5. xoma

    Moringa oleifera

    Hi saylor If I understand right you have got seeds of Moringa oleifera to giveaway/trade? I am quite interessted. Have a nice day! Xoma
  6. xoma

    Moringa oleifera

    Hi saylor If I understand right you have got seeds of Moringa oleifera to giveaway/trade? I am quite interessted. Have a nice day! Xoma
  7. xoma


    Thanks for the input...but I still do not understand. ^^ doubleben?? Do you wanna see more pics of mine or Sina? Whatever... I just took some recent pixs of mine.... :-) That's the same clone the revert formed from... This is the original plant where the revert formed: This is the cutting of the plant above: And one picture with both on it: Have a nice sunny weekend!! Cheerio Xoma
  8. xoma


    Hi MasterB...picture 7 is the first column that reverted...picture 6 is it's top. Cool! Any pictures of Sina outthere? :-) What does DB stand for? Terminating?
  9. xoma


    Hi there cactipeople I've posted my TBM revert in the mutant thread before but i feel this topic deserves its own...right!? I've never heard of anyone before that their TBM has started to form columns that are growing "normal" like this: Has this happened to another TBM outthere? I'd love to see pictures! How do you see it's chances to ever flower? Have a nice day! Cheerio Xoma
  10. xoma

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Some graties I'd like to share with the lovely community.... :-) Greetings to your cacti and have a nice day!!
  11. xoma

    Show off your freaks

    A litlle TPM cross crest....
  12. xoma

    Show off your freaks

    A TPM cross going nuts... :-)
  13. xoma


    Hi olive and others... :-) Great efford you do there! Thank you again for spreading the love! Since any mold etc. can quickly kill little cacti seedlings I was just wondering if anyone of you does some sort of seed treatment on your cacti seeds? It's worse the work especially if you have harvested in the quantities you did and you want as many as possible to live! I found that some seed batches are really contaminated and others not so much. It would be nice if most breeders would do that and tell the people, (Good selling point!?)...even tho I started sterilizing my seeds again right before sowing. The less bad microbes the better...but I'm still experimenting what the best method is in my view. I think it would not hurt wash the seeds for about 20 min in a 1% solution of h2o2 where you could also add some alcohol or Kaliumpermanganat remove and dry them. I guess there or other options as well and I would love to hear your methodes/option/ideas. After drying it could also help to inoculated them with some beneficial microbes before storing. (Only a tiny amount is needed.) But the people who get the seeds do have to know this so they do not clean them again. Interesstingly some plants do carry their beneficial microbes in their seeds...but I guess cacti do not!? Just some ideas...have a nice day folks! Xoma
  14. xoma


    Sorry for the the miltiple posts...had some connection issues Is it possible to remove them somehow?