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  1. slice

    MSS Signing Off

    there is a police file available on the internet too, there is a relevant detail here, apparently he worked in a school. soo its fuking twisted... lesson learnt : never trust a cactus expert again.
  2. I really wanted some seed, are they over? sent you a message on fb
  3. slice

    Psycho0 x Pachanoi

    Its been a while but here is an update. Short spined pheno is the one that intrgues me the most, would like to see the father, the "pachanoi" used. I suspect it could be a so called "pc" or a spineless bridgesii, not nessesarely different things What I see in the short spined pheno is a spineless bridge and not a typical bridge x pach cross.
  4. slice


    here is a list of what I got : Scopulicola(FR911) x Pachanoi “Lima” Pachanoi (KD) “Juuls´s Giant” x “Huancabamba” F2 (“S02” x “Juuls Giant”) x (Bridgesii “Psycho0” x Pachanoi) (“Psycho0” x Pachanoi) x Peruvianus “Barracuda” (“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x (“Psycho” x Pachanoi) (“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x Short Spine Peruvianus (“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) xPachanoi “Colombo” (“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x Peruvianus “Barracuda” (“Juuls Giant” x “Huancabamba”) x Bridgesii “Playa Bonita” (KD) Bridgesii “3392” x Short Spine Peruvianus “Mystic” Short Spine Peruvianus “Mystic” x Bridgesii “3392”
  5. Hi everyone, This season I made a few crosses, available here: https://www.aplantis.net/shop/ cheers!
  6. sorry bro, mistake right there. you can see the complete list here: https://www.aplantis.net/shop/ cheers
  7. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=262585710162&globalID=EBAY-ES
  8. very cool EG! im interested for sure, we can continue in the chat later. see ya
  9. Trichocereus hybrids seeds for trade (for non trichocereus seeds, succulents preferred but other seeds are wellcome.) Will edit this post creating the full list in the next few days. 1-3 year old seeds I probably wont sow by now, too many hybrids all ready. x20/30 seed packets. Shipping worldwide. Germination should be good. These are from my Zelly´s archive. BridgesiixValidus KimnachxS002/SS01 Juul´s GiantxS01/SS02 Juul´sxBridgesii, HuanucoensisxMacrogonus, ScopoliculaxMacrogonus, Juul´sxMacrogonus, HuanucoensisxBridgesii,
  10. I invite you to wach this video and comment.