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Found 12 results

  1. Scarecrow

    My collection so far...

    It's been a few years, but since summer started everything in my new greenhouse is exploding and my collection is finally starting to be worth showing. Big thanks to the Melbourne folks who helped me get a lot of these together toward the start... I'll be coming back to the meets with something to share in the near future Ephedra sinica, sprouting from fresh seed. I found a research article with a propagation technique that had a high success rate and stuck to that. Used ordinary potting mix; made small indents in the soil about half an inch deep, put a seed in each, then gently dusted over it with a 50/50 mix of soil and propagation sand to lightly cover them. Keeping them in my greenhouse for now and spraying them once a day... I will move them out soon, I'm hoping for a few more babies to pop up. I used a nice deep pot after reading somewhere here that they tend to grow roots downward rather than outward. Would appreciate if anyone can verify the ID on these! Goji. I'm surprised how resilient these are. They were both basically twigs when I got them and kept losing all their leaves every few months, but they somehow bounced back every time. I repotted them before summer and have been giving them a lot of water, and one of them has even started flowering! I don't know if this means it will fruit soon or if I need to do something to make that happen, though. Valerian? The leaves don't look right to me. I harvested this and split the root a few years back and it started growing again recently. Still not entirely sure if the valerian is making a comeback or if this is just some weed. In any case I'll find out when I try to harvest it again... I nearly fell asleep cleaning the roots last time. The oils are super potent when it's fresh. Turmeric. Woefully neglected. Honestly I thought these were dead a long time ago... I don't know why these are still alive, but I'll take it. B. Caapi is producing more vine material than I know what to do with. Also surprising me with how resilient it is... it's seen some rough days prior to my acquisition of a new greenhouse. Psychotria Carthagenensis is looking lively lately too. Brugmansias are making progress as well, with another Psychotria in the back there. Again, you can see that I had no idea what to do with these cuttings. Somehow it worked out anyway. Succulent friends... you can probably tell I had no idea what I was doing when I was potting these cuttings, but I've since learned my lesson. Progress has been slow with the trichos as a result, and I think I ought to repot them properly in the near future. The pereskiopsis only very recently started actually growing, so I might leave it alone for now. Bastard things tried to kill me when we first met anyway. And last but not least... Sally D. The only one left of about 5 cuttings... it's also seen some hard times but it's finally thriving. In case anyone was wondering, the Kava Kava didn't make it
  2. Hey folks, found this guy growing in SE QLD. Looks like datura/brugmansia is anyone able to confirm and if so able to tell me what species of either it might be? Thanks
  3. hey u lot, i have a little teaser till the big spring sale which i will be doing soon. i have a few hard to find plants for sale also i have a mix of named brugmansia unrooted cuts for sale . [aureas, doubles, and more] AND i have fresh plant material for tinctures/smoke blends . please pm to get the list on the 'hard to find plants''. brug cuts are 6 bucks plus postage. cheeeeerz
  4. I can compensate with cash or through trade . As the title above states iam Looking for any variant of the Iochroma plant Thanks for reading this
  5. hey i have a couple of rooted cuts.. $15 plus postage or trade ecuador pink GONE..... and a rare aurea GONE
  6. Can anyone tell me have Brugmansia of all varieties been Banned made illegal to grow as a collector? And the same question again but for Ephedra viridis and Ephedra gerardiana? I
  7. bullit

    brugmansia problems

    in september last year[2012] i bought a hot pink brugmansia plant . when i got it it looked pretty sick but i put it with a group of my brugs . after a month or so i saw my other brugs looking the same so i decided to treat all my brugs with pesticides 4 1 month ... after all this time still no results soo i sent sum pics to steven from sacred garden angel trumpets and sum pics to ibrugs forum.. some came back [as i expected] it may be a viral disease .. i have been holding back 4 awhile coz the plant can live with a disease giving if u give the plants optimal health [water,fert etc] but i have gave up and now ripped out most of my collection i understand people make mistakes ..
  8. Picked this up at a market for $15. Despite my best attempt I could only make out 2 words: "Rare" and "Jerusalem". I have no idea if either are of any help - I just bought it because of the pretty flowers (albeit the only one on it is a bit old) The leaves are kinda fuzzy and the flower smells absolutely amazing. Hopefully with a bit of TLC it'll turn out nicely
  9. at0m


    These issues have been around for a few weeks now. I kept putting off posting here but now it's time: Soil: Osmocote standard potting mix Watering: once or twice a week Conditions: Outside. Full sun in the morning, half-sun thereafter. http://imgur.com/a/ggFlR I haven't spotted any pests or eggs on it or even around it since I got it. Let me know if you need more info.
  10. Ok i inherited a few new brugs today and some pollen for my hybrid endeavours :D Have a pretty fair idea but would like confirmation on them please if possible. They should all be relatively standard clones and the lady said she brought them up from melbourne some 10 years ago. This one is labelled as 'Apricot Datura' The flowers and leaves kind of match up with B. Versicolor 'Apricot' as shown here (slightly longer flowers than most seems the biggest giveaway) But in reality i have no idea. Leaves feel 'furryier' than my aureas or suavolens, more like a candida. any ideas? Brugmansia Candida 'Double White' Brugmansia Aurea 'Yellow' (i am 99% sure it is identical to every pic i see of it anyways) although the flowers seem a lot more curled than my Aurea White, are the whites typically known to have straightdown type flowers?
  11. DarkSpark

    Brugmansia Pollen

    I am looking for some brugmansia pollen to try and hybridise some of my pure species as well as to further work on the hybrid i currently have. I would idelaly like a pink, peach, or similar brightly colored cultivar if possible. At present the planned first run of hybrids will be (Brugmansia Aurea 'yellow' x Brugmansia Suavolens) x Brugmansia Aurea 'White' (Brugmansia Aurea 'yellow' x Brugmansia Suavolens) x Brugmansia Candida 'Single White' Brugmansia Aurea 'White' x Brugmansia Candida Brugmansia Aurea 'Yellow' x (Brugmansia Aurea 'yellow' x Brugmansia Suavolens) I would like to add a few extras in there if someone could sell, trade or donate me some pollen. I wont need it for around 1-2 weeks so no real rush.