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Found 24 results

  1. -RC-

    Harvesting caapi?

    Hi all, I have some questions around the harvesting of banesteriopsis caapi vine. What is the process involved in harvesting the vine? Do people only cut it back so far? Is the material then dried? If so how? What thickness is a go/no go? Do people generally keep leaves and all, or just vine? Any info around this would be greatly illuminating. Cheers, RC
  2. Hi all, Looking for a caapi or calea cutting/plant in Victoria. I have a variety of trades available. Pls pm if u grow caapi in Victoria, been wanting to grow her for ages cant find a plant though and herbalistics and SAB are way too expensive with shipping. Cheers Good Growing Irpini
  3. Hi all, I'd really appreciate some advice... Most of my Viridis and Caapi's are happy and healthy.. but the tips of the leaves of one of my newest PV - DX10 are browning off (see pic). I only potted him 2 weeks ago, and I did add a bit of seaweed/fert - have i burnt it? I used the same pH 6 soil mix for three others and they are doing ok. Maybe the soil is too soaked? Its quite wet when i put a finger in the the drainage holes. Should I repot? I don't think it looks like bact/fungal infection - no need to chop the brown bits off? Also one of my tucanaca Cappi went gangbusters and grew from 20 cm to 1m in a week or so - I'm wondering if she is 'stretching for light' - the distance between nodes is almost 30cm. I've removed some of the shade cloth from the greenhouse roof - but all of the other Caapi's (including another tucanaca) with identical light/heat/humidity/soil conditions are still about 20 - 30cm...why has this one decided to walk towards the light? Cheers!
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Spotty Caapi!

    Hey all! Does anyone know what these spots are on my Caapi plant?
  5. TheMooseZeus

    Looking for rooted cuttings!

    Hi all! I'm looking for the rooted cuttings of Psychotria Viridis Banisteriopsis caapi And Passiflora incarnata (I will also happily accept seeds for these little guys) I was thinking $15 for each cutting and as for incarnata seeds, $5 - 6? Please PM me if you could help me out and we can discuss prices
  6. Irpini

    Caapi Wanted

    Hi all , Just wondering if anyone willing to trade or sell some of their B.Caapi seeds or even a cutting. Been wanting to grow this sacred plant for years but i havent been able to get my hands on one. Thank you very much, Good Growing Irpini
  7. Hi All, I'm new to ethnobotany and to this community, and am trying my hand at growing some caapi and viridis, I've got a few varieties of each. I'm in Melbourne and have set up a greenhouse. My temps range from 14 - 36c and humidity from 60 - 80%, I've lined the inside with 70% UV block shade cloth, and some lattice for the vines to climb. All the plants are still in pots, when the weather warms up a bit I will transplant the caapi into the ground. I'm getting some good growth from my caapi's, but I've got a problem with ?aphids (see pic attached) I tried some appropriately diluted eco oil on one of the caapi plants, but it killed off all the new shoots and baby leaves. I've ordered some Green Lacewing bugs in the hope they will get the problem under control. In the meantime I'm just manually cleaning the leaves and squishing the bugs between my finger, but I can't get into all the little nooks and crannies. Does anyone have any other suggestions to get rid of these things? My Vidiris on the other hand are showing no signs of growth. I've got Chacruna and UDV. I know they are slow growers, and I didn't have my greenhouse setup when I got them, so they had to endure some very cold nights, I'm worried the cold stunted them. The leaves they have look healthy enough, but no new growth. I'm working on getting some Nexus and DW10 variants, in the hope they will be a bit faster growing, and more cold tolerant - and can go straight into a nice cushy greenhouse. Any suggestions of breathing some life into my Vidiris? This is what I've put together so far on each plant; Caapi; Sun: Part Shade Cold: Variant dependent - die at 4c, like min 15c night temps and day temps of 24c for growth Soil: Humus Rich, moist, well draining soil - needs root space (prefers ground not pot) Water: Thirsty plant - can be watered daily Fertilizer: Plant is a heavy nitrogen feeder - Fish Emulsifer pH: 5.5 Humidity: Likes 90% Pruning Info: 50g / 1ft long 1" thick section. At end of growing season, not from the bottom 3ft of plant. Vidiris: Sun: 70% shade Cold: Doesn't tolerate well Soil: Loam Rich, moist, well draining soil Fertilizer: Seaweed - Maxicrop pH: 5.5 Humidity: Likes Pruning Info: 50g fresh weight of mature leaves at sunset Does that seem about right? I really appreciate any feedback or tips to help me along the first few steps of this beautiful journey. Cheers!
  8. TheMooseZeus

    Should I give up on Caapi seeds?

    I ordered and planted five Caapi seeds ~6 weeks ago from herbalistics. The website says 21 days max. I emailed the people who work there and they said "yes generally if they are going to germinate it will be in 3 weeks" Should i give up or is there still hope? Has anyone germinated herbalistics caapi seeds with success Makes me worry about my P. Viridis seeds from them too
  9. Hi friends, i have a caapi vine taking over my green house but have no intentions of using it in the near future . i have been wondering if there is any use for dried leaf and stem or is all the goodness lost when dried?
  10. Strontium Dawg

    Microdosing Caapi

    Hi all, I am about to start a course of daily doses of caapi to assist with treating anxiety and depression. I brewed up 50g of vine today, and plan to space this over a week, taking the equivalent of around 7g of vine daily in a tea. My brew was a simple water brew with only a tiny squeeze of lemon added at the start, and it was made with love and attention, I sang a few songs to it while cooking and also blew some palo santo smoke over it at the end. My hope is that it helps me break free from some bad mental patterns that are plaguing me lately, and I'll assess progress after a week. If things are going well, I will extend my course. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, and I'm happy to receive PMs or you can post them here. I also have Rue, but I am starting this experiment with Mama Caapi as I wish to develop a close working relationship with her, and have heard some good results. I'll try to post daily here as to how I am feeling and I hope this may eventually serve as a resource for others who may wish to try this path. I have taken SSRI's in the past, but they leave me feeling hollow and mediocre, like the feeling I used to have days after heavy Raving. I plan to make other changes in my life to complement this path, but one step at a time. Let's do this. I have a good feeling about it. Lots of love, G.
  11. Hey folks. Not sure where to start... I'd cut a piece of caapi accidentally (only a small stem) when trying to prune back an intrusive vine. I didn't think much of it and stuck it in a pot on my back verandah. I only noticed a week ago how damn healthy it looked given I'd forgotten putting it in soil or looking after it to be honest. It's flourishing and so healthy - I'll try to upload photos in the daytime. I'm interested to know if any SABers would like a cutting with roots - I just have the one at the moment as it was a spur of the moment thing to put it in a pot. Ideally I'd like to send these out (ready to go in the ground or a pot depending on your climate.) If you would like some caapi then all I would ask in return is that you send me a pre-addressed express envelope. WHY? It's so easy for me to do and I'd love to contribute to the SAB community whom I've been a part of for eighteen years (yikes!) and I've learned so much from. I honestly can't recall when I put that first small caapi stem in a pot - definitely no longer then the beginning of the year. So I don't know exactly how long it would take from taking a cutting and putting in soil before it forms roots and is flourishing. I'll do my upmost to not be such a freakin slacker in terms of visiting the forums. I'll take some photos of the rooted caapi stem tomorrow in daylight and post here.
  12. Scarecrow

    My collection so far...

    It's been a few years, but since summer started everything in my new greenhouse is exploding and my collection is finally starting to be worth showing. Big thanks to the Melbourne folks who helped me get a lot of these together toward the start... I'll be coming back to the meets with something to share in the near future Ephedra sinica, sprouting from fresh seed. I found a research article with a propagation technique that had a high success rate and stuck to that. Used ordinary potting mix; made small indents in the soil about half an inch deep, put a seed in each, then gently dusted over it with a 50/50 mix of soil and propagation sand to lightly cover them. Keeping them in my greenhouse for now and spraying them once a day... I will move them out soon, I'm hoping for a few more babies to pop up. I used a nice deep pot after reading somewhere here that they tend to grow roots downward rather than outward. Would appreciate if anyone can verify the ID on these! Goji. I'm surprised how resilient these are. They were both basically twigs when I got them and kept losing all their leaves every few months, but they somehow bounced back every time. I repotted them before summer and have been giving them a lot of water, and one of them has even started flowering! I don't know if this means it will fruit soon or if I need to do something to make that happen, though. Valerian? The leaves don't look right to me. I harvested this and split the root a few years back and it started growing again recently. Still not entirely sure if the valerian is making a comeback or if this is just some weed. In any case I'll find out when I try to harvest it again... I nearly fell asleep cleaning the roots last time. The oils are super potent when it's fresh. Turmeric. Woefully neglected. Honestly I thought these were dead a long time ago... I don't know why these are still alive, but I'll take it. B. Caapi is producing more vine material than I know what to do with. Also surprising me with how resilient it is... it's seen some rough days prior to my acquisition of a new greenhouse. Psychotria Carthagenensis is looking lively lately too. Brugmansias are making progress as well, with another Psychotria in the back there. Again, you can see that I had no idea what to do with these cuttings. Somehow it worked out anyway. Succulent friends... you can probably tell I had no idea what I was doing when I was potting these cuttings, but I've since learned my lesson. Progress has been slow with the trichos as a result, and I think I ought to repot them properly in the near future. The pereskiopsis only very recently started actually growing, so I might leave it alone for now. Bastard things tried to kill me when we first met anyway. And last but not least... Sally D. The only one left of about 5 cuttings... it's also seen some hard times but it's finally thriving. In case anyone was wondering, the Kava Kava didn't make it
  13. I planted some B caapi seeds sourced from Europe (unknown vendor, not communicative) and would like to identify the strain (or species) if possible. There is a larger leaf plant which looks like a typical caapi to me. Several of these grew and quickly. Then there is a plant with smaller leaves which is taking much longer to grow but still looks like a caapi. Variation within species or different? Then there is a random imposter which I can't identify. Could be anything but I'm interested to ID it. Maybe a tropical tree seedling from existing soil? Time will tell. Any info from experienced growers is appreciated.
  14. Greetings to all members of this wonderful community. I have been lurking for a while, but now is time to contribute. I'm really expanding my ethnobotanical garden this year, so what better place to share and get valuable input than the Corroboree. I started most of my plants from seeds with the exception of some cacti and a few cuttings of plants I was either not able to get to germinate or couldn't get my hands on the seeds. So enough talking, let's see the plants! Disclaimer: I live in Europe, in a country where all the plants I'm about to show you are legal to cultivate. My Rubiaceae - Coffea Arabica ("Coffee") I bought this cutting a couple months ago, it has put out some new leaves and seems to be doing good - Mitragyna Speciosa ("Kratom") Since I can't find cuttings anywhere here in europe, I started my kratom grow from seeds. These are the Rifat strain, from 2 to 3 months old. The germination rate was pretty good, about 75%, certainly a lot more than I expected from reading about mitragyna germination online. The leftmost yellow pots are tiny Red Thai sprouts. - Mitragyna Parvifolia ("Kaim") Nothing to show yet but I started some seeds, will update if and when they sprout. - Psychotria Viridis ("Chacruna") I received these plants about 2 weeks ago and they've already both put out a new set of leaves, and pushing a second one. I'll be taking some leaf cuttings soon. - Psychotria Alba ("Amyruca") Given to me for free by the person I bought the Chacruna plants from, there are 4 or 5 separate plantlets. - Tabernanthe Iboga ("Iboga") I've had these plants for about 3 months, I kept the back 3 in a humid environment, and the front 3 in dry air to acclimatize. The back row have grown one new set of leaves in those 3 months, the others have shed all their leaves and are starting to grow new ones. My Fabaceae - Acacia Acuminata (narrow phyllodes variety) These sprouted about 3 weeks ago - Acacia Confusa ("Formosan Koa") These seedlings are a little over a month old - Anadenanthera Peregrina ("Yopo") About 10 days old seedling and others on day 1 of sprouting - Chamaecrista Fasciculata ("Partridge Pea") Sprouted about a week ago - Desmanthus Illinoiensis ("Bundleflower") Sprouted a couple weeks ago - Mimosa Hostilis ("Jurema") The seedlings in both pots are about a month old - Mimosa Pudica ("Sensitive Plant") About 2 months old seedling My Lamiaceae - Coleus Blumei - Leonotis Leonurus ("Wild Dagga") Nothing to show yet, started the seeds a few days ago - Leonotis Nepetifolia ("Klip Dagga") The plants are about 2 months old - Leonurus Sibiricus ("Marijuanilla") I had a plant (the dry stick) that flowered and set seeds, the sprouts come from that. - Salvia Divinorum ("Diviner's sage") Received the cuttings May 24th My Asteraceae - Artemisia Absinthium ("Wormwood") Got the cutting a couple months ago, it has tripled in size. - Calea Zacatechichi ("Mexican Dream Herb") My 3 Calea plants from which I took a bunch of cuttings today as you can see in the pic - Spilanthes Oleracea ("Toothache Plant") Some of my Spilanthes plants, the biggest purplish one is starting to flower - Stevia Rebaudiana ("Sweet Leaf") Sprouted yesterday, took less than a week - Tagetes Lucida ("Mexican Tarragon") This seedling is about a month and a half, I have a bunch of other ones but this is the best looking so far. My Vines - Argyreia Nervosa ("Hawaiian Baby Woodrose") The bigger one is about 2-3 months old - Banisteriopsis Caapi ("Ayahuasca") I burned the leaves by spraying some epsom salts solution I had in my sprayer for other plants and forgot about. Anyone knows what's up with the very narrow leaved one? It definitely is caapi, I made sure the sprout came from a caapi seed when it sprouted. I have more seeds on the way to me right now. - Ipomoea Tricolor ("Heavenly Blue") The growth rate of these plants is incredible, this is about a month old seedling grown on a windowsill the whole time. I really need to find a place for it to climb. - Ipomoea Violacea ("Morning Glory") This is one of my morning glory seedlings, the other one sprouted in an other ethnobotanical plant's pot and is starting to climb it, pretty cool looking. - Passiflora Incarnata ("Medicinal Passionflower") My 3 cuttings and little unexpected seedling which sprouted over a month after being sown My Active Succulents - Bacopa Monnieri ("Brahmi") - Cissus Quadrangularis ("Pirandai") Got the cuttings from my mother's big plant, will post pictures of it soon - Delosperma Cooperi ("Iceplant") Got this one from my mother who was neglecting it - Sceletium Tortuosum ("Kanna") My bigger plant which was a small cutting a couple months ago, and some seedlings. I'm going to take cuttings of the bigger plant, I'll document the process. My Active Cacti I'll just post a family picture of my lophophora and ariocarpus collection, here are the species I have, just play where's Waldo - Ariocarpus Fissuratus sp. ("Living Rock") - Ariocarpus Fissuratus (var. Hintonii) - Ariocarpus Fissuratus (var. Intermedius) - Lophophora Williamsii ("Peyote") - Variegated Lophophora Williamsii - Lophophora Williamsii var. caespitosa ("Multi-headed Peyote") - Lophophora Williamsii var. Grymii (Dwarf variety) - Matucana Madisoniorum (not active but was once rumored to be) If you really want to play where's Waldo, try to spot the variegated seedling in the last picture, it looks like it might turn out to look just like my bigger variegated loph. hint: it's in the lower right corner, above the 4 that are in a line. Also peep the weird 3-headed seedling. As for my trichocerei: - Trichocereus Bridgesii ("Achuma") The first one is about a meter tall and is the bluest cactus I've ever seen, it just started to root and put out some new growth. The second one is about 30cm tall and same thing, just started rooting and growing again. The third is my couple of monstrose. Finally a bunch of seedlings. There are also some bigger ~8 months old seedlings in the 1st lophophora family picture above. - Trichocereus Pachanoi ("San Pedro") The first one is about 85-90cm, very blue in person. Looks like it might be a cross but it was sold as pachanoi. The second one looks like a Claude clone, it is very thick, about 85-90cm too. The last one is my cool broccoli looking crested pachanoi. The rest are some smaller cuttings and seedlings. And of course check out the dozen pachanoi cuttings in the first loph picture above. - Trichocereus Peruvianus ("Peruvian Torch") On the right & middle of the first picture - Trichocereus Terscheckii In a 7x7cm pot - Opuntia Cylindrica Rumoured to be active, I don't really believe it but erowid says it can contain 0.9% mescaline. My mother collected this one in Portugal. I've seen some crested ones online, they really look funky with the leaves. My Other Ethnobotanicals & Active Plants - Camellia Sinensis ("Tea") - Catha Edulis ("Khat") ~ month old seedlings - Combretum Quadrangulare ("Sakae Naa") Seedling at about a month and a half - Eschscholzia Californica ("Californian Poppy") - Heimia Salicifolia (Sinicuichi) Recently took cuttings from it and it bushed it out nicely - Ilex Paraguaiensis ("Yerba Maté") All the lighter green leaves are new growth from the past 2 or 3 months - Lactuca Virosa ("Wild Lettuce") This stuff grows everywhere but I had to pot one up for completion sake - Nicotinia Rustica ("Mapacho") - Nicotinia Tabacum ("Virginia Gold") - Papaver Somniferum (Persian White, Giant Tasmanian, Hen & Chicks) - Phalaris Arundinacea ("Reed Canary Grass") - Silene Capensis ("African Dream Root") That's it (for the moment), I'll try to update at least once a week or when I have something interesting to show.
  15. ViktorVaughn

    Banisteriopsis Caapi seeds

    After some B caapi seeds, Im happy with any variety as long as the type is known. Happy to pay a reasonable price for them but would prefer to trade. Have plenty of cactus, trich or loph, also catha, SD, nicotina if interested. PM if interested, Cheers
  16. Good morning SAB community; I have B. caapi v tucunaca plants available, 15$ and 25$ + postage. (Can arrange for local meet up seq) Also a couple cielo... Trades for e.sinica or sick* cacti considered... Pm if interested :-)
  17. courage

    Help with caapi

    I've got a photo of a young caapi I'm having some difficulty getting started with I'm not entirely sure what's wrong but I was thinking this heat might be a bit much for it
  18. I'm looking for some small hbwr plants, small datura plants and a caapi plant or fresh cutting, nothing over 20cm. If you have any of the above and are willing to part with them please message me and let me know if your wanting to sell or trade.
  19. Malpighiaceae vines that can be found in Australia. Banisteriopsis caapi "Cielo" Origin: Other Regional Names: Distinctive Features: Folklore / History: Photos Banisteriopsis caapi "Ourinhos" Origin: Other Regional Names: Distinctive Features: Folklore / History: Photos Banisteriopsis caapi "Cascabel / Caupuri" Origin: Other Regional Names: Distinctive Features: Enlarged swollen nodes. Smooth bark Folklore / History: Photos Banisteriopsis caapi "Tucunaca" Origin: Other Regional Names: Distinctive Features: Folklore / History: Photos Banisteriopsis Muricata Origin: Other Regional Names: Brujo Vine, Black Caapi Distinctive Features: Silver color under leaves. Folklore / History: Photos Banisteriopsis caapi "Shaman Australis Black" Origin: Other Regional Names: Distinctive Features: Folklore / History: Photos Banisteriopsis caapi "Trueno / Thunder" Origin: Other Regional Names: Distinctive Features: Very rough course cork like bark Folklore / History: Photos Alicia anisopetala Origin: Other Regional Names: Distinctive Features: Folklore / History: Photos
  20. 3lliot

    Growing B. caapi in pots

    I have some B. caapi which I've grown to about 2 feet tall in an indoor growbox. I've decided (what with the new legislation) that I'd like to move them outdoors onto the balcony (Sydney Eastern suburbs), just to attract less curiosity from visitors like estate agents, cleaners etc. What I plan to do is pot them in some decent-sized pots, and give each one some vertical trellis to climb up. I have a big (6 x 6 foot) trellis which I'll chop up vertically into 5 or 6 strips, and fix each strip to a pot, which will make the plants more portable if I decide to move (rather than having them all grow up one big trellis). My question is though, what's the best way to keep them nice & compact? I don't want them growing long & stringy up the trellis, because they'll run out of climbing space pretty quick. Should I just prune the top buds off? or would it be better to train them to grow around the trellis in a spiral? Also, the balcony is right on the ocean & gets very salty at times. will this be an issue? I have some tropical chillis (trindad scorpions) on the balcony already, they're fine. They did go fully dormant & lost all their leaves over winter, but they're growing back nicely now. Also also, I'm thinking about moving my P. viridis out onto the balcony - I assume they'll be ok as long as it doesn't freeze, but should I make sure they don't get full sun? has anyone grown viridis in full sun outdoors? cheers -E
  21. Hey guys - I'm chasing plants, cuttings or viable seeds of Alicia sp and A. peregrina, caapi seed particularly known varieties, and plants or cuttings of caapi varieties such as Caupuri, Cielo, Nuevo Ola, Ourinhos/yellow, Enano, gold. I don't suppose anyone can help out? Cash or trade as you prefer. cheers! -ef
  22. Gday Chasing some B.caapi. I have some interesting things to trade in return. pm for details. CLOSED - SORTED
  23. Mt.B

    Caged Caapi

    I feel a lot for my Caapi and it is testing my own ethics on keeping things that are alive restrained. The feeling is similar to the one I have towards animals, I will only eat animals that I have killed and I am yet to feel like I can cross that personal boundary. It’s like a caged animal at the moment, trying to break free. There’s a runner coming from the main trunk (if you can call it that due to it’s small size) that found and liked the bamboo trellis I made for it, which it scaled in no time. It’s continued on looking for a taller host to climb, though in the confines of my bathroom, it’s got buckley's chance. It’s like it has now figured that this runner has failed and is now sending out TWO runners from the last know stable point on the bamboo trellis. I haven’t the heart to cut the first runner for some reason. It’s the 1st plant that has made me feel this way. For now I have put a hook in the wall for the main shoot. Who knows, I just might have a Caapi vine climbing all around my bathroom...