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    Post a random picture thread

    From the kariong site and a recurring dream symbol
  2. The sentiment in those words above from the members of this community are beautiful. I appreciate being a witness to this sharing with each other. Thankyou. And yes I go off on some strange tangents and am aware others may not always receive what I say with appreciation or understanding. But I suppose what counts is the acceptance of who I am without having to hide myself in fear of being critiaezes, critisized or told how to think or act. For that reason you have my gratitude, and from those around me in my personal life and elsewhere as you play a role in my everyday creative outlets and the growing confidence that comes from safely expressing all I hold inside. Warm wishes from myself, but I'm not the only one who wishes to Thankyou for the kindness and positive karmic influences that emanate from this forum and affect so much more.
  3. P.S. My birth parents and family will be paying us all a visit on this online forum and community to check out the completion of my work. Smile and be polite! They're a good bunch And so you are aware, I'm referring directly to the original father / mother aspect of the original creator of all, and those other beings involved in the creation of my soul from up above (the utmost levels of creation). By no means is that a derogatory statement, each here I consider family also. I'm only trying to differentiate between those beings who were involved in the creation of my soul from its highest source origins, as opposed to the projection or manifestational chain at this level of creation. Most likely many here will find that these forms of consciousness are in fact themselves, simply from a higher level of existence they may not have been aware of. Have fun! And with our best wishes. Dont forget to report back! And share with family first. With the greatest love a man could carry, I wish you all the best. To one and to all. Cheerio then'
  4. Perhaps this question has already been asked. I feel I have answered it in my own way over recent, so on account of that would be very interested to hear others thoughts / experiences, views etc. I hope my intentions here have been understood. Love for one and all
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    my music

    All good man. We each have our way. No hard feelings.
  6. courage

    my music

    Thanks, it's mainly rather old stuff that is completed in the first link. Back around 2010 if not earlier. Still very emotional. My taste has matured since then, would love to get some more stuff out, most of my stuff nowadays is broken or in the second hand store. But would love to get some more stuff out for sure when I get around to organising myself
  7. courage

    In light of poetry

    Eve. Still feel the smile in your words, a memory I’ll never forget. Something that only grows stronger with the years, with eternity. Your words ring with reason, an intelligence that send me wild. My sensual desire sparks to see those thoughts move through your head, that brain of yours traveling through my blood. That brain of mine rushing with sex chemicals or whatever. Yet, I still see clear. I still see you. As I see me. Your youth, your beauty, our truth. You see with your eyes, yet it still hurts to drop your disguise. You hear with your ears, yet it still hurts, to face your fears. You carried your luggage, a solace you would care to forget. For in those bags you found my treasures, my gifts, my love for you. So please remember, do not be ashamed. That was our way, our trust, our care, our service. Now let it go, and embrace the twin flame reunion. Does the ocean pale when you go for a swim? Can you still hear the dolphins sing in your garden? Does your face pale when I stare into your eyes? Does our love ever die, even when not remembering? When I’m with the Earth, she’s my only one. I listen to her darkness, I listen to her truth, beauty, joy and love. I listen to her as all existence sinks into nothingness at the sound of her heart. That is my way. And here I am with you now. With no one else, not my father, not my son, not my mother, not my daughter. Just you. My one and only. Today I hear the hummingbird. The sweetest tune I ever heard. She says, I will see you today, you will be with me. So I wait. Today I hear the faerie queen, I beg for her mercy. End this today. So I wait. Today I hear my very soul, take me home I say. So I wait. Tomorrow I hear the Golden Dawn, here I come I say. And I wait. Today I hear my greatest love. I hear here dance, I hear her move, I hear her weep. I hear her coming, I hear her promise. So I wait. Please don’t break my heart.
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    Post a random picture thread

    someone had a good day could be better
  9. Music is not my style, but sure did enjoy the channel :D
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Youtube vids

    appear distracted the only way to move on so much to flee from lets call me bitter and old 250 milligrams of escape more weeks of tv as someone forgets my name a brand new diet a weeks vacation i saved i'd better settle for settling in you'll see me happy when all the bastards are dead when counting heartbeats means i am still alive and all of a sudden this insight crashes down i'm all out of memories they somehow wore out who watches watchmen? who takes control of your life?so much to choose from that i've got no choices left stay well-behaved and be good looking when you mourn all with a surface but certainly no within talk of progression no matter how hard you try this disillusion will most likely get you too you'll see me happy when all the bastards are deadwhen counting heartbeats means i've not given in
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    Youtube vids

  13. courage

    Wim Hof Method

    I've been doing body meditations where I focus on say, a tense muscle, and try to find where the tension itself originates, and then even further. What I find is there tend to be certain local points where the tension can be released, generally through visualising in a somatic sense the nerve endings, muscle fibres etc releasing and relaxing. It definitely helps, but is slow work. Applying an energy natural to yourself reiki perhaps where further blockages are found can help. My 2 cents.
  14. Spiritual Emergency such as what Stan Grof looked at is a good starting point.
  15. courage

    Rolling tobacco