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  1. Yes, it's a bit of long shot. Though I'm pretty sure he'd remember the occasion as he gave me and my friend his last 20 or so cacti. I remember his first name but I don't know if he's on SAB though it seems pretty likely that he would be, being such a keen collector. I was just wondering if I was to use his first name here, if he or someone else would feel that I'd compromised their privacy. And yes, not on FB. Never was, never will be... Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys! I'll change the listings though I'd feel unconformable putting my name to it considering all I've done is keep it alive and cloned it. I'd really like to ask the guy who gave it to me. Do you think it's a bad idea to mention peoples first names here it I was to have ago at tracking him down?
  3. Hi everyone! I've had these guys for almost ten years. I've been pretty sure they are Peruvianus and recently I came across this picture and thought it was a match: https://trichocereus.net/sharxx-blue-trichocereus-peruvianus Have a look at a couple of pictures and see what you think. Many thanks.
  4. Hi guys! Thanks for your replys. I've only had this one for maybe three months, so I'm not sure if it's flowered in the past. It had a couple of those marks on one of the pups when I got it and since then it had spread to the rest of the graft. It's been living on a window sill for most of that time and has only recently moved out to the garden. Will try some alcohol and maybe a dryer spot. Many thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone could help me make this beautiful graft a little healthier? Many thanks is advance.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to find someone with banisteriopsis caapi, preferably more than four years old, who is willing to swap some for some cuttings. I have pscho0, yowie, PC, strandard Bridgesii and TBM, and lots of it.
  7. Hello, I have a whole bunch of different Trichocereus up for sale. There's bridgesii, pachanoi, peruvianus, bridgesii semi monstrose, bridgesii psycho0 and probably a lot more (not a 100% on the diffrent clones). Mostly selling cuttings but also have some in pots and would also be willing to dig up some of the pachanoi's. Prices start at $1 a cm but will sell for a lot less if you buy in bulk. I'm happy to post (at your cost) or deliver wihtin Melbourne if you're looking for larger quantities. Let me know if you're interested.